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[color=orange][size=18][b]The single most important thing in all of boxing is missing from this game, and no one ever seems to notice![/b][/size]

The inability to move and stand at angles to your opponent is the absolute, single reason why this game sucks so badly, and why I am no longer going to be playing it. The straight right hits HARDER and has way more instant KOs than any other punch, because the game engine says that it ALWAYS hits perfectly flush. In reality, a straight right almost never hits flush because the opponent will maintain angles to the other fighter, making the straight right in incredble difficult punch to land.

In real life, the straight right to the head is absolutely the most devastating punch in the sport, and has the most knock-out potential, hands-down. Yet, you virtually enver see that happen, because straight rights are only effective AT RANGE (lean-back, straight right? SERIOUSLY?) and because hitting it flush is nearly impossible in a real fight. The reason why hooks are so effective and cause so many of the KOs in boxing is because they're faster (yes, FASTER) than a straight, and because you can hit a guy with a hook regardless of him the angles he's giving you.

In Fight night champion, the roles are compeltely reversed. Hooks never land flush, because the defense for a hook is ducking, bobbing and weaving, all of which you can do in FNC, and since there's no angles, the only thing a fighter has to focus on is head movement. The problem is made much MUCH worse by the fact that to get inside of a fighter who uses the straight right as a jab-replacement, you have to move STRAIGHT INTO THE PUNCH before you can get in with a hook.

Yes, there's the ability to time someone, step in and out etc., but at the end of the day, if someone's patient, that straight right will hit you every single time you move in. Ok, so you make me eat one punch to get inside, not such a big deal, but then once I'm inside, the straight-right is JUST AS EFFECTIVE up-close. Not only that, but the opponent can just jump back, and counter every time you move in close.

This brings me to the other [color=orange]HUGE GLARING FLAW[/color] with the game. Ask any real boxer what drains their stamina the most, and they will tell you it's not punching, it's their footwork. Dodging backwards, btw, is probably the MOST exerting thing a boxer can do, and even a very good fighter doesn't slide backwards into a perfect power-stance, you're off-ballance when you move backwards, and you CAN throw a hook, but you can NOT throw a power straight right without a moment to set your feet again. Unless you're talking a small slip maneuver, in which case the range needs to be strastically shortened, because slipping backwards normally leaves YOU wide open for a straight right, not the opponent, because the only thing you're out of range of is a hook to the head.

People who run around the ring constantly or dodge backward (and in FNC, it's a DODGE, not a step) and lunge forward would be exhausted after a few rounds. Even Mahammud Ali got tired, and the only reason he was able to move so much is because he leaned on the ropes to rest. Your punching effectiveness shouldn't be hampered by your legs getting tired, though. People just need to actually GET TIRED.

They also need to lose the ability to move their head when their body has been getting beat for 6 rounds, because your core would be too tired to move around like that, but people max out their head-movement I've fought friends who completely ran out of stamina, and had their bodies at max-damage, yet they could still run away faster than me, and they still had such great head movement that even a jab couldn't hit them in the face. That is broken, plain and simple, it's broken.

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Only things i see are 1. make the game for kinect(which im sure is being worked on) and 2. It would be way more fun to do the career mode as your self instead of a set story. if you got to customize your guy to the last detail and work your way from the gym to a top contender with a story that follows you that would be great. theeeen the people online would be fighting fair fights against people of the same ovr.

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I just recently gave the demo another go-round. Wasn't as horrible as I remember. Still not in the ball park of FNR4 IMO, but I had some fun trying to beat Ali with Tyson and destroying Cotto with Pac.

I love a lot of the ideas presented here for future games.

My wishes are in that of some of the little details, such as:

The ring announcers go further in depth when introducing champions. Like "The Heavyweight Champion of the WORRRRRRLD!" And, if your fighter has all three belts, "The Undipusted (...WORRRRRRLD)."

Also, if your fighter loses the title, he should be announced as the former champion next fight and so on.

If he wins it back, he should be the 2-time champion, 3-time, and so on.

Place more emphasis on the belts. Show the fighter with it more.

I would love to hear the crowd roar when my fighter is introduced, after he makes it to the big stage and becomes a star. A lot of the crowd responses are dull and all sound the same.

I want to hear the crowd go "OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!" in unison when a good power punch lands. I want to hear them do that louder when the fighter gets stunned and get even louder when he goes down.

I'd love to hear the crowd react similar if two fighters are engaged in a slugfest and see them all stand up and applaud if it said-slugfest lasts a certain amount of time.

