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Help my sims3 game does not work properly. When I hit the play button it plays until it gets to the loading screen then it moves two times and crashes. It said that I needed to reinstall the game - I did and it still crashes. Just so you know I lost my disc but I discovered, well I should have know, that I could download it again from the EA Download Manager. I need help I dont know what to do!!! ANYONE?

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Hi destinee1994, I'm sorry that you're encountering this issue and that it's taken so long for us to get back to you. Unfortunately this is not an EA Download Manager issue, this is a Sims 3 specific problem and as such you'll need to post on http://forum.thesims3.com/ to get any additional help. I understand that this sounds like we're shuffling you off, however we don't work directly with the Sims 3 team and as such they would be more knowledgeable about what can or cannot be done to fix this issue.

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I had a simular problem awhile back where the game would exit after i created a character and began playing. try this site out it might have a fix you are looking for. Hope it helps


Joined: 12/21/2010 16:22:07
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Unfortunately I have done everything that EA and The Sims 3 people have suggested to do and nothing!!!!!!all the same issues that other Sims 3 players have incountering are the issues I have gone through....... Everything EA has said to do I have done and now I have an EA download manager problem that keeps coming up......I think that its important for EA and the creaters of the game, to get together and fix the problem b/c I have paid alot of money for all the sims 3 games and their expansions and I WOULD LIKE TO PLAY THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So I would like for EA and Creaters of The game to work together for a solution and stop the blame game this is really frustrating to have something that u want to play all the time and continue to spend money on "The Sim Store" and not be able to play so Please find a quick solution for the problem Thanks A FRUSTRATED PLAYER !!!!!!!!!!!!

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I don't know if this will help you or not but I basically had the same problem. I tried EVERYTHING I saw in forums, computer was OVER the requirements, used all the games and expansions fine weeks before, no patches helped, and EA support didn't work. but then I found this link and after trying what was suggested with DEP settings, I haven't had a problem since!


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i've just installed the update for sims 3 & sims 3 late night, this morning cause it kept on asking me to do it. So i finally did it and i had to download this origin or something, so i did. After i did that i clicked play and it loaded up and then it got to the page where you pick the family you want to play, so i picked one and it started loading it. Then after 1 minute, the green bar hasnt moved at all, the music stopped and the screen went black and it goes sims 3 has stopped working. Now i've tried everything that forums have told me. The DEP, unistalling the game which i have done like 5 times. I regret updating the game. It was working fine before i updated it, i would play for hours! PLEAAAAASE HELP!
Also im getting sims 3 generations next week, do you think that could stop it crashing?
Please reply!?!?!?
neeeeed help desperetly!!
Thaaank you

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If your having issues with The Sims 3 crashing, there are some great workthroughs on The Sims 3 forums.

Here is the link: http://forum.thesims3.com/jforum/posts/list/86670.page

Make sure that your drivers for your video and sound card are up-to-date, that you meet the minimum requirements and you don't have any background programs preventing the game from launching correctly.

It sounds like you are running on Vista/Windows 7, so I would also recommend disabling the User Account Control as well. You can do this by going to Control Panel - Users - Change User Account Control Settings and select "Never Notify Me".


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Heeey again
My sims 3 is working again, I have fixed it

This Is what I did:
1) I unistalled all the expansion packs
2) unistalled the base game but when you do that it says do you want to keep all your saved games, click no. But if you want to play them later, copy the saved file somewhere else.
3) then install the base game and expansion packs ( press yes when it says in installation sims 3 needs to update to play the new expansion)
4) then when you open the launcher it goes would you like to update your game, press NOOOO
5) start the game and it should Work

Hope this works for you

Happy Simming
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