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Joined: 03/22/2012 17:49:36
Messages: 24

Legend 2 LW looking for Club

My Xbox GT is: GameOver795 for info Msg me for info, or a tryout.

I prefer to play Human Goalies.

Joined: 02/24/2012 16:43:48
Messages: 2

GT DaBossman821
Pos G/D
Rating 80 (g)/ 83 (d)

Joined: 11/28/2010 19:57:00
Messages: 1

Gamertag : sTo FRANK
Position : I want to be a LD or may be RD. I can play goalie sometimes(I'm ranked top 100 OTP)
Search : I search for a 5s or 6s club. Minimum of 4s and with a human goalie.

Player build : Two-Way Defenseman and Butterfly Goalie
Card : Legend 3 for both
Speciality :
- Breakout Pass
- Cycling
- Good puck mover
- Fast
- Good D
Range of time playing : 6 to 10 PM EST

Joined: 04/11/2012 19:48:20
Messages: 45

Average but should get better when I start playing daily on Friday(only played a handful of times past 2 and 1/2 weeks).
Playtime weekdays 4:00-9:00, weekends 10 am-2am.

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Joined: 12/24/2008 18:23:17
Messages: 2963
Location: Michigan


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Michigan Fantasy Hockey League

[Email] [WWW]

Joined: 05/14/2012 11:58:30
Messages: 1

Gamertag = NoD GP

Positions - Defense (LD / RD)

Type : 2-Way Defenseman

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Joined: 12/11/2009 11:29:01
Messages: 43

XB Tag: Billy Mars

Primary Position: LD

Can play any position.

Used to play some high level club in 09, 10, 11. Trying to get back into some club action. Nothing to serious, just looking to have some fun. Mature player (35 years old).

formly known as Tenderfoot
Red Light Brigade #12

Joined: 06/24/2010 12:28:15
Messages: 1019

No Kids, or 2's

Joined: 11/20/2010 22:13:07
Messages: 10

along with
bendacy LW

We have some quality experience were on almost everyday just looking for a solid 6v6 team.

Joined: 12/20/2011 09:19:55
Messages: 8

GT: RagingRaven42
Position: Defenseman Legend 1. right D. also working on leveling up my goalie.
Type: love passing the puck and cycling it around and setting up plays for my teammates. im not all about goals. love assisting and defending. i like dump and chasing and getting pucks deep. better than neutral zone turnovers if nobody is open. love to hear constructive criticism.
looking for a team that speaks english, is in the eastern time zone, and has flexible hours because I'm a college student.

Joined: 09/29/2011 14:57:10
Messages: 86

positions in order of desire and skill: Left wing legend 2 80, Center legend 2 84, Goalie legend 2 89

hit me up guys need a team i play basically everyday

Joined: 08/07/2009 13:27:20
Messages: 30

Club Name: Man Overboard

Club Looking for: D-Man

We are a club that's been together since NHL 11, we have nearly 700 gp this year and we have around 450 wins. Offensively we are pretty solid and we have one D-man that does great for us, we feel we would be a better club with another Human D-Man so, I am putting out a request for one. We Cycle on the power play and The Center (Me) is always looking for the D-man for a one timer or to set up the cycle. We are a solid team with a primary goal scorer in our LW and a grinder/playmaker in our RW and a Two-Way D man. If we sound like a club you would want to play for, please don't hesitate to message me on XBL @ caddie2805 and we can set up a little tryout. We are all mature guys (I think our youngest is 21) and we are not looking for little kids, I'm sorry.


Joined: 09/19/2008 13:13:13
Messages: 38

Since everyone in now playing Diablo, I am looking for a team to play on for a bit if you need a 6th. Don't mind sitting out if there are already 6 on, or a core player comes on to make 6.

I am ranked in the top 30 for defensemen and play RD only. I Play pretty aggressive in the offensive zone but can play as a defensive d if needed.

Just want to play some good cycling games with a defensive minded club. Doesn't have to be a top club, but at least on the next level would be preferred. By that I mean top at least top 50-100 elite, but ok if not top 10 best. Also a more mature club since I am old and don't need to be told cool story bro. lol

I am Central time and usually play 2-3 nights a week from around 9-11 PM, but do come on other times.

My gamertag is NewbSk00lBus

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Joined: 05/24/2012 23:07:47
Messages: 4

club name- talladega knightz. top 500 elite club for this season and top 1000 all time. our all time is not that high yet for we have only played a couple months under this new team name. can't remember our exact record but we are close to 80-10. majority of my nhl 12 games have been 2v2 with my center we both average 3 ppg in this club. i play left wing. the style we play is mainly run and gun. relentless rush with heavy cross crease and centering passes. we don't cherry pick we both play with two way forwards we just have very good stick checking skills and super speed players. if your interested in playing for this type of club message me my gamertag is trashman426.

Joined: 03/22/2012 17:49:36
Messages: 24

LW/RW looking for Club

My Xbox GT is: GameOver795 for info Msg me for info, or a tryout.

I prefer to play Human Goalies.

Like to pass puck first.

944 Points in 523 games (used to play Defense).
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