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Joined: 10/03/2011 10:57:55
Messages: 1983
Location: Surrey, BC

[quote=NHL09_TANK]Need a EASHL team, I'm centre and need a good team. I almost always win faceoffs.

PSN : mive01
add then message on ps3 not this cause i dont usuallly go on, i also play left wing but im better centre [/quote]

PM sent

PSN: Nammer

Joined: 02/27/2008 18:31:29
Messages: 4

looking for club i can play anything, mostly C or RD

i just picked up nhl 12 but i played nhl 11

from Edmonton, AB

Joined: 10/05/2009 20:46:08
Messages: 30

Looking to join a club that has more than a couple active players and plays weeknights/weekends in EST time zone.

I can play any forward position, but prefer RW. Solid two-way player that tends to pass first, shoot second. Like to cycle and use the points. Plays position and comes back defensively. Looking for similar-minded teammates.

Just started playing EASHL a few weeks ago after not playing since last year, but I'm quickly up to my Veteran card and average 1.5+ points per game.

I won't be able to play until Tuesday night, but then I should be good to go. Send me a msg on here or PSN invite to bighitman85.

Joined: 01/01/2011 23:03:36
Messages: 55

Looking to join a decent club (pro-elite) Legend 3 LW,RW 700+ Points, I tend to pass more then shoot.

Joined: 10/12/2011 12:39:24
Messages: 7

Club Name : Filthy Clean
Current Record: 60-11-5 (Elite)

Looking For: A fwd who can play whatever offensive position needed, and well.
Also Looking for a LD who uses his positioning and his stick more than over aggressive hits.

We are a very good Cycle / Rush Team, mainly everyone is a pass first player, with possible the best rd in the game.LoL
We Play from around 11pm eastern to 2 or 2:30 am every night, and have about 4 active players, just neede a great all around guy to play where we need him, depending on who is online.

Were only Looking for Legends, Stick Checkers not hitters, Laid Back, Mature Players 18+
Message DeluxeBunion for a tryout, preferably on the PS3

Joined: 04/14/2012 11:29:42
Messages: 2

Ok guys, I started a team and currently have a LD/G and RW. I'm currently centre but I can also play LW. I am not afraid to kick the other guys off my team if you are better. This is a Veteran/Superstar team but if you are Legend and you want to join that's fine with me. Message me on PS3 if you're interested in joining.

PSN : mive01
Team Name : Toronto Wolverines
Jersey Colour : Blue, Orange, and White

Joined: 01/05/2012 00:04:32
Messages: 3

No mic... listen I can play sound hockey at any position, but I'm most beneficial at LW.
My PSN ID: ObnoxiousTKO

Looking for a club that is really highly skilled, but just plays to practice the skill -- not get over invested in games where you're doing things wrong but still fighting for a win. I hear kids yell, and they are not even understanding the game....

Hit me up....we'll talk

legend 2

500 career points

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Joined: 10/03/2011 10:57:55
Messages: 1983
Location: Surrey, BC

PSN: Nammer
RW but can play any position except goalie. This would be my preference in position RW>C>LW>RD>LD
Two-way forward/D-man
Legend 3
Have a mic
PST timezone. Would like to be on a team with the same timezone or MST timezone at the least
Plays usually around 8pm - 12am weekdays and 8pm till whenever on weekends

A little over 400 club games played. 850+ points, 450 ish goals, 400 ish assists.

I like to score and pass, depends on the situation. I pass the puck up quick to keep the playing moving. In the offensive zone, I like to cycle and move to the open spots by the net to get 1 timers or tap ins. I always come back to help out the D once the play moves to the other end for added support. I am a total team player and am looking for other team players who are active as I'm very active

If adding me PSN, please put EASHL in the body of the email so I know who you are as I get a ton of friend requests and am trying to filter out requests.

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PSN: Nammer

Joined: 09/29/2011 17:50:24
Messages: 8

Legend 3


Two-Way Forward.

Good in takeaways
always backchecks
60% faceoff percentage
always look for a set up.

Plays from 9 pm to 11 pm EST.

try me out and youll see.

