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There was a 7th Tester at the Community Event and it was I !  XML
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There was indeed a 7th member of the testing team at the Community Event last week and it was….I

After several days of pondering whether or not I should post, based on the fear of upsetting many forum members with significantly more gaming credentials than I, who did not garner the opportunity I received, I decided it was in the “Community’s” best interest to read about my overall experience, my opinions and observations. Let it be known that EA did not pay for my trip. I voluntarily paid $600 just to fly from Edmonton( the home of the Great One Wayne Gretzky, about 9 hours away driving from Van) Friday morning at 7:00am and arrived in Vancouver at 8:15am or so stayed until 8pm Friday. I also paid $80 in cab fare both ways. So. Just under $700 for one day.

My post will undoubtedly be longer than it needs to be as I have never been a very concise writer… so I apologize in advance. lol

As way of background surrounding my invite, I was raised in Vancouver and moved to Edmonton a few years back and since I was planning on being in Town that weekend to visit family and friends, I figured I might as well see if it was possible to attend the Community Event. As result, I contacted a few members of the Fight Night team to inquire if I could participate and luckily, I was afforded this privilege. Unfortunately, as it turned out, I had some unexpected work commitments arise and had to be back in Edmonton for Saturday morning. Essentially, I flew into Vancouver arriving at 8am and Left at 9:30 pm the same night, but not before experiencing 8 hours of “Boxing Gaming Bliss”.

As far as my credentials as a gamer, I really have none to be honest. I am a strictly offline player. I have owed and played every boxing game every made and have been a pretty decent player, but I assume not in the same league as many of you. I have been a member on these forums for sometime and have been fairly active as a poster and for the most part, I believe, a decent poster. The one area that I have credentials is as a diehard boxing fan, (Weepler should be able to confirm as we had some pretty good boxing conversations) I have been a serious boxing fan for many years and have a pretty significant boxing library. I personally boxed for 4 years, have subscribed to the Ring magazine for the last 11 years and have attended a number of boxing events/ cards live. So, all and all I firmly believe that I brought an authentic and real boxing perspective to the table for the community and that I can provide a sound opinion regarding what I experienced.

In order to put my perspective and review in its proper context it is necessary to illustrate my Fight Night Round 4 review. I bought FNR4 with serious hopes and expectations and while it didn’t fulfill all of them, I still felt it was a pretty solid game. The troubling part to me was that it failed to create that desire to keep playing it. Whether it was game play, presentation or depth issues or a combination of those, it was lacking the game longevity that I was truly hoping for.

Before giving my overall and general impressions of the game, it is absolutely imperative to make a few comments on the amazing job Sk88z did in organizing this event and the first class job the entire Fight Night team did during the duration of the event. As many of the other ‘testers’ have articulated this was unequivocally a once in lifetime experience and simply put, special. Meeting with the team in person, talking to them about boxing, the game, ‘the wish list”, and getting a better understanding of the process of developing a game was all edifying and full-filling. We all owe them a great deal of gratitude for allowing us to participate in this fantastic event.

Honestly, at first I was extremely nervous attending this event because I knew the others would all be extremely gifted gamers and really wouldn’t have the patience to deal with me. I could not have been more wrong in terms of the humility and genuine kindness all these other testers showed me. So thank you to “xxreignmakaaxx”, “Indigo72”, “c45h” “wepeeler”, “Phobia”, and “Terminald”. They are a great crew of guys and I can tell you all objectively with no vested interest, these guys unequivocally without any equivocations represented all of the community to the fullest. Being the least vocal of the group (I did most of my feedback and raised most of my concerns face to face with Brizzo and Mike) I had the opportunity to listen to all the valiant points raised and all conversations the testers had with Mike and Brizzo. I can tell you, there were no yes men in this group, they asked direct questions, they raised many concerns, and overall left no stones unturned. This group of testers presented a great diverse representation of the community in terms of gamers and in terms of boxing fans. They did you all proud, trust me.

The Fight Night team, mainly Brizzo and Mike were so candid and honest that is was refreshing. These guys “CARE”, to see the passion these guys have is surreal and many of you would be humbled. It is so obvious that these guys have not only heard, but have listened to the community. It was actually pretty telling that even during the lunch and dinner breaks, when we were out of the testing rooms and into a board room and eating, all anyone was talking about was the game and boxing. The key part is that much of the conversation was prompted by Mike and Brizzo. They were constantly reminding us to raise any and all issues or concerns, no matter how small they may be. They asked our opinions on endless topics and told us to be honest, if we didn’t like something speak up and many did. This event really was for the community with the intention to make this game the best it can be.

