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I'd like to see the free agency period improved. Their aren't enough high calibur players available during free agency. It seems to be all back ups and the occasional 32 year old Def lineman with a 82 overall rating asking for $4mil to $6mil a year and a 5 year contract. This isn't at all realistic. Any given year there is atleast 2 if not more Very good players available during free agency. Ex this season Mario Williams and Peyton Manning, last season was Nnamdi & Jonathan Joseph. Also I often see a team that has a strong need at one position go out and sign multiple high dollar players at that position. One Team signed 3 top WR to big contracts. Ex 3 guys with 5 year deals at 3 to 4 million a year usually isnt going to happen in the same offseason. It would be nice to see the teams that are very aggressive in real free agency to be the more aggressive teams in free agency in Madden. Ex. Washington Redskins over pay and spend money every year in real life so why not have them be more aggressive than the Bengals a team that seems to never spend. I like the change to a bidding system that was done in the new Madden but it seems to go a little fast. If there is any way to make the Free Agent players themselves actually have a list of what teams are potential suitors for them like EA does with NCAA when we recruit them. That way if a Big time WR is a free agent he will have a list of 3 teams that are the favorite to land him. Basically I'll use this season as an Example... Peirre Garcon would have 3 teams listed as his favorite 3 and if our team is not in his top 3 we would have to offer a lot more money or go after say Peyton Manning or already have a big time QB.
Some of the positions seem to also want more money and bigger contracts than what NFL teams really pay for these guys. This seems to be especially for the DT position and the OG position. I'd like to see players get paid for the Stats that they put up the season before and not what their overall rating is. If a player in a Contract year puts up huge #'s but is only a 80 overall rating, than he could ask for top dollar due to his potential. Ex a 4th year DE gets 12 sacks in his contract year even though he only put up 15 combined in his 3 years previous and is a 80 overall rating. He very easlily could be the top Defensive player signed in free agency. Same goes for the opposite. If a player ( Ex Reggie Wayne) only puts up pedestrian #'s in his contract year, he will prob sign a smaller contract than a younger WR with more upside (Ex Mario Manninham or Peirre Garcon ). Injured Players and Players coming back from injury's should also be asking for shorter contracts. More of a one year to a 3 year deal.
I like the scouting feature that has been added to the new Madden but would like to see a more real life feel to it. When players are coming out of college a good number of the players don't have an exact position. Their isn't much of a difference between a 3-4 OLB and a 4-3 DE, So how about just throw these players into a Pass Rusher Category. Also the same with 3-4 DE's and 4-3 DT's. These are Defensive Lineman or Interior Lineman. Linebackers are usually thrown into one category in the NFL combine and its up to the scouts to find out if the player would be a better Middle Linebacker or Outside Linebacker. I'd like to see this be left up to us the Franchise GM or Head coach. We draft the player and its up to us to see how he fits on our team. A great example is for this years draft class (2012) there are players like Whitney Merciless(Ill) and Nick Perry(USC) that could play a 4-3 end or 3-4 OLB depending on what team ends up drafting them. If Perry is selected by Green Bay then he would be an OLB but if he is drafted by the Titans then he will be listed as a DE. Same goes for a Player Like Fletcher Cox of Miss *. If he is drafted by a team with a 4-3 def like the Eagles he would play DT but if he is drafted by the Chargers who run a 3-4 def than he would be a DE. Also it would be nice to know more about the prospects during the season when we are scouting them. We could look at stats that they are putting up during the season. What players are among the finalist for awards ( Heisman, Maxwell ). If I'm scouting a RB from start to finish I'm going to know how good he is at CAR (carring the ball) TRK (Breaking Tackles) BCV (Ball Carry Vision) INJ (Injury) ELU (Elusiveness) and CTH (catching) and KR (Kick Return) during his college career. His SPD (speed) STG (Strength) JMP (jumping) AGI (Agility) are Attributes that we will find out at the Scouting Combine or Pro Days and some of his other remaining attributes we will be able to find out at scheduled visits ( Pass Block, Route Running and AWR (Awareness). Some attributes we be fine if we dont find out until after the rookie season is over like STM ( Stamina) and TGH (Toughness).
One of the best things about franchise mode is the Offseason. It would be nice to add a feature that lets us take a couple of the younger players on our rosters in the off season and train them in specific areas. There is no reason for a player that sits the bench every year to get better at everything every offseason. This could be a feature that is only available to use on a hand full of players every off season (3 to 5) and only on the young players on our team (1st, 2nd , 3rd year players). This way we can specifically aim at what we want the 5th rd OG from last season to get better at. Ex a 6'4" 290lb G can choose to Weight training to get stronger and put on more weight or 6'5" 340lb OT can choose to work on stamina and footwork to lose weight and get in better shape increase his stamina, Pass Block Footwork & Run Block Foot work. Ex for a WR would be to work on Route Running or a DE to Weight train to get stronger or work on Explosiveness which would increase ACC (Acceleration) FNM ( Finness Moves ). This could be a lot of fun and gives the game a more real life feel to it. A good majority of the players that get drafted every offseason add weight before coming to the NFL. Nick Perry DE/ OLB from USC for example was listed at 250lb at USC but has bulked up to 270lbs for the NFL. Same goes for Matt Kalil OT for USC. He was listed at 290lbs in college but has bulked up to 307lbs for the NFL.

