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For me personally franchise mode is the best aspect of the game for me, more importantly I would like the presence of the coaching and ownership aspects to be more in depth. A big part of the experience that needs to be revamped this year is the overall scouting and draft. I would like for scouting reports to be put back into the game for each rookie should you choose to scout them. I also think that the combine should evaluate all the rookies that should chose to go and make their stats available to all teams like in the real combine. There should also be the presence of those potential rookies that don't want to participate in the combine because it might hurt their draft stock, but adversely there should be those who improve their draft stock. In 2012 the draft seems pointless because after the third round players start a major drop off from the high 60s to the low 40s. I think that I should still be able to get players like a Tom Brady in the 7th round, a "Diamond in the Rough" if you will. Also for every Tom Brady there is an Akili Smith, you should also include those coveted 1st round draft busts. I would also like for their to be an addition to pro days where you can watch and evaluate your future picks based on a series of drills and tests. I don't like the idea of just selecting a rookie and getting his overall stats, I just feel like it would be better to be able to see their abilities first hand and see how they would fit in to your game day schemes, not every 80 overall rookie is going to bring upside to every team, that is a fact. I think the correlation between the NCAA downloaded draft classes should be closer, If they where front runners for the Heisman or top in there position they shouldn't all be predicted in the bottom half of the draft and if they are crappy in NCAA they shouldn't be studs in Madden, that is not how it is in real life.

The need for training camps in this years franchise mode would be a much needed add on, for the past few madden installments I've felt like when we just play the games in the season and no changes to necessary stats are made it seems pointless, especially when you wait a whole season and your quarterback's kicking power increases but he can't throw 10 yards accurately. I think that the inclusion of a full staff for the team is needed; to include the Head Coach, Assistant Head Coach/ Offensive or Defensive coordinators, Special Teams coordinator, QB coach, RB coach, Skill position coaches, O-Line/ D-line coaches, Linebackers coaches, and secondary coaches. And please make it to where NOT EVERY SINGLE COACH has all negative stats, how are you supposed to improve when every coach affects your team in a negative way. This year I would also like to see a reason for you to have a training staff, what is the point if they don't actually train anyone. their should also be a separate spot for medical staff. The scouting agencies took a turn for the worst in 2012, and there wasn't a single difference between them besides the price you have to sacrifice on your total cap space, Waste of Time. This is all that comes to minds for right now, but I hope you guys consider these changes for 2013.

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I agree, the most enjoyable aspect of Madden is the Franchise Mode. Madden '07 had the best set-up for this and i'm not exactly sure why they went backwards. If they brought back the in depth franchise mode set-up and improved on it I will buy the game but if they keep the watered down version they've had the past few years, I won't. The most crucial aspects of the Franchise mode and consequentially the most fun is the offseason process with the resigning, players coaches, scouting for the draft, trades and preseason training camp.

Starting with the draft process, It should be as real as possible, like someone else said on this forum, you should have access to all the workout numbers for all the players, and have a certain number of individual workouts to get more in depth scouting, you players could increase this number of these in depth scouting by hiring more expensive scouts as you progress. Running guys through combine workouts or pro days would be awesome. The draft should be relatively unpredictable though as it is in real life though, with some busts and some surprises, leaving players analyzing which comments in the scouting department trend towards busts and which trend towards success, though it should be challenging to figure out. This would also allow players to formulate their own strategies and philosophies for how to build a winning franchise. This will increase the length the franchise mode can be played.

Trading draft picks should work as easily as it does on draft day in real life, you should be able to swap picks fairly based on a point system. But the AI should be a little bit more discipline in his decision making, he should hopefully make trades and picks that he can benefit from, not just because they are fair in value. An example is not trading his 1st round pick for a star QB when he already has a star QB. The AI franchises should be more aware of the players they have at each position. Also future draft picks should be able to be swapped, and the AI should approach you with trades of his own. I believe this could all easily be done with the Madden '07 model. As time goes on the distribution of good prospects should be relatively even throughout positions hopefully.

These are just some of the obvious improvements for the new franchise mode that I thought they would have achieved years ago. NFL head coach was supposed to be this, but the interface just didn't allow for enough creativity and it was tedious to navigate. I think the franchise mode is the key to Madden's success and definitely the main reason why I will or will not be purchasing it in the future. Thanks.

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One of the things I've always wanted in Franchise mode was more attention paid to the realistic, emotional NFL experience off the field.

