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Joined: 09/15/2008 21:59:10
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goalies doing split saves for no reason, auto poke, hitting because alot of times they just roll of you., shot aiming it goes to the middle too much when i shoot comers. Puck control is terrible 99 means nothing, poke check is too good meaning there are too many poke checks behind the back of someone they are so lucky, stick lift does not work half the time, puck is hard to pick up, alot of the times the puck bounces over the stick and it seems sometimes the sticks are invisible. another big one is phantom sticks and body's. The game is still good it just needs a few tweaks.

Joined: 12/03/2008 11:07:14
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ps3.unolibby wrote:8. Get rid of the automatic backskating. Hard to play D when your player won't turn around to cut off the play.

You can turn this off in gameplay settings I believe. I use this and it works great. I don't think they should eliminate it as some players may like it and others like you and myself don't and we can turn it off.

Joined: 11/14/2009 19:03:36
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I will also be checking for:
Better open ice hits, I want to see if I can actually check the player or see if he will just bounce off me.
See if they removed the auto-poke(really annoying)
Hopefully see that the goalie doesn't do weird acrobatic saves after every shot

That's it for now.

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Joined: 01/15/2010 13:31:38
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What bothers me most about NHL 10 is the total lack of interaction between players. All the animations looked canned and wooden because they aren't affected by players bumping in to each other, fighting for position, etc. I think it's time for EA to do some motion capture sessions with TWO real-life players battling for the puck in different situations.

I do NOT mean that I want to see canned, two-player animation sequences start up where my player is unresponsive for even a second. What I do want to see are DYNAMIC sequences where my player might be tied up or battling with an opponent but I can still influence the outcome by angling my player a particular direction, or even by disengaging early. If you've played FIFA 10 you know what I mean. The technology exists - it's just a question of EA's budget for the NHL team.

The poke check and stick lift are just not good. For that matter, neither is hitting. On defense, it should all be about timing and decision making. The biggest decision for defencemen is whether to take the puck or the body. Body checks should not have anything to do with the right analog stick. It should be mapped to a face button, say the 'B' button, or maybe right bumper. Hitting effectiveness should be based on how I'm skating and how my opponent is skating, ie speed and direction, and the timing of my hit. If I screw it up in one of the many ways a hockey player can screw up a hit, I should get a penalty or get burned. There should not be old-school magnetism where I lock on and rock my opponent. Just because it's not mapped to the right analog stick doesnt mean hitting would have to be easy - the importance of timing and position should be paramount.

The right analog stick should always control my hockey stick - this function should not change between offence and defence. On defense, I should have control of my stick, no matter how I'm skating. The degree of stick control should depend on balance, speed, and how far I'm trying to reach (and therefor how many hands I have on my stick). A player's hockey stick is the obvious, natural thing to control with the right analog stick. In NHL 10, if I go for a hit just as the puck comes lose, my player will slapshot the puck down the ice. This shows how silly the current system is - I made the decision to take the body and end up going for the puck, instead. A quick pokecheck should require nothing more than a flick of the right stick in the proper direction. If I anticipate a pass, I should be able to hold my stick out in front of me or beside me. Then modify with the left bumper IF I want to commit my body to the pass block in that direction.

On defence, when I hold the 'A' button, my player should try to check my opponent in whatever way is appropriate to the situation. There should be a slight magnetism as I hold this button, but not as much as in FIFA where you can just hold A and your defender will automatically chase the ball. This would not be overpowered if puck protection were equally improved. Moreover, if I press the A button to go check my opponent, I would not always instantly gain possession with a successful check. My opponent might check me back, or the puck might bounce loose to someone else, or it might get stuck in my skates, or any number of possible outcomes. If I'm out of position, the check should be ineffective or cause a penalty. For example, if I'm on the backcheck, I should be able to skate behind my opponent, *holding* A when I get close enough to him to hound him from behind. Player attributes and relative speed and position should determine whether my check is effective or if I take a penalty. A holding penalty could be called if I hold the A button too long. My opponent should be able to really feel my presence, but have influence on this dynamic sequence. Unlike the current stick lift, I should not always be able to just skate away cleanly with the puck once I've checked my opponent. Clean "pick-pocketings" should happen once in a while, as they do in real life, but only depending on how exposed the puck is.

This brings me to another thing: puck protection. Stick handling and puck control need to be revamped as well. I really don't know how much I can expect this to change by next year's installment, but it's time to properly model stick handling and a puck which is "loose" ALL the time. In all previous NHL games, the puck is glued to your stick while you have possession. Until this is fixed, we can't have real hockey. Body positioning needs to matter. I won't insult the EA team's intelligence, because they love hockey and know hockey too. But seriously guys, it's time for a hockey video game where the puck is loose, players puckhandle properly and their sticks can't go right through legs. I should be able to stickhandle with the right analog without my player's legs going stiff, too.