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Hey there, I just want to add my feelings to this wonderful list. Also, I want to say that I love this game. I spend quite a good portion of the weeknights playing my online franchise.

This is my list of..... "failures" I've noticed and think could be improved upon.

1. I love to run the ball when I have a good running back. As do most people. So when I have Chris Johnson, or Adrian Peterson, I want to run like them. Not so that I become overpowered, but am an appropriate threat to the opposing defense, considering I have one of the best running backs in the league. Now I cannot do this because my lineman do not pick/read/execute their blocks efficiently or effectively. Many times have I seen a lineman pick a defensive player to block before the play and ONLY move to block said player. Which is fine, but when a new, more immediate threat presents itself my lineman does not recognize he is there. Rating put aside, (because I have seen many high rated lineman do just this) I feel as if the blocking AI or logic behind the trenches was thrown together poorly and could be very much improved upon.

2. I love to throw the ball when I have great receivers. What a surprise. Now, I cannot effectively throw a great pass attack offense because of two things. Receiver aggressiveness, and corner awareness. Receivers lack the aggressiveness to go for a ball that was not thrown directly to them, and corners know where the ball is at all times resulting in jumped routes and early breaks towards balls that they would have never seen thrown. Receivers should fight for a ball thrown to them, you don't see Dez Bryant sit behind a corner jumping his route. No, he reaches around the corner and fights for the ball. You don't see that with madden receivers. Corners on the other hand are not supposed to know the receivers route. That is not a just way of upping the difficulty. Its unfair.

For example, last week I was playing a game with the patriots in my online franchise. I was using Tom Brady and throwing to Wes Welker on an out route. He was a slot receiver on my left. Now, Brady drops back and as Welker is planting I press the correct button to throw the ball. Not a second after Brady starts to lift his arm the linebacker covering Welker takes a step to jump the route. 2 things wrong here.
1. It is a linebacker, not a corner. He is dropping into zone, not man coverage. I don't believe he should have the correct awareness to jump the route, considering his man and zone ratings are most likely in the 50-65 range, let alone should he have the ability to move that quickly to jump Welker, who's speed is in the 90 range, when the linebacker has most likely 70-80. I believe that is a fair assumption
2. Brady's arm was not even up past his shoulder before the linebacker took the step to jump the route. Mind you, Gronkowski was running a post right behind the linebacker, so whos to say that Brady was throwing to Welker, he may as well have been throwing to Gronkowski. The linebacker does not know, he is playing zone coverage. Deepest man. But no, since im playing on all madden the defense knows what play im doing and counteracts to it. Oh, and not to mention my reaction time is not that fast to see an arm moving 10 yards away and judge the direction it is going and then react to the receivers route who I am not specifically covering and at the same time take a step in the right direction and jump a route I may or may not know is correct. all in less than 2 seconds. That linebacker is either Patrick Willis, or he has bad programming. And I do not recall playing the 49ers.