We'll start in the off season. When retirements are announced, I'd like to see a cut scene of the guy cleaning out his locker, getting handshakes and high fives from his teammates, and if the guy was a star, maybe the coach thanking him for everything he's done for the team.

For re-signings and signing draft picks, I think a face to face negotiation mini game should play out. Use the reaction of the player as signals to change your offers. I'd also like the ability to add contract incentives, like giving a bonus for hitting 1,000 yards.

The scouting combine should be an interactive thing. Pick 10 or so of your scouted rookies to go through each combine exercise so you know what he looks like on the field.

At the draft, I want the commissioner announcing each 1st round pick in a cut scene. I want to see my 1st rounder get on stage holding up my team jersey getting photographed.

These are just the ones I can think of off the top of my head.

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One thing EA needs to do is do what mlb the show did for baseball and ps3. they set the bar for baseball games. There is so much to do with in the game and madden should have this by now the game been around 20 years and it should just be added on each year not gutted each and every year.

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Hi everyone!!

I really want full control back of setting up personnel packages. I want to setup my defense special team and offense the way I want as any coach would want.

Secondly it would be nice to start a franchise before the current years free agency and draft or least have the option to start there.

You should be able to pick the play book you want to use and not the one associated with the team without having to change it each game.

Let us bring both players and coaches out of retirement...who would not want to bring a bill parcels or Joe Gibbs back.

They need to make motion on offnse easier to use.

Thanks for listening

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You know I was Playing Madden 2012 and I was modifying my coaches play and it occurred to me that the importance, play style of the positions you can change, the aggressiveness, and what type of offense or defense you want to play as doesn't really mean anything unless you simulate the games. Is their a point to these features besides simulation, I wish there was, maybe the play styles could translate into what kind of players I draft or how their stats improve through out their careers. I'd like to see my defensive end rush and tackle as hard as he could when my aggressiveness was up and he was set for pass rushing, instead they just play conservative 100% of the time and it makes the game play seem lackadaisical. When I select the importance and I turn of the Halfback to 100, I want it to translate into the game plan for the week.

I would also like for creating a playbook to actually be that, I would like to pool from other playbooks but i would also like to add my own flare to them by creating/modifying the plays. I want to be able to create my own coach and work my way through the franchise to become the head guy if i chose to go that route. I'd like to have a virtual war room for the draft where my coaches and scouts pull from a draft plan and their player preference to make suggestions on a draft choice to improve our team. I want something more than just total control of the team in franchise, I want to be able to lose my job if I want to be a coach or feel the hatred of the fans if I turn out to be a bad manager and my team has 5 or more losing season. I just want the franchise mode to expand and get away from just having minor changes. The ability to gain or lose the clutch trait would be nice to have too, and I want more O-lineman that are pass blocks instead of all of them being run blocking inclined.

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[quote=bgb_Madden20]Things that I wish they had for rookie scouting

1. What the college stats where, was he a 4 year producer or a one year wonder

2. What type of player are they - ei is he a possession receiver or a deep threat, is the DB best fit in man coverage or zone coverage

3. What active pro are they most like

4. Is the current position in the draft strong or weak - we have no way to know right now to scout LB's or OLmen - I like that they make you work to achieve a players ratings but should I be scouting the position because this is the LB draft of the decade or not

5. Is he a project player or a boom or bust type of guy - Helps add to draft strategy and where I might value a player

6. What are his measurable's - 40 yard dash time, how did he do in the cone drill, how many bench reps
-If I remember right they really never told you a players speed, agility, strength, ect in 05, they gave you 40 times, agility drill times, bench reps, ratings on WR hands and you had to make the determination of what you thought that would translate into as a pro.

I don't like that they make us work to find potential when in real life we already know a college players potential. We have to make sure he fits our offensive/defensive scheme and do we have the right coaches/training staff to develop the player.

We are essentially drafting these guys based on what the CPU says there draft position should be. The current unlock of the stats does nothing for me. If a college WR struggles to gain separation from the DB's no matter what his attributes are he is going to have a hard time in the pros. I would like to know that piece of info before drafting a prospect. He has huge potential, great attributes but needs good coaching and development to become a good pro. Maybe now I trade down or draft the "safe" guy instead of taking the boom or bust prospect.

I believe a lot of these features where in Madden 05 and they really made scouting/drafting a lot of fun. If you brought in the wrong type of player it really hurt back then, not to mention you really had to do you scouting to see what he was about. They gave you scouting depth and it forced you to have a good draft plan opposed to the way it runs now.[/quote]

Perfect list.

