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Why do i fumble so much on madden 10 ps3  XML
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I am at about my wits end.I run with guys who have good carry ratings and they 7 or 8 times a year...(franchise mode) What can i do to fix it or alter the level of fumbling happening...Is it tied to the "my skill" level on madden being high???Any suggestions or words from anybody else who experience this same problem with be appreciated thanks...

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yeah, i play "my skill" as well, my IQ is well in 700's and i run w. parker and r. mendenhall and it seems like it never fails...when the computer needs a big play he will force a fumble and turn the ball over. now im a big fan of playing games at the most realistic settings as possible, but just because of the turnover fact we are talking about i have been keeping the rewind option in my back pocket and when my counsel throws that old curve ball i rewind that $hit (if i feel it was BS play) and give it the old bird. no matter how tarted i look doing it, one thing is for sure...it makes me feel better. lol also i play on 360. the LB is to protect the ball.


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With online play, the Hit Stick, can get totally out of control. I had 5 turn overs from the hit stick during an online game, but somehow, I won.

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I totally agree- my whole team has butterfingers, the first 3 years of my franchise I've fumbled an average of 40 times- there was one streak where I fumbled the kickoff with less than a minute to go (and me leading by a touchdown or less) either the first half or 2nd half for 3 or 4 straight games and 5 out of 6 games or something-- it got so bad that I went through 3 kick and punt returners before I realized it was just a quirk of 2010... my halfback is going to set the all time record for fumbles, he's in his 3rd year and already has about 60 fumbles (maybe more.. I haven't checked his stats but he fumbles at least 20 times a year, my QB fumbles 10 to 15 times a year almost without fail.. it's Kurt Warner like.

I've figured out now, that if I stop using the hit/truck stick on all of my runs and returns it has cut down on the fumbles quite a bit... and if I just allow the cpu to take over my running back he doesn't fumble nearly as much.

the L1 button doesn't even work anyways, unless you hold it down from the moment you get the ball and run like a freak in a straight jacket.
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