3. Physics. There is not much to say other than I am not a fan of animations. Players should have directives, like catch ball, or throw ball, or juke defender or something. Not a set of 20 animations for one action because after a while, I've seen it all. Not to mention that (back to receivers again) if a receivers gets bumped during his catching animations even the slightest he will end up not moving his hands left or right the few inches needed to adjust to the ball. Its like he isn't even alive, like he has no awareness whatsoever of the world around him. Just that he needs to finish the animation and the ball should just be in his hands because he did the animation for catching. Also with animations I tend to see a lot of sliding and gliding over the field. Even though you have cut back on it from recent years, of which I am very glad about, there is still that unrealistic sense to it. I just don't feel like players have weight, just speed and agility. I can turn a player with 99 agility without losing speed at all. Which in turn creates a sense of unrealistic-ness because I know that is physically... unrealistic haha.

There is a lot that I have a problem with in madden, but I believe that if you fix at least these core issues then the game will be more enjoyable and I will have a better time play the game. Right now to be blunt I play it because it is the only game with real players. It is not the best game I've ever bought, far from it. But I buy it every year because I love football, and this is the closest I can get without actually playing it. Stop gearing madden towards the players that don't even play it. Im talking about dumbing it down with gameflow and easier controls to attract an audience that doesn't even have an interest in your game. I love madden, and I will most definitely buy it next year. Make me happy because sooner or later I will probably stop putting up with under par games every year.

That said, I thank you developers for putting your time and what effort you do into these games. I was really critical with this because I would very much like to see it improved. I know the game developers market is hard these days and I will be looking forward to Madden 13. aha thanks again.

-from a true madden fan.

Joined: 04/02/2012 14:44:35
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1. LONG time gripe - there should be separate categories for 4-3 DE, 3-4 DE, 4-3 OLB and 3-4 OLB!!! Players of related positions should be listed in each, with an adjusted overall for the player's 'true' position. For instance, Warren Sapp would have appeared as a DT and a 3-4 DE, with a higher DT rating. Justin Smith would have a higher 3-4 DE rating than he would as a 4-3 DE, but perhaps an equal DT rating. DeMarcus Ware is a terrific 3-4 OLB but not so much as a 4-3 OLB.

2. Positional requirements should be based on 'basic' position, not specific position. That is, I need 'x' offensive linemen - I should be able to move a player from G to T and their overall should reflect how their stats align with that position, but I shouldn't be required to have exactly 'x' number of LG and 'x' number of RT, etc. Same for running backs / fullbacks, linebackers, defensive linemen, and secondary.

3. Contracts are for the most part non-negotiable and unrealistic ( ie. players require a LOT more money than in real life ). Its very easy to perform a fantasy draft that will get you in a very bad bind in the future due to contracts. There should be a lot more play in what the player will accept and overall, the contracts should be lower.

4. Fantasy draft logic is either best player available above a certain overall or a 'run' on players at a certain position. Ideally, this should be a product of team tendency, 'position value', player grade, grade of other players available, remaining needs, etc. It sounds complex but (a) it should be more complex than it is and (b) its really not ( I've simulated this in my own applications ).

5. Draft import feature reworks values by a random amount, resulting in unrealistic results. I can understand the desire to add a level of guesswork to it, but if someone is importing their draft class from their NCAA season, they expect the 99 QB will be a top 5 pick and the mediocre QB from Nowhere State to slide down the board, not the other way around. It would be best if the alterations to attributes were a fixed amount.

6. Progression and potential, particularly in a draft class. There needs to be a way to set potential in a draft, plain & simple. Progressions itself seems way too much, too fast. To have a player do from a mid to low 70s rating to a mid to high 80s in one season is drastic. Ideally, there should be a slider one could set to effect progression speed or turn it off altogether.

7. The slider for speed differential needs more of an effect - you have to set it to 20 for the differences in speed to start to matter in the slightest.

8. Defensive AI in pass coverage continues to be a nightmare. Mediocre linebackers zoom across the screen to breakup plays in the opposite direction they were running in. Adjusting sliders turn them into sitting ducks. Outlet patterns ( flare routes, etc ) are covered 80% of the time - in zone coverages on 3rd and long no less. Lobbing a ball over a good DB's head with the receiver in position oft falls short, yet the CPU does it frequently.