PSN: eddyt90

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Joined: 10/05/2009 20:46:08
Messages: 30

Hi, I want to build a big active club. I would also be interested in joining a big active club already in progress. When I say 'big' I mean one where there are enough people on the roster to regularly play games with at least 4 players. I'm in the EST time zone and play regularly weeknights from 6-12pm as well as weekends from early morning to late at night.

I've started my own club and am trying to recruit from the forums as well as through playing drop in games. At this point I'm just looking to recruit as many people as possible and once we have the mass we can cut people if they turn out not to be team players. The club's motto is 'play as a team. have fun!' I could care less about what the team name is or jerseys are so join my club and we can change it up once in a while to please everyone.

I'm a Superstar Level 1 averaging a grade of A- through 75 games with 126 points (45G 81A) and am even in terms of +/-. I play any forward position, but prefer RW and am a pass-first type player that is responsible defensively. Drop me a line on here or on PS3 at bighitman85.


Joined: 04/22/2012 14:40:47
Messages: 1

PSN - billyboy111095
Position - Right Wing, Left Wing (Sniper) and practicing at Hybrid Goalie.
Not a fighter in any way i try to keep my nose clean but im a good team player.

Joined: 01/27/2012 11:32:59
Messages: 72

Leg 3
All positions but c
1.25 point per gm avg
70percent face off wins

Joined: 04/24/2012 19:08:42
Messages: 1

PSN ID is Bubs0782, I play a defensive D-Man (RD pref but can play LD as well). Live in the Central Time Zone and usually play later at night. 7pm-whenever.

-Can adapt to multiple styles, loves to play a solid team game. Can be a stay at home D-Man or get involved in cycling the puck or take smart shots from the point.

-Been playing drop in games for a while and just want to find people who know how to play.

-Have great 'Hockey' sense and understands all aspects of the game.

-have a mic

Add me or message me if interested.

Joined: 04/28/2012 22:25:43
Messages: 2

PSN ID: DracoChalybeius (which is Latin for Steel Dragon, if anyone is wondering)
Position: C/LW, not bad at D, terrible G
Player Type: SNP or OFD
Style: High wrist shots en masse on the rush (lefty, if it makes a difference), poke rather than body check, adaptable, good penalty killer
By "adaptable" I mean that I can pass well on a pass-first team or backcheck on a defense-first team, but I am best on the rush.
Hours: 3PM ET - 11PM ET M-TH, 3PM ET - whenever F, whenever Sat, whenever - 11PM ET Sun (still in school)
Favorite Team: NJ Devils (MB30FTW! No, I don't think they will beat PHI.)
No mic, but relatively quick with text entry if I have to be
I like to work with players who can see when their passing lane is better than their shooting lane (and vice versa), and know how to take a loss. Not much online experience, but tons of BAP time on at least Pro
Usually on between the hours listed, so hit me up and we can play.

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Joined: 08/07/2011 07:51:24
Messages: 141

Well, since starting your own team seems about as successful as herding cats, I'd like to join one, lol. I play most evenings on Eastern time, and while I don't get online every single night, I do most nights. My PSN is: daveandangle

I'm a mature player, over 30, who has played real hockey (at a competitive level, but didn't turn pro) all my life but doesn't always have time to lace em up for real. I've also played EA NHL since it came out, although I may have missed a few years in the early 2000's.

I've been on a few clubs, one that actually lasted a year. I've had legend 3 since xmas, and I've played all positions. I've probably spent the most time at Center, but have also played a lot of either wing and Defence. I've tried goal but honestly I'm terrible at it.

Some things about me. I think pass first, it's just the way I am. I enjoy drawing defenders to me and setting up teammates. I know how to and can cycle the puck with the best of them (especially if the D get's involved). Better yet I know what a break out should look like (no, cherry picking isn't a break out! lol) and would love to find a team that knows how to weave/lane switch.

The build I use depends on the position. For C I always go with a TWF. Wingers are snipers or Power FWD's depending on linemates, and D can either be Offensive D man or a Two way defender. I would like to find a mature team to gel with, who are good at the game but don't take it TOO seriously. That being said, I play to win and put the team first.
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