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[quote=x ShadoVV x]I hope there is a reply soon about it. I mean Devils Cartel still doesn't come out for awhile and they changed the WHOLE page to Devils Cartel. Why not keep the mask editor for the 40th day? At least leave a page or two for the 40th day game so we can access our mask creations.[/quote]

agree with him.

and tell us please, whether you plan to support in the future editor of masks for 40th day or put all the focus on devil's cartel, spitting on people who have paid money for the previous games?

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Please, don't ignore us all. We just your clients, who don't satisfied of quality of service in your company.
We paid for it and we want it.

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I recently finished the first Army of Two game and wasn't able to "complete" it as multiplayer servers have been taken down.
Now I plan to start the AoT - 40th day and I learn that it is also impossible to "complete" this game as well.
What kind of business model is this?

There have been some great games by EA, but in future I will seriously consider if it is worth to buy another of EA games.

I will definitely NOT buy The Devils Cartel if this issue will not get fixed.

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I have to agree with many on here. It is extremely upsetting that a company as big as EA constantly makes decisions or takes action where it negatively affects the gamer and only the gamer. Why would you take down a site that allows your customers to fulfill parts of an older game just because you want to promote a newer game? (ex. Army of Two TFD mask creator). Does this seem like a good marketing tactic to you? I own the first 2 Army of Two games. You cancelled the online server for one and closed the support site for another. Do you really think I will purchase another Army of Two game? Im wondering if I should boycott EA all together. Not to mention the Online Pass that EA has come up with just to get a chunk of the profit from used game purchases. Again, why target the gamer and not find a way to target the game stores that are making all the profit. Im sorry but EA is fast becoming my most hated game publisher. Im sure im not the only one either. If EA is hurting that much from losing the profit on used games, targeting the consumer is not the way to solve it. Try solving something simple like restoring the Army of Two TFD site with the mask creator capability and see if you might get back on the right track. You would be surprised what you would hear while talking to a bunch of real gamers rather than critics and reporters. But who am I to explain to you everything that you are doing wrong? Thats all just something to think about when your company inevitably fails. Good luck to you EA.

-One less customer

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Just beat the game....still waiting for the mask creator to go up...

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Yup lol, beat it too. Just gonna get some achievements. Probably wont be up by then either, if it all.

So there's been no word since 9/4 about the "technical difficulties"?

There was an issue with a DLC, where if you get achievements for it before online achievements, you wouldn't be able to get them or something like that. Either way they never fixed it, which seems kind of ridiculous. Kinda paints a picture of how EA does things.

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[quote=SmaGreBaz]I recently finished the first Army of Two game and wasn't able to "complete" it as multiplayer servers have been taken down.
Now I plan to start the AoT - 40th day and I learn that it is also impossible to "complete" this game as well.
What kind of business model is this?

There have been some great games by EA, but in future I will seriously consider if it is worth to buy another of EA games.

I will definitely NOT buy The Devils Cartel if this issue will not get fixed.[/quote]

yeah i definitely know what you mean. Even though ps3 has no trophies for it i brought the game so i could play wit my friend and cant because they cant keep the servers up and running and yeah i would like to be able to make my mask as well.

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just another unsatisfied gamer, come on ea, throw us a bone here. we want to at least be able to obtain the achievement one way or another, make the achievement viral if you dont want to up and run the servers again.

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EA if you want satisfied customers, who`ll buy the next AoT Game, bring the mask generator back online.

You are aware of the problem since the re-design of the Army of TWO Website.

The First People posted here months ago and still NOTHING.

No Timeline, no further Statement.

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Wow, that was such a hassle to be able to post on here. Had to make an entirely new account. It's ridiculous, the only reason more people haven't complained on here is because it's too frustrating to get it to work.

Anyhow, I really think EA needs to fix the mask creator! It's one of the few achievements I have left in the 40th day and I really care about completing games. The servers aren't shut off yet and neither should this be. I really enjoyed the 40th day and would consider The Devil's Cartel, but worry about continued poor support. FIX the mask creator and many, many of your consumers will be grateful.

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Why the lack of response from EA/forum mods? I think people just want to know when you are going to sort your * out.