9. Passing game in general. Playaction fakes take too long, often leading to being sacked. Completing out patterns typically results in the WR running out of bounds in the process of catching the ball even if it is throw as a bullet immediately from the snap. Putting arc on the ball is very difficult, particularly in the mid to short ranges ( perhaps add a stat to QBs for this? Drew Bress is a perfect example of a QB who can 'drop it in there' even with some velocity on the ball ).

10. Defensive ends on the right side of the ball need better production and those on the left need less. No matter what the ratings are ( for the defenders and the tackles ), it always holds true that RE have trouble getting to the passer and LE get there too easily.

11. Special teams blocking needs to improve, particularly on punt returns. Always having 4+ defenders in your face, regardless of ratings, is a bit much.

12. Breakaway speed from the AI needs to be adjusted - defensive linemen with a 70s speed rating shouldn't be breathing down the neck of my 99 speed WR. Alternatively, my player controlled defensive back has trouble running down the blocking TE controlled by the CPU...

To be continued...

Joined: 03/20/2010 18:43:33
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Please... even if you have to hire no name announcers to do the calls in the game... do what ever it takes... get some people who are wiling to put int the time to say some extra comments and phrases... and the new names every year... and extra names too... like most of the ones that are generated in franchise mode... and fix the comments the announcers make in the game... they are often talking about different things than what happened... example, I will run with a running back and it will make a comment about the qb making a run to avoid the pressure... or when I make a pass and it says the wide receivers name when it is talking about te quarterback.... and most are not freak occurrences... they happen almost every game

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I really hope something can be done about nano blitzing, sooner rather than later. I love playing online but nano blitzing really affects the joy of playing the game. I find it ridiculous that i need to keep a RB as an extra blocker in the back to stop a 3 or 4 man blitz, that shouldn't be the case. I hope EA can fix the AI of the offensive lineman so that people can no longer take advantage of these glitches. Also shifting the line does not even help sometimes, the Defense line can easily take advantage of that. Please fix this somehow, I really like playing madden but if this is something that online gamers will just keep taking advantage of then i will just be forced to give up on the madden franchise, thank you

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One thing I would like to see in Madden is the ability to adjust height and weight. If you use the NCAA draft classes as I do, sometimes you get a hold of o-linemen in the draft that are like 6'6" 280 something which in reality, a guy like that is probably gonna get beat up and pushed around quite a bit. A guy like that might be really strong, really quick and athletic, really good, but a pro team drafting him would want him to put on weight. Now, here's the deal. If he does gain weight, even if it's pure muscle, he's probably gonna lose a little athleticism and speed while gaining strength and durability. A guy who is too heavy, they might ask to lose weight. A guy like that, and I'm talking in the video game now, you might have gaining speed and agility and improved pass blocking, for example, but maybe losing some strength, running blocking ability and becoming more prone to getting beat up and injured. In real football, you make trade offs like that, and I'd like to see the weight and training aspect of football brought more into the Madden series in that way, with the trade offs included. I'd also like to see some weight fluctuation instead of guys coming in at 245 and retiring at 245. Sometimes a guy's weight varies little over his career, but there are guys who have literally eaten themselves off teams and out of the league.

Something I would like to see toned down in the game is the plethora of twenty-five year old rookies. It happens. Gotta QB coming out this year that's twenty-eight. However, it happens way too much in the game. There aren't that many Mormons and ex-baseball players coming out every year. Tone it back please.

Something else, I'd like to see. For like Madden 11, you could buy various stuff to enhance the game. You'd buy it, download it and bang you got the Bills uni's circa whatever, old AFL stuff. Started me to thinking. In Franchise, one of the things that could be used to expand the life of the game for players would be the ability to, once you reach a certain point, to be able to go on line and buy new unis and equipment. Maybe a new stadium, something flashy and futuristic and all that. Be nice if the EA store was actually like a store. You could go in there and browse and decide what might like to buy for your team. Use your imaginations. Create some funky looking helmets and unis and stadiums, charge a reasonable fee (no gouging), and I'd be willing to plop down a few bucks to get my Vikes up to speed, or playing out in the elements. It would be cool if that could be done, because, franchise is generally set for thirty season, right? Well uniforms and equipment are not going to stay the same for thirty years. They're gonna change. And every now and then, a player needs a little something to spice things up. That's why adding the ability to change teams to this year's game was very much needed. Just gets you excited to play with a new team now and then, and extends the life of the game a little bit.

