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Someone asked me to help them with setting up the ps3 controller for this game, so I thought I would make a thread for it.

Stuff needed:

PS3 Contoller
USB cable
Motionjoy 0.5.0002 (http://www.motioninjoy.com/)
Xpadder 5.7 (http://xpadder.com/)


Motionjoy: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=A06ERAS9
Xpadder: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=CMMHM6IY

Setup Motionjoy:

1. Connect your PS3 controller using the USB cord to a USB port where you would want to plug the controller in every time you want to use it. Windows will then install its own drivers, let it do it's thing.
At this point your controller will be recognized in Game Controllers or Devices and Printers, but it won't recognize any buttons/axis movement.

2. Make sure the Bluetooth adapter you want to use with MiJ is plugged in now and has its drivers already installed. All other BT adapters will need to be unplugged until after MiJ installation.

3.Open the DS3 Tool (Start ? All Programs ? MotioninJoy ? DS3 Tool) and click “BluetoothPair”, then click on Driver Manager.

Press the Load button, after a few seconds the log below the Load button will show the results of the driver install.

If the last green line says “SUCCESS: Installation completed with code 0x0.. Error code:0”

or if you see this in the About page of the DS3 Tool:

then the drivers have installed correctly.

(Note that if you want to use a different USB port with your controller, you will have to repeat this step.)

4. Now you can click on QuickStart in the DS3 Tool and enable the “Analog Gamepad 3” option to enable the controller sticks and SixAxis functions. Next then go to Control Panel ? Game controllers (XP) or Control Panel ? Devices and Printers ? right click on “HID-compliant game controller” ?select “Game controller settings” (Win7) and see your PS3 controller working!! Woohoo!!!

At this point your PS3 controller will operate normally through USB. But everytime you disconnect, you have to run this software again and load it.

Setup Xpadder:
Install the Xpadder 5.7 software.

(Now I know I said PS3 controller and this images are with xbox controller, but the steps are same.)

For Mapping,

This is what the main Xpadder window will look like when a new controller is connected and Xpadder doesn't have a controller layout associated with it.

To create a controller layout click the Controller Menu button and select "New..." You may open a previously created file of a similar controller from this menu.

This is the Controller Settings window. You are viewing the Image options. This is the background image that the buttons and other control parts are placed on. The pink color shows transparent areas. The image is optional and only used as a visual aid to the user. The image must by a 8 or 24 bit color depth, 512 pixel wide by 256 pixels high, uncompressed bitmap. Click the "Open..." button to open a standard Windows dialog to select a controller image or you may paste an image copied from the forums. If you have artistic ability you can use the "Mode" button to use Xpadders built in drawing tools make your own image.

You can now see your controller image. Select the Sticks option by clicking "Sticks" in the Options panel on the left.

Check the "Enabled" box and follow the instructions.

Drag the stick to its location in the image. You may optionally edit the name of the sticks or directions and use the names you want to use for them. Repeat these steps for any additional sticks on the controller.

Select the DPad options from the Options panel on the left and enable, drag and name in the same way as the sticks.

Select the Buttons options. Press a button on your controller and it will appear in the image. Drag each button to its location in the image. You may also edit the name of any button with a name you want to use.

Select the Triggers options from the panel on the left and enable, drag and name in the same way as the other control elements.

Click OK to close the Controller Settings window and select "Save As..." from the Controller Menu to open a standard Windows save dialog. Type the name of your controller, choose a suitable folder and click the "Save" button. Xpadder will remember this location and default to it for future controller layouts.

Upon saving Xpadder will display a dialog confirming that the layout will be used when the controller is detected.

Now to assign, just click on these boxes and enter the letter you want it to have from the keyboard.

Finally it will look like this: (this is my personal, so the control are according to me, you can set it up any way you want)

I hope this tutorial would help some of you to connect PS3 controller to pc to play NFS World
Enjoy the game!

(PS: This is purely for information, and I don't own these software and pic. I borrowed them from internet)

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