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Richard Sherman has the 7th lowest completion % of any cornerback in the NFL and yet his MCV and ZCV are below P. Peterson and several other rookies. He is clearly the best rookie CB in coverage this year, and while he went up in OVR, his coverage ratings were decreased for some reason.

Sherman's coverage ratings need to be increased substantially, even if his other ratings would need to be adjusted to compensate. His is simply an elite, top 10 cover corner even as a rookie.

I have no interest in the Seahawks (Bears fan), but I would like to see an obviously overlooked player corrected.

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Michael Robinson (Seattles starting FB) just got added to the pro-bowl as the starting FB. His rating on madden is around 76 - 78, that overall rating does not make any sense. A player rated in the 70s is a average player not a pro-bowler, he needs a rating increase into the mid 80s at least to reflect his pro-bowl selection.

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There are a ton of Seahawks that should have made the probowl but they made it as alternates and there ratings absolutely do not reflect it not one bit. These are my opinions but non of these are me being a homer there just actually realistic that Donny Moore just acts like he dosent notice.

Brandon Browner cornerback- still a 79 ovr wtf and how he had better stats than Carlos Rogers but Rogers made the probowl Browner as a alternate. This is what Donny Moore would do he will up Browner to a 80+ovr but he will bump his coverage atttributes and catch down thats how Donny works.

Michael Robinsion fullback- 76 ovr probowl fullback wtf and how ? Dude needs to be a mid 80's although this is my opinion its very very realistic. Once again Donny would up the ovr rating but his blocking or some other attribute rating would go down.

Richard Sherman cornerback- 76 ovr decent rating for late round rookie who actually showed he has the potential to be a elite corner. Butttttt heres the kicker after Donny raised him to a 76 ovr some of his coverage attribute ratings went down for absolutely no freaking reason I dont get it. Donny fix this please

Kam Bam Bam Chancellor- 84 ovr rating I like that Donny actually finally fixed his rating but this is what I dont like. For the longest Kam was leading the team in INT's until Browner starting picking everyone off. Anyways bascially what I'm saying is how does Kam warrant a 55 catch rating (if you lead or leading your team in ints and your a safety more than likely you have very good hands especially if your not dropping balls. Donny fix his catching to a 70-75.

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See Madden player rating suggestions/articles at:

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Donny Moore, I dont know if your gonna visit this before M13 is packaged and shipped but there are some ovr/attribute ratings that are blatly wrong that just needs to be fixed. Ive blown your twitter up and my buddy Mannicj aka Michael Mann has blown your twitter up too. Although hes about making the ratings for all teams more accurate and consistent Im just concered with my team for now. The team will I only use in Madden. Season ticket holder for 6yrs now and die hard avid Madden player, I know my team inside and out realisticly not a homer or eternal optomist. Below are some players that I think need immediate attention now with there ovr/attribute rating for Madden13. Though everything below is my opinion is sooooo realistic and true to our Seahawks.

T. Jackson SAC,MAC,DAC are all way to low. Tjack did not suffer with accuracy issues in 2011but yet his accuracy attributes suffered all year. Its like since he has 95TP Donny refuses to raise his accuracy ecause he wants to keep his overall down. I'm so sick of missing wide open guys down the field wether its 5yds or 20yds, have loss numerous gms online because of this, hes borderline unplayable in M12. anyone that actually watched Tjack this year can see he was accurate and can make all the throws.

M. Flynn Only thing I have a problem with is his 81TP, Flynn dosent have a cannon like Tjack but I do think his arm strngth is as good as Hasselbecks if not better which is at a 84/85 I believe. Good thing his accuracy attributes are good.

L. Washington Problem I have with him is his 69 CAR rating, hes a fumbling machine in M12 and I dont know why. I dont understand Donnys formula on CAR ratings Leon is not known for that, dont know if its because hes a small back or what. Bottom line is the 69 CAR is un-warranted. Leon 2 fumbles in 2011 with 53 ATT and I think one of those was on a kickoff.

Michael Robinson 76OVR Where do I even start with this one. Starting probowl FB with a avg players ovr rating how ?. Ok guys I goin tell ya what Donny will do, he will up his ovr but by doing that hes gonna lower the attribute ratings that really matter and up the attribute that dosent really efffect the way the player plays to bring up the ovrerall up. To use fans we see the raised overall and get all giddy but dont realize what Donny really has done. M.Robinsons AWR,SPD,TAK,RBS,RBF,PBS all needs to be addressed. He played better than alot of fullbacks in 2011 but didnt get what was due to him. 76 overall probowler is all I have to say.