In the testing room on Friday anyway, Mike was in there for at least 4 hours sitting there observing with a pen and pad. He was writing down suggestions and concerns, he was asking questions about a number of features and if this or that worked. These guys are trying to get it right. The discussion talks after testing certain game play options etc., were fruitful, the developers were picking our brains as much as we picked at theirs.

Finally playing this game was…. well…. WOW! What can I say other than, “I wish I was still playing.” I am having significant withdrawls. Again, remember, I am an offline player, who lost interest in FNR4 after like 2 or 3 days (I still play but not 3 or 4 hours at time. I have a strong feeling that will be changing soon ; ) . The best way to articulate my experience and true excitement is by simply comparing it to sex. Lol . (No its not better than sex although I am sure many of you will attest to that being true once you get your hands on it.) What I mean by this is, when I was playing this game, I looked around the room several times wondering if this was real, I mean the ear to ear smile on my face and all the other testers resembled that, “we just had sex for the first time look”. You know that spacey completely satisfied look (the only other time I saw that look that day was on xxreignmakaaxx’s face when he saw Rainbow Bright… lol (inside joke) . ) I have no doubts that most of you with realistic expectations will be blown away and say this is my game! I never heard so many oooooooohs and awwws and “no ways” in one day. I believe I can speak for all of the testers, when I say that satisfied look stems from the feeling like finally someone listened to what the fans/community wants and ultimately we all felt like “we(the community)” all had something to do with it. I am so confident that you all will feel the same way.

This game is so addictive, realistic and compelling it is truly like no other boxing game ever made. With the greatest respect, it blows FNR4 out of the water. I firmly believe for what’s its worth in my humble opinion, the Fight Night Team is on to something massive, something huge and unique. To think we have seen at most 2/3s of the game, I can’t wait. After waiting almost a week of not playing and allowing time to pass, the excitement and pure desire to play this game is still burning. I can see myself playing this game for hours at a time for months and months. Yes, believe the hype!


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you could be a little bit more specific, for me the total control was the start of the decline in these games the most fundemental part of boxing the jab was a waste of time speed timing combinations took a back seat to parrys weaves and super punches all unenjoyable i will be renting this first ......in my view it will be a miracle if this team brings out a decent boxing game!

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Wow, 700$ out of your own pockets, that's dedication.

Great write up!

You guys make this game sound like the holy grail, I can't wait.

Seems like Mike and Brizzo had real a good affect on all you guys all I hear is positive stuff.

Seriously though I had a feeling they were going to do a good job, I mean the way these guys are active on the forums, plus I never got the feeling that they though they shiat didn't stink.

I'm guessing you signed an NDA.

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Well Loved,

Yes I did sign an NDA.

More details will be coming soon, so please hold tight.... about the game being the "Holy Grail", i can advise you, that probably not everything the community wants will appear in the game as the 16 months cycle may not be enough time but the game in vastly superior to R4 in ever area, in my opinion.

As my post hopefully portrayed, I have not been this excited for a game, let alone a boxing game in a long, long time. That tells me something extremely significant.

Re: The controls.... I found them easier to use and more authentic...... thats probably as far as I can say.

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Sounds like the ea sports mma guys.

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Great write up playa and alot of glowing responses from the other participants..Cant wait for a decent media drop.

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nice write up

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lets hope the punching has more hair on its balls.
unlike the punching in FN4 which was 2 homosexuals slapping each other.

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Glad you were able to make the 2nd half and meet up with the team. The more feedback the better...I know the guys appreciated the extra eyes on the game and the input. Looking forward to hearing your specific impressions soon.



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Glad you went vretz2121! You were a contributor and huge supporter of the wishlist. I'm liking this write-up...alot!

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I am also glad Vretz went. He is a great member and he has offered plenty help, suggestions behind the scenes that only a few of us know about.

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cem_ea_id.1harud1 wrote:Sounds like the ea sports mma guys.

Not even close....

Nice write up vretz, I would have included you in my own write up, but I didnt get the chance to get your info. When sk88z said you were coming later, I said "That username sounds familiar", but I wasn't sure if that was you. Either way, you were a cool guy, although rather quiet. Great to finally hear from you. Please PM me your email.

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Thanks for the support Poe and Canibuss! lol.

Poe please be assured your name came up a lot in the one day i was there, in a good way. For instance, Ant kept saying, "Damn, Poe is going to love this and that too" lol.

Canibuss, you know I was looking out for authenticity.

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this is all too good to be true!

I must suppress this internal hype! I must suppress...

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