Boardplay was a nice addition in NHL 10, but it has a long way to go. When I'm a forward tracking down a defensemen as he retrieves a loose puck on the boards, I should be able to hold a face button as I'm approaching the boards, preparing to pin him and battle for the puck. This button should be the same I use for other non-hitting defensive actions, the A button. In this case, there should be a little "magnetism" between the players. They should even try to tie up eachother's sticks if they're skating in shoulder to shoulder. If I want to hit him more aggressively, I should press the B button or whatever I have mapped to the "aggressive check" action. Interactions on the boards should be more dynamic, fine-grained, and involve more than two players when appropriate.

In every situation without the puck, I should have to decide between reaching for the puck with my stick (right analog), checking my opponents stick or tying him up (A button) and hitting him (B or RB). Just like in real hockey, emphasis should be on decision making based on relative position and speed.

The face buttons are basically wasted in NHl 10. 'A' button does exactly one animation on D, exactly one animation on offense. 'B' and 'X' are both used for line changes, and Y does only board play (poorly) and the ridiculous "start fight" thing. Surely you can do better.

Line management should be part of the strategy I can set. How much ice time for my top line do I want? Should my team roll four lines? I should be able to override my assistant coach's suggestions in between whistles, but things like matching my opponent's top line with a specific d-pair and/or checking line should be a strategy setting. I should be able to access all team management options through an IN GAME UI between whistles, by pressing the 'back' button which is now totally unused. Why should I have to waste a pause in an online game to do a quick line adjustment? And in an offline versus game, my friend and I should each be able to use the in game menu at the same time, in between plays as we watch replays or whatever. The d-pad should be used for line changes on the fly, and strategies should be changed using the back button in between plays.

Joined: 10/04/2009 12:01:23
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Realistic shooting targets.

You can't shoot a puck from the goal line up on the cross bar. You can't get a hard accurate shot with your arm completely stretched out (stupid left right left right to the extremes where your arms are completely stretched out).
A goalie can't split save in 1/10th of a second. You can't roof a puck the millisecond it touches your stick, your need to put some momentum on it.

Basically, make shooting animations and trajectories realistic. Removing the behind the back wrist shot will get rid of many future glitches (many glitches are with the puck behind the back (or almost) or with the arm completely stretched out to get a shot that fools the goalie when it shouldn't).

Joined: 06/18/2008 20:15:07
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Checking in board play- when somebody is pinning themselves along the board you should be able to hit them. Right now if you try to check them you normally fall and get injured. Whereas ion real life if you take an angle that's parallel to the boards and run into the player you have a goood chance of rocking him.

Stick Lift- positioning doesn't seem to matter with this. I can be behind a player and on the opposite side of the puck and lift his stick. But when I'm directly beside him and on the same side as the puck and i hit the stick lift button i get a penalty. Body positioning is crucial with stick lifts and poke checks. And you shouldn't stop moving your feet when you poke check either, or stick lift. Another thing with stick lift is if I'm right beside the player my player shouldn't fully extend his arms to try the stick lift, he would just lift his arms at his side and get the puck and go.

Make defensive turnovers more crucial. You guys want the game to be as realistic as possible, make defensive zone turnovers more deadly.

Make CPU goalies more susceptible to good scoring area shots. It is almost impossible to score on a CPU goalie in All-star difficulty and above on a clean shot. If my player picks top corner from the hash marks or below it has a very good chance of going in whereas in this game the only way to score is to glitch or take a weak point shot for the easy rebound.
Guarding the puck- when you're guarding the puck with your body you don't stop moving your feet unless you're trying to cut in towards the net. Allow us to have one hand on the stick as we go down the ice. I don't know how many times someone will try to drive the net and use their freehaand to stop the dman and put the puck in front of his body with the other hand on his stick guiding it.

When you lose your stick- hits lose your stick sometimes. But when you block a shot sometimes if it hits your sticks you don't have a firm grip of it and it will fly away. Your player shouldn't automatically go and pick it up putting himself out of position he should play without it especially if in the defensive zone. Same goes for the goalies. They sometimes lose their sticks where a dman will give him his. This would really add to the depth of the gameplay.
If you expand this to the whole game I'll gladly do another!

Joined: 04/08/2010 19:49:31
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For me theres a few things that would be cool to get added such as:
1) When you score you can customize your celebrations (ie. push up on left stick and you do a fist pump, etc.)
2) Broken sticks would be cool
3) Add in A.H.L trophies becides the calder cup
4) For Be a GM, allow drafted players to be "sent back to their juniour teams" then at the end of the year you get them back (its soo the teams dont get too filled up; sometimes 44 players isisnt enough)
5) Playoff beards would be cool too!!
6) Bring back the broken glass!!
7) Update the draft classes (put up the names and projected draft rankings of players when the css releases them)

Joined: 10/19/2008 12:32:36
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What bothers me most about NHL 10 . . . and NHL 09 . . . is the offline slider upload for EASHL games.