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Hello development team:

I have been playing the Madden series since it debuted on the Apple in 1988. I love the franchise mode and the recent improvements and mechanics have been great. The game has made great strides in recent years. With that said, I am an NCAA football official, so I tend to pay very close attention to rules (read as "I am a rules dork".

While playing last night with some buddies I noted that the game clock started when a kickoff was first caught in the end zone. This is incorrect. Under the NFL rules the game clock should not start if the receiving team recovers the ball in the end zone and does not carry the ball into the field of play (its the same for NCAA, but I haven’t checked the timing in that game). This means a team may down the ball in their end zone on a kickoff without running any time off the clock. This assumes they have not muffed or carried the ball in the field of play (between the goal lines) prior to downing it. It is NFL Rule 4(3)(1)(a) (page 16 of their rule book) if you need a reference.

This is only a minor issue and maybe affects only 5 to 10 second throughout the course of a game, but I saw it and wanted to make you aware of this inaccuracy. It really becomes a problem in the final minute or so of a game. It may even be difficult to code – I’ll leave that to your judgment.

Keep up the good work and I’ll keep playing!

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What is Pass Interference?

How can a DB physically run through the body of a WR, and then intercept the pass? This re-routes the WR losing all of his momentum, making him unable to get to the ball...Is this in the game, I have never seen it. I have been watching football for over 45 years, and have never seen this...Will this be fixed in Madden 13...or is this part of the AI engine that we are stuck with.

How can the CPU make juke moves without losing momentum, and the user can't?

If EA knows that this AI Engine is un-acceptable, how long will it be before an acceptable one is used for the Madden franchise.

I have played Madden on both consoles since they have been on the new gen consoles.

Do you have testers, do you have Q.A.? Are they competent? The code in your product is porous, the online play this year (Madden 12) is the worst that I have ever seen in the Madden franchise.

If we have the same AI engine, that really means that nothing changes? Super LB's, defenders making plays on ball that they never even seen. I watched your entire webcast, and have serious doubts that the changes made will correct the major issues, if you are using the same AI Engine.

This year I will not be buying Madden until I can play it, and verify that it is playable.

I have purchased Madden every year, just off the reputation, I can't do that anymore, you have to show me from now on...No disrespect but after 5 years of complete failure in this series, I have decided that this will be the year that you have to prove it to me

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Ok.. Commentary is unbelievably garbage I personally have to play on mute. I play on all madden all the time in my online franchise with 12 users, in which I was 19-0 and won the sb. Basically Im not garbage and these are real issues..First off on offense...my fb never lead blocks he just takes off like he got the ball and the o line doesn't block either. If I do break a tackle it takes so long for the animation to complete before its done I get popped like a pimple. Not to mention the uncontrollable one wen u just run outta bounds like he's going to the bench. The wr drops Damn near every pass if the defender breathes on him. You can't strafe to come back to an under-thrown ball, you jus gotta prepare to tackle the db who catches it because you won't. The dumb side-line catches when they just zoom outta bounds instead of doing wat the great Chris Carter would suggest. The dive for a catch is sad, they act like a fat guy inna snow suit. Now the qb, the ridiculous over and under throwing open recievers for no reason. The super slow release. Not the CPU tho ive seen them wrapped up and the ball just shoot from their hip 60 yards down Field extremely accurate lol. The offensive line blocks for a half a second like their mad at the qb or sumthin, I was sacked 95 times and i do 3 step drops. I also hate when you throw the ball and it jus hits the reciever in the face lol. Now for defense, the constant drops of interceptions by the user obviously. The lb's who can jump out the gym, or low trajectory passes. One handed picks by lb's with a 25 catch. Also how they stop on a dime while in man following a drag route, and intercept a pass to the opposite drag route. The inability to out run anyone speed means nothing in this game. Also how u can be 10 yards ahead of the db and they beat you to the ball and somehow 3 other defender's POP in the picture lol. This is too much....Imma cut it short..after a couple more lol. I've been playing since it came out and has NEVER seen pass interference called. Can't return punts cause your blockers act like their tryna tackle u. And finally I hate the fact that when the CPU hurts one of my players with a soft hit he Damn near dies, but no matter how hard you hit the CPU their right back in the game. Ps. All madden shouldn't make your ai players dummies and the CPU geniuses... Damn I almost forgot the switching wen the ball is in the air is weird u automatically go to the person furthest from the ball lol and the users ai's take the worst possible angle to purposely get burnt LOL dat is funny. But makes me wanna never play this again please fix any of this.

