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What do you think about the Server Shards?  XML
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What do you think about the Server Shards?
Great Idea! 39% [ 63 ]
Bad Idea! 33% [ 54 ]
I don't care.. 28% [ 45 ]
Total Votes : 162
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Kaorii wrote:Okay here's my thing being a veteran MMORPG Player. Multiple servers with individual populations will reduce strain on the servers. Being that the servers EA uses with it's current traffic load is already weak, this may help stabalize them.

@LSG501 Oh well,I didn't notice it..

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one word : communism

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I don't think so... Nexu from World Garage Explains it all...

Reduce lag, technically plausible by dividing the load over more servers. But depend what kind of lag the user is experiencing: network lag or graphics/fps lag. But it's rather weird to suggest they are running it on a single server right now; the servers are or should probably be a cluster. So splitting it up into Shard doesn't fit the idea that this is done to fix the lag. And if network bandwidth was the issue, they could have always just decided to relocate their server park to another datacenter which can provide the necessary bandwidth, but it's unlikely that bandwidth issue is the case.

I don't believe this will be THE solution to fix sync or lag issues. In fact, when i login and select NA server (and remind you, i'm in Europe). I'm actually connecting to a server located in the UK.

C:\netstat -boa

< snippet >

TCP ESTABLISHED 6132 [nfsw.exe]
TCP ESTABLISHED 6132 [nfsw.exe]

The IP is the one the game uses for game data. The whois database as well traceroute tells me the IP is routed to UK (London):

inetnum: -
netname: RSPC-UK-Base-01
descr: Base-01 IP Space
country: GB

9 25 ms 25 ms 25 ms coreb-edge4.lon3.rackspace.net []
10 25 ms 25 ms 25 ms core5a-coreb.lon3.rackspace.net []
11 25 ms 25 ms 25 ms aggr301a-core5a.lon3.rackspace.net []
12 24 ms 25 ms 25 ms

Or see Netcraft results here.
Doing a ping test from Amsterdam:

Pingen naar met 32 bytes aan gegevens:
Antwoord van bytes=32 tijd=24 ms TTL=238
Antwoord van bytes=32 tijd=25 ms TTL=238

Which seems to be consistent with pinging BBC:

Pingen naar bbc.co.uk [] met 32 bytes aan gegevens:
Antwoord van bytes=32 tijd=27 ms TTL=243
Antwoord van bytes=32 tijd=26 ms TTL=243

(Ignore the Dutch, it was done on a machine with Dutch version of Windows installed)

Improve sync during race? Probably not:

As posted above: the game uses TCP connection for the game data. The nature of TCP is designed for reliability that the packets arrives correctly, thus not suitable for low latency network application, such as online video game. It will tries to resend the packet till it arrives.
If you look at most other online video games which involves low-latency, such as FPS games. They all (or nearly all) uses UDP connection. UDP will simply send the packet and let the application on how to handle it.
Another catch of TCP connection is that it's an ordered delivery of a stream. So it has to send all the packets in order. Where as UDP just disgards whatever hasn't received, rather than trying to resend it again.

Wonder why sometimes a legit player that is lagging appear to be brieftly "speedhacking/warping"? That's because the delayed TCP packets finally arrived (on the server and/or on your client) and has to be processed, messing up the time stamp and make some appear to be 'flying'.

What the game needs to fix the sync during races is to switch over to UDP connection for races for the game data: player positions and input. While introducing some sort of prediction mechanism/anti-lag for when a player is lagging. Similar to how most FPS deals with network connection lag anno 2000 A.C (yes, a technique more than a decade old).

PS = I'm using FPS games for reference because i have technical experience with the details of Quake 3 and Unreal engines and network mechanism design and coding wise.

linky: [url]http://world-garage.com/index.php/topic/9006-introducing-server-shards-to-need-for-speed-world/page__view__findpost__p__137095[/url]

While it might not fix sync, it would definitely reduce the load on the servers and prevent times where the servers break down or where some players can't sign in because the maximum no of players the server could handle is reached.

So... It might still be a good thing to have this after all...

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Basically Splitting the servers, and insulating them. So players on other server corresponding to their country, cant interact with other players on diffident server/country.

Am I correct?

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this is the first mmo ive played in 13 years that was all on one server...

it shows that the player population is growing significantly (much to the dismay of skill mod haters)...

its a nescessary part of the growth of the game... one server can only do so much

if they're that great of friends, contact them and get them on another friends list... on whatever you usually talk to your friends on... and you can always make a driver on their server... with all levels of players being more evenly matched, it wont take long to make a car/driver that can compete with your friends again

you'll meet new friends to replace the casual acquaintenances you'll loose due to server changes

usually when a server splits, the first couple weeks are harder to find groups and event players, but that goes away as the population grows... then the servers split again and it happens again... etc... its just part of the natural growth of an mmo... it has to be done.

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Yes true, But as they say the player Base, is "15million" , and presumably thats the number of accounts. So now, how many of them are Active players? Or ALT/Spam-bot/etc Accounts?

I dont there ever was even Close to 10milllion players on the server at any given one time, where it would take seconds, to find a MP race... where as it usual's takes me a few minutes, and its usualy about 5-6 players in the lobby.

Also, as you said, "new driver" so basically another method to try and get people to buy more boost to get cars on different servers/driver, to compete with different friends on different server/Shards

Don't Ask How.

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not sure what to think about it

if i understand it correctly which im unsure i do lol
not much will change other than

any new player who doesnt choose the same server as me can not be friends with me
any new player who does can and all my old friends will still remain the same will they not ?
it may or may not reduse server lag and sync issues

i dont see much changing for old players so i dont realy care

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it's bad idea, it won't be one World no more, it would be several servers and btw bugged as well...
it's not so important for old players, but it's tragedy for new ones

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From what I understand, each server has 3 regions, I would assume regions in each server can interact with the server they are on and not other servers.

APEX NA can talk with APEX EU but not Server 2 NA.

At least that's how I perceive it. We can only wait and see until after the patch today. Either way this is a step in the right direction for stabalizing the servers.

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I think web games like "Ogame" or "Grepolis" used a similar system
They open a "new world" called: Alpha.. some day that world is full and then they open a new world called Beta.. accounts in Beta can't contact with Alpha accounts.
Pros: Maybe less lag... I'm not sure of that. Your "world" will be never overload, so no problem to login.
Contras: No new accounts in "old worlds"... so older worlds will have less and less people 'til they decide to "re-open" for new accounts an older world. When that happens.. it's too late, that world is dead.

I don't see it like a good idea. If a friend of mine (in real life) wants to play with me in my world.. he can't, 'cause my "old world" is full and no new accounts allowed... then I have to make a 2nd account in his world...

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If I understand well, that's just a new server with a different name? Are you guys against a new server? That's the first time i see a MMO community being angry for that kind of thing.

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to be honest, i feel it like another EA fail... but there could be some valid motivation (like physics limit on the server machines and so on)...
so, in the end: dunno what think about.

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OVERFL0W wrote:

*more text*

i dont know the numbers, i dont work for EA... but considering the cost of setting up new servers and maintaining them, im guessing there are enough active players to make it worth the money. i could be wrong, i know, but it makes the most sense to me.

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I don't mind the shards but... What is their purpose?

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PELUSIEK wrote:I don't mind the shards but... What is their purpose?

was already said here for 10000000 times


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