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How do you add funds to your account for shop purchases?  XML
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I'd like to accomplish this without giving out any credit card details. I understand they don't accept Paypal, for whatever backward reason they might have. Can you buy electronic gift cards somewhere, perhaps? Or have I some other more palatable recourse available?

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Yes,you can get a card called 'EA Cash Card' in any store that sells gift cards (But I haven't seen one before)
Here's a link to more information about it http://www.eacashcard.com/moreinfo.action

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Besides the cash cards, are there any other ways of adding smaller increments of money to your EA/Origin Wallet? I picked up 3 x $20 Cash Cards to buy a game for $60 but there was tax ($64.04 total). It won't let you use your Origin Wallet combined with a Credit Card for the difference. I'll go get another $20 if I have to but I was hoping to avoid this.
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