Bring back the ability to juggle your opponent after a knockdown is achieved. One of the things I loved about FN1 was mercilessly destroying another fighter if I achieved a knockdown with them on the ropes and being able to land four or five more clean power punches before they go down. And, the ref stepping in and stopping it if you land a bunch of devastating shots in a juggle would be awesome.

Custom soundtracks for PS3 users. Not sure if this was implemented in FNC or not, but I my instinct heavily doubts it. People are SCREAMING for this feature. I think it's high time it gets delivered.

Fix the stamina issues that all FN games suffer from. Stamina should be based on the fighter and their condition, not one universal setting for all fighters. Fighters like Manny Pacquiao, Muhammed Ali, Mike Tyson, etc. should be able to throw combinations the whole round and still be fresh in the 12th (unless they get badly damaged during the course of the fight). These guys are/were always in amazing physical shape in real life and could go the distance every time if need be (obviously we're talking about prime Tyson which is who the FN fighter is supposed to be). Created fighters should have the ability to improve their stamina through training and eventually reach said level.

Post-fight interviews with different choices for your fighter's response, ala NBA 2K11/12 would be awesome and would effect his popularity (could connect this with crowd response when being introduced and fighting, and when he wins or loses).

You're only as dumb as you look.

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Some of you guys seem like you want to box more than play FN. That's fine, but 'rolling' and angling...ummm what type of controller support are they going to make for that?

Really, I only have a few obvious gameplay changes.

The straight right hand needs to be fixed. It's way too accurate, the accuracy needs to be cut in half, or it's ability to cut through a block needs to be cut in half. Mix that with having 99 strength and being 6'8" and you have a guy who can drop bombs on you before you can even do anything. Take away his ability to plow through your block and he actually has to fight smart and catch you being lazy.

Being huge needs to have disadvantages, from what I've seen, the only one is that they are easy to hit to the body, but that can be nullified by having good reflexes and high block. There is no cure for not being 6'8" 88". There needs to be some real tangible losses for tall guys I.E., slower on the inside. Reduced power on the inside. Slower foot movement.

1PKO's. Way too frequent on the power right. For a test once I maxed out all body punches with max strength except jab and in 40 fights, a total of 240 rounds, I got 2 1PKOs. My straight right hand guy got 5 in 22.

Getting up from knockdowns should have bell ringer effect for about 10-15 seconds after getting up.

Stamina should factor in from getting knocked down. If I've dragged a guy into the 12th and knock him down with less than 50% stamina for the first time, he should have a hell of a time getting up. Say each 25% of stamina lost counts towards 1 knockdown, I.E. a guy with 77% stamina would get up normally, a guy with 74% would get up as if he had already been knocked down once, 50 and less, twice on top of any other previous knockdown.

Body punches need to sap overall defensive capabilities, not cuts. Cuts/swelling need to affect overall accuracy.

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[quote=LCpl King]
Body punches need to sap overall defensive capabilities, not cuts. Cuts/swelling need to affect overall accuracy.[/quote]

This has been one of my biggest complaints about the game since day 1. Body punches are effective to a point in FNC, but only so much as they allow you to do a reduced amount of damage and VERY slightly diminish your opponent's stamina. They even talk about body punching affecting your defense during the god damned fight, and it does NOTHING to the opponent's ability to defense themself. The damage from body punches needs to affect the opponent's ability to move around the ring, move their head, block, and move their hands. It does ALL of those things in real life.

If you keep getting hit in the body, you can NOT move your head, you can NOT run, you can NOT lift your hands to defend your head, because every body shot that lands hurts 10x as much as getting hit in the face and any real fighter knows that after 5-6 rounds of body punches (especially counters) any single punch to the body could end your night.

The fact is, for all the * people made about body punching being too effective before the patches, in real life fighters fear getting hit to the body more than the head most of the time. A fighter with a devastating left hook to the body might land this punch once in a 12 round fight, and that one time is sometimes enough to end the fight, and it ALWAYS sticks with their opponent for the rest of the fight after it lands. I've seen a lot of fights, and any fighter known to have a good body shot is capable of going from losing to dominating with a single well-timed body punch.

However, I have NEVER seen a fighter hurt for more than one round from a perfect power shot to the head. And no matter who you are, or how devastating your punch is, we expect it to take many clean headshots to knock your opponent out even at the heavyweight level. Big, one-punch KOs to the head are far less common than getting KOed with a left to the body. Knockdowns and KOs from head punches 99% of the time are the result of combinations, not bombs, which the game does a good job of portraying except for the over-powered straight punch.

