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Welcome to the Tiger Woods PGA TOUR® Online Bug Report Forum. Here you can post any bugs that you find on the website.

Remember, the ideal method for submitting website bugs to EA is to use the http://tigerwoodsonline.ea.com/reports/WebBug web form which can be accessed via the In-Game Menu. If the Report a Web Bug option is unavailable, you can always use this board to report issues.

The Report a Website Bug board is solely for posting Tiger Woods PGA TOUR® Online bugs that you experienced while browsing the website. If you find a bug while playing the game then please post in the http://forum.ea.com/eaforum/forums/show/3735.page forum.

Before posting a bug, please skim through the board (at least the front page) to see if the bug has already been reported. This will greatly help with reducing duplicate entries and allow us to quickly and easily receive bug information.

Below is a list of guidelines on how to write a Bug Report that will help the development team to address and resolve the issues.

Bug Report

    Heading: Provide a one sentence summary that allows users to quickly scroll the page to see if the bug is already entered. Example: The browser crashes when loading into the Leaderboards page.

    Type of Bug: Please specify the type of bug you find, such as Art/Images, Crash, Statistics, Connections, Page Loading, etc.

    Hardware: Provide a general overview of your computer’s specifications and the web browser you were using.

    Location: Please tell us exactly where you were when the bug occurred. Include the name of the webpage and, if applicable, the location on the page where the bug was found.

    Times Tried / Repro: Let us know if the bug occurs every time or just sometimes and how many times you’ve hit the bug.

    Steps: Provide steps that will lead us to the bug. Write them as if you were giving your friend directions to your house. Please provide all the steps from square one. Don’t just write “Leaderboards.” List for us the flow on how you accessed the page, which options you picked, what you selected to advance to the next page, etc…

    Description: In this section, describe what you saw. Did the page not load or maybe you saw incorrect statistics for your golfer? What stats are wrong? What should the stats be? Please describe the bug with as much detail as possible.

We appreciate all your reports as we continue to make Tiger Woods PGA TOUR® Online a more polished experience for you every day.

Thanks for your help!

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Tiger Woods PGA TOUR Online  > Report a Website Bug
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