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I'm really hoping for a practice squad but I'm not holding my breath. I know its an issue that's been beaten to death. I'm still currently playing my offline franchise with the Steelers in the year 2015. Players such as Hikes Ward, James Farrior, Ryan Clark, James Harrison and Casey Hampton have retired and I've found replacements to all of them. But I'm working on building the rest of my roster. I'm tired of picking up people in the 6th and 7th round and having to choose between these players who are not ready to contribute yet but you have no choice if you want them. Or you keep the players with experience who can fill in for you in a pinch if needed though they have no long term future with your team. The lack of a practice squad prevents you from putting the best team together.

Definately need the computer to be easier to trade with especially on draft day. I'm tired of seeing the computer trade their 1st and 3rd to a team for their 1st moving up like 15 spots and i can't even trade up 5 spots even if i offer more. I have no problem trading back but sometimes I have too many picks and id like to consolidate them without losing my hide on it.

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The number one thing that I need to see improved is the situation with coaches. It was very disappointing to have a bunch of fake coaches in Madden 12. It really took me out of the moment of that "fantasy universe" that is Madden franchise mode.

I want to see a complete and accurate collection of NFL coaches with their real teams. If Belichick refuses to participate, I can live with it. But try to get him. Even if he doesn't get the other 31 head coaches. Also, get the proper coordinators for each team. You could go a step further and have real position coaches.

Also, I would like to see a more realistic selection of coaches. There should be some type of compatibility factor between coaches. For instance, it doesn't make sense to have Rod Marinelli, a 4-3 Cover 2 coach, as the defensive coordinator of the Jets under Rex Ryan, who prefers a 3-4 defense.

I loved having real pictures with the rookies last year. It was a great touch. Now go out of your way to get complete biographies of coaches and a full and accurate listing. It would also be nice if you let us pick coaches currently out of the league (like Eric Mangini and Brian Billick) in the off-season as well. Dedicate yourself to fixing the coaching situation from 2012, which was a disaster.

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In my original post I asked this;
"Maybe I haven't figured this part out yet, but if there is an option when calling plays for "spell HB", I can't find it. Make it easier to find or bring it back if it's just gone. The R1 substitute option is fine but it seems to auto save for the rest of the season. I don't like that when using a two headed rushing attack as I like to mix it up on a whim while calling plays (especially since I use Carolina).

Don't take the RBs and other players out of the game automatically if we are severely beating the opposing team. I like padding the stats."

... but never mind, I figured it out. Boy, is my face red.

But to add to more suggestions, I like the idea of more interactive media clips through franchise, as someone else here mentioned. Kind of like the "story mode" in many games that give options for story play, or multiplayer, or quick play, etc (like a fighter game for instance). Have this for Franchise Mode, where there are media clips and certain interactions with players and coaches and the fans and media and everything else, that change based on how the season is progressing (the game Heavy Rain comes to mind). The mini story clips might not just be affected by how many games the team is winning or losing, but also by characters performances and actions outside of the game such as the prima dona WR, or the OLineman that gives to the community. It could be random for the drafted rookies in season 2 and beyond. I don't know, it could be fun. Give the option to bypass any of that stuff for those that don't care and just want to play. Merge superstar mode into Franchise mode for one or two players on the team, or a coach, or whoever. At the beginning of the season, your player could just be picked up by your team as an UDFA, or creating a player like normal and signing them as a FA (but they get a storyline similar to "superstar" or whatever), or you get the option of picking a current player on the roster for Season 1 and then can switch the control/storyline to another player each season (if you want to).

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I agree with the Coaching issues other folks here are saying
But adding a Practiced Squad seems cool at 1st but If you add it to the game understand that don't always make a rookie better & the same rules should apply on the game as they in the NFL
any Team can sign any player on ANY Practice squad & if the current team wants to keep him the have the 1st option to sign him but they will have to cut someone else
for example if the Panthers put RB Tauren Poole on there PS & the seahawks want him than he has to go on there 53 man roster & can't be added to PS for the rest of this yr BUT if the Panther want to keep him they have to put him on there 53 man roster & cut someone else
I also think the scouting during the season still need a lot of work for example no NFL team is limited to how many guys they can scout why should we be ?

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Madden 12 I was disappointed with the accelerated clock being in franchise mode. Ratings should go up or down based on player performance during the season.

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Madden should bring back the fantasy draft in connected careers it would be a lot of fun. Tank you!
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