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There have been 2 problems that have not been fixed for a while and have been happening for a while many users freeze at the start up screen and then cant even play online i know im not the only 1 i have seen many posts and when i do play my 3rd strings will magically appear in the game come on EA get your stuff together i know madden 13 coming out soon but you need to fix this

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Just wanted to offer some constructive criticism on the "gameflow" mechanic. I've never been a fan of it , but the overall premise is good. IMO instead of a users programming a "call sheet" for certain down and distance situations, the game should recognize my tendencies and populate a call sheet. For example, If I play ten games with the Giants playbook, by that time I've probably developed tendencies and relied on a base set of plays, formations etc. The game should translate what I've done in the past into what suggestions they make for play calls. It should take into account what has been successful relative to the down and distance etc and prompt me to call those plays within the gameflow mechanic. This way it happens naturally with no assembly required. I think that would make game flow a great tool , especially for sim players.

Joined: 07/19/2012 17:06:03
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Issues I've noticed:
1. Run blocking is bad, defenses make my linemen look stupid the way they run AROUND them to wreck my run play or sack the QB. My linemen get thrown aside way too easy, guys like josh sitton should not be a liability especially since the defender is an inferior player. I've resorted to using a back up HB as a lead blocker cuz he actually arrives to the block on time.
2. pass defense is either psychic or blind. We've all seen the defenders who react to the ball like they already know the play, but what bothers me more is the holes in zone coverage this year, my elite cornerbacks and safetys should not be so unaware. And when they do get there to make a play, they drop the pick 9 times out of 10.
3.commentary: who is this guy? He's absolutely terrible, who talks like that? The commentary has been recycled for years, I've been playing on mute since 08.
4.running looks funky, skating still alive and well this year. Tackle animations defy gravity and momentum, getting tackled from behind and falling backward (been taken down at the 1 so much its ridiculous)
5. Stats: when you play franchise mode simmed teams never have good stats. Peyton manning is completing only 50% of his passes. Middle linebackers getting only 30 tackles. Cornerbacks getting 1 or 2 picks (followed by a freefall of their overall rating). If I were to try and get 300 carries I would never have time to throw and if i were to attempt 500 passes I would never have time to hand off.
Year eight of my franchise, Aaron rodgers still in his prime at 35, I'm putting up ridiculous stats 5k yds 60 tds and his rating goes down, okay I can see his ARM strength and accuracy taking a hit because he's getting old but then his awareness goes down too, is he going senile?
6. off-season: can't sim it cuz then you cut a bunch of players and your in huge cap debt
Would like to see training camp functions return. Training up players was a very aspect.
I would like to see players advance in this way because I won't necessarily get them on the field and right now that is the only way for players to advance.
7. Custom playbooks: I have like ten section of shotgun sets, they don't organize well and I can't set audibles, rendering this function unusable to me.
8. Why does Aaron rodgers look like a ghoul?
9. MLB THE SHOW: that's a pretty game, smooth, great graphics, actually looks like the players, throwing motions are true to life. Would like to see that level of quality in madden.

Running the ball is next to impossible and trying to play defense against today passing attack is just frustrating.
I hope the development team takes this to heart because this game isn't far off.

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Trades are impossible to pull off. Other teams always wanting far more than that player is worth. And free agents asking ridiculous deals.

Rookies almost always have a low awareness and never advance to being because of that. Awareness should go up every year with experience. Mark brunell is a back up past his prime, but his awareness should be sky high cuz he's been in the league so long he's seen it all!

Joined: 07/19/2012 17:06:03
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Defenses seem aware of the play call. From the same formation ill call a power run, I see eight in the box. I call a pass play, its cover 3. I find myself calling a decoy then audibling into my intended play

Joined: 07/19/2012 17:06:03
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The great Bill Walsh said play action is the offense's single greatest weapon against a defense, yet in madden it either takes too long or is ineffective. I just want to see this powerful offensive tool become a relevant part of the game
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