G. Tate 79 CTH how ? 56 catches total in 2 seasons 1 drop but hes rewarded with a 79 catch rating. I think he had 83/84 catch rating in M11 to start off with, how it goes down IDK. Also his ACC needs a increase anyone in there right mind that has seen him on the field knows he has great acceleration. For Donny to give him a acceleration in the 80's is absurd.

K. Durham
Even though he went on IR last season and didnt really see the field there are some attribute ratings Donny got blatly wrong. There are multiple post,blogs etc from credible websites talking about Kris jumping ability.Theres even a pic floating around of him literally jumping over his mom while shes standing straight up. Donny of course gave him a 84JMP rating, once again thats absurd. Last but not least Durham is a 4.4 guy dont know Donnys formula when it comes to speed but I atleast think that equates to atleast 90/91 SPD but guess what he has 87spd IDK. Oh I almost forgot Donny claims on twitter that a players speed rating is not based on 40 but gm speed. Well hell..... if thats the case Donny needs to watch some highlight tapes of Mr. Durham dude on multiple occasions runs away from SEC corners.

R. Lockette Im not gonna say to much about him because hes from a small school and only has 2 NFL catches and very raw but I will say this. The 71CTH rating he has IMO is way to low to a point to where he is pretty much unplayable. If anything I think there needs to be a default player rating minimum for every lower rated player. The overall needs to be high enough to where there is actually room for it to go up or down. When you got a guy thats a low 60 something overall no matter how good he plays hes still in a bad position because of being rated so damn low to begin with.

Zach Miller I know for a fact Donny isnt gonna adjust his rating because I tweeted him regarding Miller.All us Seahawks fans know why Zachs numbers where down this season. He stayed in to block and help the young Oline more than he ever has in his career. By no means was it any of his fault for his ovr/attribute ratings to go down. He started out at a 90ovr and ended the season with a 82. He was just needed to block more than go out on routes. Hopefully he can start strong and have a couple big gms so Donny can fix this.

B.Mebane Didnt do much research on the d-line so this will be short. All I know is TAC attribute rating is a 77 and Branchs is a 90. Ummm exactly. Mebane dosent whiff on tacles at all.

L.Hill This will also be short, all I know is David Hawthorne is/was 79spd on a bad knee but Hill is a 76spd on two good knees he was healthy all year. Usually outside LBs are pretty athlectic. Hill is no way that slow. Ive seen him chase RBs sideline to sideline one cant do that with 76 speed jus saying CMON DONNY !!

Brandon Browner Oh yes another example of a probowler thats still rated to low. Currently 81ovr. Pete Carrol likes man coverage DBs aggresive, strong,please explain why his ZCV at 91 is higher than his MCV AT 83. How does that work ? Also his PRS attribute rating is a 85 how ? Other than the P.I calls Browner suffocates and frustrates corners with his size and strength hes outstanding in man press. Last but not atleast I read that the unproven rookie corner Morris Claiborne was projected to be a 80/81 overall in M13 wtf and how. If a unproven rookie is rated 80 overall coming in then B. Browner probowl corner should be 87 plus overall. Donny you defiantely need to fix this one too. His speed is underated too currently 88SPD Im thiking more like 90/91spd dude can run with any wr other than guys like Mike Wallace but not to many corners that can run with the Mike Wallaces of the world.

R.Sherman Another player who got disrespected by Donny in M12. If Sherman had played the whole season he probally would have made the probowl as well. He made numerous analyst/bloggers all rookie team/all pro team. Heres what got me Sherman had better numbers than any rookie cornerback his gm on the field was better than any rookie corner on the field in M12 but yet there are corners that were in his draft class that are still rated higher than him in ovr and attribute ratings via Prince Amacukumara and Patrick Peterson SMH !! His AWR,HIT PWR,TKL,MCV,ZCV,PRS all of those needs to be addressed correctly. Hes one of those players that I blew up Donnys twitter about too.

E. Thomas Should have been a 90 plus overall by now also he has proven hes not afraid to come down to the box and hit. His TAK,and HIT PWR needs to go up. By thats Donny I dont mean raise those attributes but lower his catching or awraness.

K. Chancellor For a while there he was leading the team in INTs till Browner starting picking ppl but for some odd reason he remained with a 55CTH rating which makes no sense CMON Donny !! 78TAK is also a insult, dude is a sure tackler and a fierce hitter. Just ask Todd Heap and the running back for the Browns.

All these are just a few to name that needs to be addressed before this game is shipped, I didnt even include the offensive line which we know is nowhere near as bad as they have them in the game. Guys please let me know what you though about all this. Donny if you come here and read this please put this in consideration because although these are my opinions and thoughts they are so realistic for this team. Alot of ppl want to play with there home team but cant because of how poorly rated there team is. There are some teams that are rated perfectly because they are actually that bad but in the Seahawks case this is not the point. Scheinder and Carroll have built a strong physical team with one of the best defenses/ secondarys in the NFL but the game dosent reflect it. All we ask for is accurate and consistent ratings non of the bias crap.