Joined: 03/02/2009 11:05:05
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Rent the game, play a couple OTP games throughout the day, if theres the same ol delay and lag on my controls as every game I play this year I take it back to Blockbuster, and EA gets no more of my money simple as that.

Joined: 05/05/2009 01:09:45
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Hit detection, goalies. EA claims they fix goalies every year but i damn well know they aren't

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Fix the Mics - theres no reason why I shouldnt be able to hear my teammates. EVER!

Soft shots having huge rebounds

Fully Customizable controls

Better physics

Better collision detection

Games not counting

and most importantly:

Take everything AUTO out completely! That means the auto smack the puck out of mid air, auto poke check, even the animation for the wrap around, where you press one button behind the net and your guy does an automatic wrap around. I want to control my guy. I dont want the computer doing things for me. If i want to poke check, Ill press the poke check button

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My biggest things that have to be fixed on the default settings are:

Skating; the current engine doesn't have enough consideration of momentum. The sharp circle turns players can make and the lack of visual building of acceleration erk me to no end. I want the players to actually feel like their skating on ice and can move only by realistic boundaries. I want to see and feel my player making his initials strides to where they're skating too. Rather then feeling 'floaty.' I want players make full circles if they're going to make them, and see deceleration and re-accleration from players doing some moves to try and shake defenders out of position. If a player is making a sharp circle, there needs to be true impact of agility, speed, size, and momentum. Even the smallest, quickest players can't make a turn and then half way move around to break out of turning around fully and maintain possession of the puck. Heck, it should be the case that players begin slipping and fall down to the ice because of losing balance. The skating engine needs to be more realistic.

Wrap arounds; this is very annoying since it's far to over effective. Two issues with this is that the wrap animation it self is too fast for players that don't have the speed going into the animation to match the speed it plays at. That's a very large reason in why it's so effective. Another issue is the goalies just aren't that smart on covering the net when the wrap around animation or shots from the corner of the net are made. Whether this is by lack of animations or whatever, the goalies needs to stay still and cover down low while trying to remain as big as possible so no more weak goals like the wrap around can keep occurring. Don't move and open up your legs when the shot is made because the puck is going to go through. Ugh...

Player deking and puck control; the days of every player being Sidney Crosby with the puck by moving their stick back-and-forth-back-and-forth-back-and-forth have got to stop. Not every player is great a deking the puck. While every player int eh league may be a pretty good hockey player on their own, many of the grinder type players have limitations in their skill that allows them to be danglers on the ice. The puck needs to be a lot more looser and players doing things beyond the player abilities need to result in more lost puck control. At the same time, deke speed needs to be toned down as well for most players, as well player speed during puck control needs to be a factor. Great dekers can move the puck side to side quickly and retain puck control pretty well while moving pretty fast. Weaker skilled players can't move the puck as quickly. They need to move the puck slower to have a greater chance of holding on to the puck. And if players are moving fast when doing some deking, pucks need to slide of the stick more. There's a reason why not too many players come in with great speed and do more then two dekes, because they won't be able to have control of the puck to pull off that move successfully most of time.

AI not taking advantage of open space; this drives me up the wall when the AI has a chance to get into a spot for a nice breakout/breakaway, or get into a nice open space to get the pass for a great scoring chance, and the AI doesn't use it's awareness to take advantage. It's what can make teams that over pursue greatly during an all out attack not get bitten enough. Because the AI teammates don't take advantage of getting into spots that gives them a great offensive attack.

It's real fundamental things that aren't done properly leading to arcadish feel that bugs me. Making the game more sim is what will address those issues.

Joined: 09/03/2007 19:45:58
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Joborule, fantastic list, I agree on all points. One reason I like Hardcore is because players that are grinders do lose the pucks from stick handling to fast. (I also have puck control on zero.)

I've figured it out... EA hired a pro scout to rate players... Unfortunately EA didn't know he was a pro scout for horse racing.

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Joined: 09/25/2008 07:06:23
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eashl pro-league with hardcore settings. casual more arcade-style.

I would love it.

and of course being able to play both leagues with the same club, separate rankings naturally.

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As far as exploits go:

*LB should cause tripping penalties
*Wraparound fivehole needs to be fixed
*Ragging the puck needs to be fixed
*The new "curveshot" needs to be rid of
*In ranked versus, you should not be allowed to have a guest
*Interference needs to be called a lot more(not talking about crease)

As far as other gameplay stuff that I would like to change

*I want to get rid of the auto saucer.
*I want a whole lot harder wristshots
*Off hand onetimers needs to be toned down. If you are a right shooter and get a pass from the left, it should be difficult to shoot a one timer.
*I want it to be easier to tie players up. If this was easier, you could call interference near the crease.
*I want goalie interference.
*I want to see the net go off its moorings way more often. If it's done on purpose, a penalty should be called.

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