The reason body punches were made even worse is because of * who found out the game was broken on release day and they could spam jabs to the body to great effect. But EA is RETARDED RETARDED RETARDED, and instead of giving you real-life penalties for straight body shots, they made body punches as a whole much less effective than they should be. You CAN'T spam straights or jabs to the body in a real fight, because you will get KNOCKED OUT. Someone will hit you with a hook or an uppercut in the face and you will not get up. Besides, straight punches to the body don't do enough damage to negate the risk in real fights. They barely hurt an opponent at all and are used almost exclusively to make an opponent back away, not to hurt them (they're like a long-range push).

Even though you don't normally get knocked out with one punch to the head, it happens, just real fighters don't put themselves in situations where they are at risk. The riskiest situation is a straight to the body, which is actually still EXTREMELY effective in OWC. When you throw straights or jabs to the body, you are leaning in, and can not defend yourself at all, allowing the rare opportunity to land a punch that hits with about 3x as much force as it normally would, which is enough for most fighters to get a clean KO or at least an instant knockdown.

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please take the modified punch button off that's not real I love boxing and watch it every chance i get and 99.99% of boxers in real life do not have a modified punch that is unfair to the people that love the dynamics of the game, the physical chess match. EA you are making madden games and any other sports game close to real life so why not make boxing that was your mistake with nba live it was too kiddie and 2k saw you guys weakness and swooped in on your business. just like 2k took basketball out of your hands a company is going to take boxing out of your hands. pkease take the modified punch button off

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A few things comes to mind for improving offline legacy mode that would make this game a lot better.

Stamina burn should be equal for cpu . After the last patch and tuning its sick how much more stamia my player burns vs cpu. I went 10 rounds without throwing a single powerpunch and cpu had a couple of 100's and more total punches and my stam was at 40% vs cpu 90%. And i might add i won most rounds.

Also they should do something with the offline legacy rank. Loser of a title fight should fall below contender. Defending title against same 4 players untill they retire is just to dumb. They should fall way down the rankings after losing a couple of title fights and maybe just retire.

And there should be a certain flow of upcoming stars rising up the ranks.Some good cpu players that has good records when they reach top 10. Undefeated or with very few losses. Doing a title fight against a computer opponent that has a record of 16-20-2 doesnt feel like a title match.

Edit: A real time roster with todays fighter ranked 1-100 would be cool to. I dont want to fight dead legends in my legacy.

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Wikipedia lists the addition of regional anaerobic fatigue. If I just fought a guy who threw 247 straight in 3 rounds at 13% accuracy and then landed an instant KO, what does that say about that?

My wish is that were implemented.

remove the chicken-wing right straight on the inside.

Press the opponent against the ropes

More unpredictable clinching (different ways to break)

Judging was affected by effective aggression.

Less power on the back-peddle. Fighters who stay outside don't flash KO every fight in reality...

Side-stepping in to a hook should add power to the hook, not dodge it whilst it goes through your head/body.

Proper extension of punches. A fighter throwing a straight doesn't stop his punch at a third of it's extension just because the opponent leaned a little. That punch is going for the back of his head.

Repetitive side stepping removed. This problem is amplified by the fact that the hook doesn't connect whether thrown from the side they move to or away from. Either one should connect when you're standing chest to chest.

Better ability to track an opponent who dodges backwards constantly. If I punch at someone moving backwards, I punch at where they were regardless that they are moving as I throw. It ends up being nearly impossible to land a head shot.

Remove block spam. Come on. Nobody blocks a 6 punch combo over and over. Many fighter will stand there for 3 rounds and not move or punch. I do not overthrow my punches and get tired, but even throwing a shot or two every 10-15 seconds, I'm not hurting them, but I am leaving myself open for an instant KO chicken-wing straight every time I even try to work these 'human' punching bags.

Better hit detection. How many times have you been flashed by a straight where his wrist skimmed your ear, if it even animated a connection at all? How about a hook that wrapped behind your head? An uppercut that brushed your cheek?

Judges who don't think that landing 3 staights at 10% acc vs 18 at 58% acc is a winning round for the 3 straights for the running straight spammer. especially judges who don't think that's a 10-8 round.

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This has been one of my biggest complaints about the game since day 1. Body punches are effective to a point in FNC, but only so much as they allow you to do a reduced amount of damage and VERY slightly diminish your opponent's stamina. They even talk about body punching affecting your defense during the god damned fight, and it does NOTHING to the opponent's ability to defense themself. The damage from body punches needs to affect the opponent's ability to move around the ring, move their head, block, and move their hands. It does ALL of those things in real life.



