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Floyd Mayweather is the best  XML
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The topic is a no brainer, i did have castillo winning the first fight but i also had bellew beating cleverly/marquez beating pac, dirrell over froch the list goes on imo most boxers have that dodgy decision in their careers and i'm guessing floyd's is expressed more due to his undefeated record..... look at calzaghe for instance he had more than his fair share of close shaves (robin reid comes to mind) the debate will always go on and on.

Anyway i do rate mayweather very high in my top 20 list but i have other fighters i admire more.

It don't matter if its april or may weather..... I'm Floyd with it.

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Mayweather is my favorite boxer by a mile in todays boxing. However, it does my nut in when people are sucking his nuts sayings hes undefeated, which he is but really shouldn't be. Deep down he knows that. The only undefeated topdog in boxing today is Andre Ward, who hasn't had to nick any of his wins.

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