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Please be informed that our NBA Live Policing team has gone ahead and wiped the stats of players that have been unfairly winning games. Users that have also contributed to assisting other users in unfairly winning games have also had their stats wiped.

The Policing team will continue to monitor online activity and any further abuse will result in cleared stats and/or a complete ban from all EA Sports online gaming.

Thank you,

Alain Quinto
EA Sports Community Manager

The Policing Team is now going more in depth. Due to the fact me and the other moderators are getting more and more names. We now need these following things....

    The players name that's been glitching.

    A video or a picture of that person performing the glitch on you.

    Complaint on how the glitch was performed.

This forum is not the only one performing this. NHL is having same the problems too as well, and it's been working somewhat for them although it's not perfect. Basically, we just need the proof before they can perform the Stat Wipe.

So, please PM me or the other moderators that are part of the basketball community.

NBA LIVE Series  > NBA LIVE Online
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