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Damn, seems to have a swear filter. Hopefully double posting get's their attention

S -
H -
I -
T -

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Jalalabad CBoy I hope you won't mind some help.

This is the quality of their support center. Which gives me rather funny solutions to a problem that I cannot resolve on my part. And most of all, I'm in the impression of talking with a bot rather than with a living being. Even my dog can come up with better sentences.

You are now ready to chat with Chetan.
Chetan: Thanks for contacting EA Help! My name is Chetan how may I help you?
you: Hello Chetan
Chetan: Hello Straniero.
you: I have an issue with the game Army of Two: The 40th Day
you: Can I explain it?
Chetan: Sure, I'll be glad to help you.
you: Ok, basically there is a trophy called DIY PMC, which descriptions tells to "create a mask by going on the www.armyoftwo.com site and wear it in a public match"
you: Now the problem is, when I go on the site, what it does is just show me an upcoming screen of the new Army of Two game
you: I cannot access the mask site anywhere
you: So neither of my friend do, neither on the Xbox 360 platform
you: This will void getting the trophy, as there is no way to make/publish mask
you: Is there any reason why the mask site got down?
Chetan: Okay
Chetan: Let me check it Straniero.
you: Okay
Chetan: Did you redeem extraction code?
you: The extraction code?
you: I don't think that's anything to do with extraction
Chetan: Extraction Mode code.
you: I can play it fine
you: Well, I played it fine, because now online mode doesn't work anymore
you: Basically, mask site is down, and versus mode (the multiplayer) is broken
you: So no online trophies can be obtained
Chetan: Could you please provide me the link of the mask site?
you: I can give you the full link
Chetan: Sure.
you: http://www.armyoftwo.com/us/graphicscreator/graphics/gallery#viewertabs=features&gallerytabs=everyones&sortOrder=createdDate&periodType=weekly&page=1&searchTextType=title&searchField=&id=8af889c0260ac8f20126282b5a046153&friendId=all
you: Here's the full link
Chetan: Thank you.
you: If you click it, you will be redirected to another screen which has nothing to do with the mask creator
you: It has been clearly "replaced" without accounting it
Chetan: Let me check it.
you: Hmm, you still there, Chetan?
Chetan: I'm still looking into your issue. Thanks for your patience.
you: Yeah, sorry for my rudness
Chetan: Its okay, that's normal.
Chetan: Thank you for waiting. I appreciate your patience.
Chetan: This issue seems to be escalated to the games expert, I apologize for not being able to give you an immediate solution as we do not have the resolution for it.
you: Ok
Chetan: I’m forwarding this case to our Expert Team. Once the team has reviewed your account, you will receive a notification via email from our support team within 24-72 Hrs. The Expert Team should be able to give you an effective solution or suggest alternatives.
you: but can I just ask why that's not been accounted when changing the screen?
you: I really think it's weird that a feature like this, which is part of the game, got so "wrongly" replaced with something else
you: Sorry if this would be like a silly question, do you own the game?
Chetan: Yes, as this is an in-game issue, thank you for your feedback, I will forward your request to the developer's from our end.
you: Well, not that "in-game", it's more a website issue... but okay
you: And, how the Expert Team should be able to give me solution or alternatives? The problem is related to your service
Chetan: Yes, it an website issue with the Game.
you: I cannot do anything else that hope for a fix
Chetan: I request you to change the browser and then try again.
you: I tried with everything