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Hopefully all 3 QB's will be rated near each other when 13 drops, especially after all this talk about the competition being wide open! I laugh at all of the people who thought Flynn was going to just swoop in and take the starting spot in Seattle after playing 2 good games in an insanely good offense with GB.

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100% Legit
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So far I'm actually not too disappointed with the ratings we've been seeing for the Seahawks. Granted, I think that Matt Flynn should have a stronger arm, and I really wish EA would get Marshawn's elusive rating much higher. He's one of the most elusive running backs in the NFL. But really, I've come to terms with the fact that the Seahawks are looked down upon and need to prove their worth. I totally have faith that there will be some major increases in certain players after the first roster update.

Nice to see Lynch and Robinson near the top of their classes (in fact I think Robinson is the highest rated FB). Even Turbin, despite the 67 ovr, has relative decent stats (should be faster).

Another thing I noticed during the demo trailer for Seahawks/Redskins is that Brandon Browner is in the coin flip, meaning he is one of the highest rated defensive players on the team. Nice to see some love here and there and I'll be fully disappointed if the Seahawks fail this year. If they perform even slightly above average, I'm sure we'll see some huge love in the ratings.

Also, they need to patch the game so that we can edit the roster in Connected Careers.

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Marshawn Lynch - Seriously, Donny you need to fix this guy. He has a 98 trucking which should be a 99 if Turner has a 98. Lynch is the KING of trucking. Secondly, you can't truck without strength so instead of Lynch having a REALLY high trucking ability and an 84 strength, his strength should be somewhere in the 90's. Also, his speed should be about a 92 but his acc. is good. He is one of the top 10 running backs in the league hands-down.

Matt Flynn - Ok, In Madden 12 Matt Flynn had an 81 rating overall. He played 2 games threw for over 600 yards, 6 TD's and 2 INT's and you LOWERED his rating? You need to bring his overall back up to 81 if not a little higher. He is a veteran and rookie RGIII has a higher rating - that's not right.

Russel Wilson - His throw on the run should be about a 90 since all he really does is roll-out. His accuracy should be about an 80 as he showed you in preseason week 1. I'm okay with the power. However, his awareness should be in the 60's if not the 70's. a 54 is way too low. He is aware of a lot on the field if you watched his college game and preseason 1. also, he ran a 4.55 in the combine, just 4 hundredths of a second more than RGIII, so his and RGIII's speed rating should be around the same.

Please make these changes, these 3 are amazing players that [b][i]deserve[/i] these new ratings I have proposed.

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Short and sweet. Richard Sherman, Marcus Trufant, Earl Thomas, Brandon Browner, Walter Thurmond III, Kam Chancellor, and Brandon Mebane should ALL be in the 80's if not 90's for Earl Thomas

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Seahawks Overall Rating should be mid-high 80's not in the 70's, and our defense rating should be in the 90's

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sherman-83,89,56,94, 94,77,61

Not bad... not great, but not at all bad


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im not a seahawk fan but RB #22 Robert Turbin from Utah *. needs to have a much darker complexion and bigger arms...way bigger arms lol hes a beast

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Seahawks 2nd round choice bobby wagner does not have a picture (which to me is very annoying lol).
Also Russel Okung is severly underrated he had dominated top tier pass rushers such as julius peppers, trent cole etc.
his run blocking rating has also imrpoved greatly if you watch him. Also his injury rating is a 71... he wasnt ever hurt in his college, first year in nfl had bad luck with high ankle sprains (which affected his power and rb his rookie year) and was healthy all year until game 12 trent cole got fed up of being beat up all game by Okung so he threw him over his shoulder (he is trained mma) and tore his pectoral muscle (which was supposed to keep him from being playing possibly until the regular season and he already started and dominated preseason game 1).

Also sherman should have much higher press rating as well as be rated higher than browner as he is our teams best cb and plays against other teams z reciever.
browner should also have his mcv and zcv flipped..
and earl thomas should have higher then 70 something awr. i understand they might not want a 3rd year safety being rated as the highest in madden... but he is one of the top safetys in the nfl currently if not the best (and no im not just being biased) he will be known as best safety in a year or two hopefully with TO bringing us coverage he will get the praise he deserves.
im not even going to get into other players

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I'm looking at the defensive ratings on the Seahawks. That's got to be a EFFING joke. Trufant and Thomas should be muchhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh higher. Flynn is a 77 and Wilson is a 70???? And RG3 is over 80?!?! Better just be on the demo, 'cause that is ABSOLUTELY unacceptable.
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