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Joined: 06/01/2007 22:20:33
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Hey guys,

Wanted to get some feedback from you guys who have played in the Online Leagues in NBA LIVE 09.

What do you like / dislike?

What needs improved?

What needs added / removed?

Thanks guys!

Joined: 06/01/2007 22:20:33
Messages: 6223

Wow, been a while...Nobody has any feedback on Online Leagues.

Joined: 02/06/2009 08:20:43
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It would be better if games were scheduled rather than the way the are. So far, I have yet to be in a league with a full roster of players who show up to play their games. It's difficult to find a league to run with that will show up.

Joined: 02/24/2009 19:45:14
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alright. i'm going to be honest. right now, nba live leagues are lame in comparison to nba 2k9 leagues. i have nba live 09 for xbox live and here is a list of things i would like to see added to the online leagues:

+ better chat lobby interface so it is easier to get league members
+ a "browse all" option that allows me to look at any league i want without a search
+ a lobby dedicated to picking up league members
+ a notification system that sends players in a draft league a notification when the draft is scheduled and reminding them to pick players
+ an area on ea sports website where users can access league stats and info that they have joined
+ the ability to add cpu controlled teams to a league (or dynasty, which brings me to my next point)
+ allow for a full online dynasty much like ncaa football 09 for xbox 360
+ allow players to INVITE friends to online leagues

My main goal would be to improve the user-friendliness of the online league system. There is nothing more frustrating than trying to find players for a league or trying to find a suitable league to join. I think that an online dynasty would put nba live above and beyond the competition. however, i think the dynasty mode should be slightly more customizable. for example, in the single player dynasty i'd like to be able to lower the season game count down. i'd like to see options for 8, 16, 24 and 36 game seasons available online and offline. I have been a big fan of EA sports titles for a long time and it would be a personal disappointment to have to switch brands to 2k sports because of a lack of attention to online and offline leagues. please improve for nba live 2010!

Joined: 02/15/2009 11:29:16
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Location: Toronto

Well said sir, I agree. 2k constantly confuses the *** out of me(all those damn menus), and I duon't want to leave Live. 09 was a huge improvement, was very impressed. Just watn to make sure you guys continue to improve on it, rather than recycle, because that's where success lies for you guys in this series. Work on gameplay especially, the online has got to tighten up.

Joined: 11/13/2007 20:04:55
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Look at NHL '09 league/teamplay, and that's how NBA Live '10 should be.

Joined: 06/16/2009 16:41:54
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Starting simple, when searching for leagues to join, the leagues that aren't accepting users shouldn't appear or should have an option to be filtered. Second, (this is essentially the same problem though) the leagues with fantasy drafts shouldn't appear after draft has occurred.

Joined: 10/12/2008 10:45:46
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it should have a draft lobby,be able 2 reset games,have achievements to unlock like rookie of the year,mvp,coach of the year,so on i think if it had this more players would play leagues. it would give u something too work for

Joined: 09/15/2008 11:23:57
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How about otp league seasons where we can go through a whole season. as the ranked otp get's kinda boring after a while. have a group of people pick one team and go through that season with stats and also the ability to get awards such as mvp rookie of the year so on and so forth. this would be awesome and more fun to play rather than just having a inflated record for no reason. and also let the teams or that group of players keep there trophy's to see who won what title and awards, although this would have to be a system where player lock would have to be incorporated so a player would always have to use the same player so the stats and awards would belong to him.

for example my group would be called Home of the Elite, we would consist of 4-8 people in our group. our group would join a otp league and from there we would select our team and who would use what player. and of course you would have flex scheduling. but from there whenever you would go into a game whatever players you would have play in that game from your group would get locked in with a certain player, while also allowing the player to move one position up or down with that player. and at the end of the season each player will get a screen that pops up showing who won what awards at the end of the season. then on to playoffs. then of course finish the playoffs and win the championship get the cut scene, then the next pop with mvp of the playoffs then the season is done. but here is what i think will be the best thing when we go into another league other teams would be able to view our group profiles and see how many champioships we won what awards each player has won so on and so forth. that would be hott. also i think the online community is more than big enough to do it and it would be better than the clubs as it would have waaaaaaaaaaay more replay value than just having a good record. you probably could eliminate clubs altogether.

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Joined: 07/12/2009 17:15:02
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Does anyone know how to CHANGE teams in the middle of a Dynasty?

Joined: 07/16/2009 11:49:53
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The only issue that I have is that I want to have a full NBA league despite the number of humans we have.

In other words, I should be able to grab 3 friends, start a league/franchise and play against them and the rest of the 25 (computer controlled) NBA teams.

I don't always want to play with guys I don't know... don't trust to actually show up for games etc.

If I can get just a few guys together, we should still be able to play games agains the computer controlled teams depending on the schedule... THAT feature alone would make Live the best game I have ever played on any console in any decade, across all genres (That's how much I want this feature!)

It would be great to just take the "normal" dynasty/francise and make it so I can play it online with up to 28 friends.
(Same as if I had those friends sitting in the room with me)

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Joined: 07/22/2009 07:31:26
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You should get something for winning leagues and or having good competive league, have league leaderboards, and have league tournaments. Like ladders or something. I want a world championship like league. I just started playing on this site where there having all kinds of tournaments so thehy can make pro teams and crown a world champion in a bunch of different sports and shooter games it is going to be deadly I will give you guys the link to check it out and it is free. Giving away copies of madden 10 and nba live 10, MMA gear, ipod touches all kinds of crap I thought it was to good to be true but when I signed up cause it said free i got it playing nba live on ps3 in team play kid gave it to me here is the link I am going to be the nexthttp://www.bringit.com/prereg/nextworldgamingchamp

Joined: 09/04/2009 20:09:12
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2nd that copying 2k online leagues. They've given you the framework that you need

Website interface is key - complete with stats, forum, administration, etc.

Also you guys need to eventually get online franchise modes like madden. That would set you far apart from the competition for the online gamers.

(This is from a guy who hasn't played Live since 99)

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Joined: 10/11/2009 20:34:35
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while i may not agree with how mvpsickvick presented his opinion/arguement...HE IS RIGHT!!!! Online team play/club matches(using real teams) was the best feature on this game and the only reason I bought it, now Im stuck with a 60 dollar drink coaster, I tried to force myself to play "squad" games and after playing well over 100 of them I am sick to my stomach about it, I played well over 1000 club games online and was so looking forward to Live10 for the same reason, now, I don't even play the game at all, horribly disappointing!
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