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Oh, you guys and your silly anger towards me.

The Inner machinations of my mind are an enigma.

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I like when people state that skate 4 should have bmx.

A video game...called SKATE...having bmx in it, hell yeah.

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[quote=TaxableApples][quote=sailboatmickey]The Skate series is dead and I've explained this countless times before. If any of you actually skated you would want it to stay skateboarding and skateboarding only. Tony Hawk games is for bikes, longboards and scooters. I don't know why I'm even responding. Skate is dead. Maybe you'll get your wish of a mixed trail bag of suck thrown into a new game but that's not going to happen. [/quote]

Yeah you have explained this countless times, but you've never left a source for anything.

You're right... EA laid off of bunch of people from black box so there must be no skate 4. Oh wait that happened in 2009 so that means skate 3 doesn't exist either.

back to the subject; I think biking and skating are totally relevant and if they made a game with both that could be pretty awesome. When Tony Hawk american wasteland came out and you could ride a bike it was really fun. I don't bike, but there are some pretty rad bike tricks people do. So I can dig it.

There should be more than just long boards though. They should have all kinds of board shapes and sizes. Like Vert boards with big giant trucks like Mega ramp riders use all the way down to those bananna boards from the 80's.
I don't think laying people off will make skate 4 come to a stop. They will eventually hire more people, biking and skating should be put in a game, i've only seen it twice though, thaw and another game I can't remember the name
Skate  > Whatever
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