I think you overplay what the effects of body punching should be. Yes, we've all heard it hundreds of times while watching boxing, go to the body early to slow him down and make him easier to find in the later rounds. I think you're taking those types of comments a little too literally though. You tend to make it sound like the ultimate boxing strategy would be to throw nothing but body punches until your opponent can no longer punch or defend themselves, then go in for the kill. Are boxers stupid? Why does every boxer out there throw far more punches to the head than to the body then? Getting to the body is an art, like every other part of boxing, and should not be made into some gimmicky way to break a fighter down(too late).

I also feel you are really playing down how effective they have actually made body punching in the game. Though, they have made it effective in the wrong way so I guess at the same time you are still right in saying they have not made body punching effective enough. One of the major flaws they implemented is the way a tap to the body can interrupt and offset a punch. Go play a game right now, allow the opponent to land a jab to the body, then immediately fire back with a head shot at the exposed head and watch carefully at what happens. The jab to the body when it lands is telling the engine that the next punch the opponent throws has to be offset. Absolutely disgusting, a punch that hasn't even been thrown yet is being effected by a punch that has already landed.

Offsets do occur in boxing, but they occur when landing a punch while the opponent is in the middle of throwing their punch. That and you still have to be moving out of the way of their punch. This kind of offset does not occur in fight night. The offset is 100% gimmick and good players and AI alike utilize this gimmick very effectively to win fights. It's the number 1 reason you will run into players who will trade body shots to your head shots and come out the victor in the exchanges. Write this down, you will never, ever, see an exchange in boxing where one fighter is exchanging body shots for head shots.

The other major flaw occurring that is allowing body work to be too effective in this game is the connect % of punches to the body. I really can't believe they shipped with this, but you basically can't block punches to the body. Your only defense against body punching right now is to get out of the way. Every game you play, you and your opponent will have over a 50% connect percentage. In the opponents case, this is usually on over 300 punches being thrown to the body. When I get through a game and look at the punch stats after I always think to myself there is no way he landed that much to my body. This is because even when visually blocking a body punch, the game is actually counting it as landed. The less than 50% of body punches that your opponent is missing are the ones that you stepped out of the way of. The only way to actually block a body shot and not have the game count it as landed is with a perfect block, which is just another gimmick and one that can be exploited with modified hardware, throwing player skill out the window.

If it were up to me I would lean towards really minimizing the effect of body punching all together, because as long as you have some arbitrary rule where landing a body punch takes off x amount stamina, you will always have the majority of the player base looking to exploit it and find the formula for how many body shots you need to land on a guy per round to ensure victory. Also to make sure that people will naturally want to punch more to the head than to the body, because that's what statistics teach us about the real sport.

We must always keep in mind that it's a game, and because of that you will always have to throw out a certain level realism in order to get something that is balanced, fun and playable for all.

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sometimes I get knocked down or knock someone down with a crazy awkward looking punch..but what really gets on my nerves the most is the spamming other than that this game is the best boxing game Ive played....I hated throwing haymakers on the other versions now THAT felt unnatural.

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There should be a rematch option as well...If its a title match a rematch should be mandatory...but a general rematch would be nice...get some get back on some close matches you were robbed of.

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Lose the fake boxers!!!! Mouthpieces should get knocked out and spit out.. Shots you take as you fall should hurt and be able to knock you out.. The more you spam a punch the easier it should get to slip.. Angles need to be there too.. More knockdown sequences, like guys stiff or twitching from ko's... Guys should get wobbled and staggered from some shots.. Online fights should get stopped from too much punishment,cuts,swelling... Should be able to crack or break ribs and damage the body.. Getting up should depend on how you went down- if you're catching bombs you shouldn't be able to get up on 2- flash knockdowns should be easy to get up from even if you've been down a couple times.. No online three knockdown replays.. All fighters should be from their best fight with a bio telling you which legendary bout they are from.. Ali is 93rating in his prime, Frazier is 88rating and he smashed Ali when they met in their prime.. You should hurt your hand sometime especially when spamming.. Let Roy jones and max commentate some fights too, mix it up so the game doesn't start sounding the same as fast.. The crowd should be more hype for big fights and ko's.. Wipe water out of corners.. Have to stop to retake gloves sometime.. Oh and make another one ASAP!!!!!!!!

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I want better judges,draws,1pkos removed,jabs and body punches to be more effective,make stamina drain faster when spamming,make tkos happen more because they rarely happen,make breaks to only hear my own corner and show the highlights of the round instead of 3 times replay after a knockdown,make the straight less overpowered,make it so every style has a great chance of winning instead of inside fighter being the most used.

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I see some great ideas and I see some arcadey and unrealistic ideas. 1 punch capability show always be present because some boxers possess it. All boxers have weaknesses and strengths that their opponent has to be able to expose with their chosen boxer. We ask for a true to life boxing experience but we want a slugfest from boxers who doesn't fight that way.

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