you: Firefox, IE, Chrome, even Safari...
you: And, in addition to this technical issue
you: The online service for the game, co-op and versus
you: Is broken, I cannot invite friends for co-op campaing or multiplayer for extraction or other games mode
you: This is a server issue, as far as my knowledge understands
Chetan: Please clear your browser cache.
you: Nothing worked
you: I tried these workarounds before, and nothing managed me to get rid of this issue
you: The problem lyies in the website structure
you: The webmaster, or whoever is in charge of maintenance/updating the site
you: Didn't take account of that mask creator, and it's gone, simple and easy
Chetan: I request you again to wait for the response of Expert team, they will contact you within 24-72 hours and try to fix it.
you: But what they could tell me?
you: Maybe, I'm sorry to say, you don't understand
you: The mask creator is in a website HOSTED by EA
you: the company which you work on
you: And, even if they give me any kind of response, what of these response would they be?
you: I cannot go into the site and fix it
you: It's not a problem I can do anything rather than waiting a webmaster/EA to fix it
you: Could you understand me what I'm trying to say?
you: Sorry for being so * with you
you: This is happened also to Battlefield: Bad Company's leaderboards, I used to check my stats there cos it was updated and told me lots of details
you: but since the change of the website (EA Origin), that leaderboard is gone
Chetan: Straniero, I do understand you issue, but we do not have any information regarding this and the link provided by you doesn't opening on our data base.
you: Same fate happened, sadly, to the mask creator
you: The link I provided you is part of EA website
you: www.armyoftwo.com
you: The same link wrote on the trophy/achievement description
you: If you have the game and test it, you will see the issue
Chetan: I will definitely forward your issue to the developer's of the Game.
Chetan: And thank you for your feedback.
you: To be sure you will give them as much as information possible
you: Here's what I send to you
you: http://www.ps3trophies.org/game/army-of-two-the-40th-day/trophy/13158-DIY-PMC.html
you: This is a website of trophy hunters, this is the trophy I'm talking about
you: Due of the "shortage" of the feature, it is now unobtainable, this will also make the platinum unachievable
Chetan: Alright.
you: And same for Xbox 360
you: If you please tell the Expert Team/Webmasters about this
you: For both 360 and PS3
you: It will save mad players like me that want this trophy
Chetan: Sure.
you: I have just a last issue to address
you: It's about the ingame (not website) multiplayer part of the game
Chetan: Go ahead.
you: Since, I think, 2 weeks ago, I'm unable to play co-op online and versus
you: I can send invite to friends
you: but they cannot join my lobby
you: In addition, when I go to search a custom lobby
you: I see several numbers of lobbies with different players
you: when I click on one, it will say "Unable to access server. Try again later."
you: So that's 2 of the issue I encountered with this game
Chetan: Okay
Chetan: Are you playing the game from Origin?
you: No, it's a PS3 game, I don't think Origin means anything
you: Army of Two: TFD wasn't never made for Origin
you: Just PS3 and 360
Chetan: Okay.
you: Right now I'm sitting in front of my PS3 with the game
you: And my friend too
you: We are trying to invite us for play campaing
you: But we cannot join
you: Says the same message I wrote you before
you: "Unable to access server. Try again later."
you: But I can check my stats if I go versus
you: I'm still a level 10
Chetan: Let's try some trouble shooting.
you: Sure
Chetan: There may be some corrupt files on your system. Let’s try to delete these files by following the steps below:

1. Press the PS button on the controller to enter the PLAYSTATION 3 XBM (XrossMediaBar).
2. Select the Game tab.
3. Select the Game Data Utility and press the X button.
4. Select your game
5. Find and delete all the files listed.
you: Ok Chetan
you: I found a file
you: This is the game update
you: If I delete it, it will ask to download it again
you: If I refuse to update, it won't me let connect to PSN till I download it
you: Are you sure deleting the update fixes this problem?
you: It's Update 1.02
Chetan: Let us try, it will fix some time.
you: Ok ok
you: I just deleted it
you: Now need to wait 2 minutes for redownload the update and boot up the game
you: Could you hang on?
you: It's downloading fast
you: Ok, it was small, I booted up the game
Chetan: Sure Go ahead.
you: Connected to EA server for the game, and still not luck
you: Still the same lobbies with the same numbers of players, unable to join them
Chetan: This issue can also be caused due to corrupt game save files, lets try deleting these files. Please follow the steps listed below.

1. Press the PS button on the controller to enter the PLAYSTATION 3 XBM (XrossMediaBar).
2. Select the Game tab.
3. Select the Save Data Utility and press the X button.
4. Delete all the files related to the game.

Please note: deleting your game save file would reset your offline game progress and you would need to play the game from start.
you: No problem, I have PSN Plus I can upload my save game there
Chetan: Sure
you: But, my save file works fine
you: I just played the campaing before contacting you
you: And everything was going smooth
you: I have 3000 kills left for the Beast! :O
you: But, okay, let's give it a try
you: I can also try to load up the game on another account
you: Done, and done.
you: Uhm, still not working
you: Well, my save game is still save, but... nothing is fixed
Chetan: Okay
you: It is not my PS3, it's the EA servers, my PS3 works fine with all games
Chetan: Type the router’s internal IP address into your web browser on a computer on your network (IP addresses are different for each router. For DLink, it's, for Linksys routers it’s, and for several other brands. Check your router’s manual if none of these work for you.)
Click the Tools tab, then the Misc button.
Click Disabled next to the UPNP listing.
Be sure to click Apply to update the router with this new setting.
you: I don't think deleting saves does something, Chetan
you: The only useful think while going to delete the save for this game, is to make you able to unlock the DLC trophies of Chapter of Deceit, but that's another story
you: My router IP is OPEN
you: So it's not my router
you: It's EA servers
you: I underline IT!
Chetan: Okay
you: This trouble shooting wasn't helpful, sorry
you: This game shipped with a number of problem, first laggy online, then DLC that won't unlock trophies, now this
you: This is some really poor support for EA
Chetan: We have tried all the useful steps but didn't work.
you: Yes, as I said, it's EA fault, my PS3 always worked fine
you: I have Battlefield Bad Company on PS3 and IT WORKS
you: FIFA 11, it works
you: It's the server for Army of Two that are not working, so the mask creator site
you: They "partially" works... but still, not how they supposed to, as you are locked out of playing
Chetan: I’m forwarding this case to our Expert Team. Once the team has reviewed your account, you will receive a notification via email from our support team within 24-72 Hrs. The Expert Team should be able to give you an effective solution or suggest alternatives.

I apologize for not giving the immediate solution.
you: It's not your fault, I understand that you don't have any power to do something "manually"
you: But, as a gamer that has a bit of knowledge about this things
Chetan: I appreciate your understanding.
you: EA must do this
you: 1) Fix the mask creator and make it able to to publish mask ingame
you: 2) Fix the server related issue of online gameplay
Chetan: I sincerely do apologize for this issue.
you: 3) Assumere migliori impiegati
Chetan: That's why I'm escalating your issue as you've done all of the steps but your issue still persist.
you: Chetan, I have nothing againts you
you: This issue are encountered by an huge numbers of other players
Chetan: Thanks for your understanding.
you: 360 and PS3 alike
Chetan: I can understand your anxiousness with this. Had I been in your place, I would have felt the same.
you: Not just me
Chetan: Yes, most of the customers are facing this issue.
Chetan: And we have also reported the same.
you: Ok Chetan,
you: These are the problem of this game
you: Besides the other problem relating the DLC; but gamers have found a fix for that
you: Is still not very good from EA to leave customers with broken features and have them to test working solutions
Chetan: Yes, and our team are working on it, to get this issue resolved.
you: Well, I have nothing more to say
you: I already explained with many details problems and possible solutions
Chetan: No worries I'll escalate your issue and you get the reply soon.
Chetan: As I'm escalating your issue on priority basis.
you: Could also account the DLC problems?
you: The DLC problems got a fix
you: Fix from players, not from EA
Chetan: Sure your all of the issues gets fixed.
you: The most severe is mask and servers
Chetan: I'll also mention that you get the issues with the DLC as well.
Chetan: Yes, I know.
Chetan: Thank you for contacting EA. Is there anything else I can help you with today?
you: No, thank you for your time and patience
you: Bye, Chetan
Chetan: You're welcome.
Chetan: Thank you for contacting EA. Is there anything else I can help you with today?[/i]

I'm so ashamed by EA. Money are just good to buy licenses for FIFA but not for keeping up servers or get better custom care services.

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EA Forums are there so EA can pretend to give a flying f***

I look for a mask creator I get The Devil's Cartel.
When will EA realise that you screwed me once, so you lost a customer. AoT series can go fall on its face for all I care.

I'll live without one achievement but all it really proves is that EA believe they can do anything they want. Hardly a recipe for maximising their profits.

Of course it probably doesn't help when your programmers are complete *, probably related to your helpdesk staff

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EA Games - F. U. C. K. up everything!

No wonder ukinspro, they are the worst publisher ever.


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