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What you guys need to do, and it's not a suggestion. You need to fix your dam EA Servers for NHL 12. I have been trying to get my Legend card for about 4 months now. Every single time I'm around 60% from B+ to A- your servers mess up and drops me from game and I take all F's in that category. Im around 500 games played and its not due to my playing ability, my internet, or my PS3.

So I play 10 games and get ready to level up for legend and boom your servers take a dump as usual, Then I have to start over again working up from a B+ or lower which is annoying and makes the game not enjoyable. You should either fix your servers, or do an update that make it so you don't loose your averages because of an EA server fail.

If this issue isnt fixed, I will never buy an EA product again. Not like it would matter to you guys any ways.

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When me and a friend try to do an EASHL in the game, all of a sudden everyone disappears and the game goes really slow. Is this something wrong with the servers or what?

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I'm annoyed with your performance tracker. I played my heart out scored all A's and B's had myself a 75% towards Veteran 3. I then get a hat trick and score all A's and only move to 87%?! 12% for a hat trick and all A's? Next game I get a ABC and it drops me to 25%. The entire rest of the day I go back and forth between 0%- 60%, and I only had one bad game? Is this system just set up to only increase in small increments when you're close to reaching your goal, yet you have one bad game you have to start all over?

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Anyone have this issue or know how to fix it??? In Online Team Play every time I score a goal it shows me up close and says "Players First Goal". Basically every time I score in a game it states in my first ever goal yet I have a bunch....what gives?????

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I recently bought a new xbox, so I recovered my gamer tag and popped in NHL 12. I had my legend card unlocked and it's even in my accomplishments, so why am I stuck with a rookie card now? My stats transfered over as well as games played, but I have to unlock the everything with the letter grade? weak.

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[size=24]Quote based on a previous user's writing[/size]

[i]"I have a huge problem with the PS3 version. During gameplay, my strategies start randomly changing, no menus come up, but I hear the sound it makes, and while I hear it doing so the buttons get messed up and it makes me do things I don't want to do, like lay down. I don't know what triggers it but I have to change my strategies and pressures back. I've played this game since 96 and I've never had such a major problem.

And its not just me, my friend has the exact same issue."[/i]

Hi, I have same kind of problems while playing NHL 12! My controller starts giving automatic commands without pressing any button. Like my lines, tactics changes automatically and sometimes controllers passes automatically etc.

I have bought three new dualshock 3 controllers, but same problem occurs again.

I have asked customer support to resolve the issue but they havent find any solution!

I found the solution to the problem by buying a new controller which isnt sony dualshock 3. I bought big ben "equipment controller" and that seem to be only way to resolve the problem! I have tried to rebuilt database, I have changed new game information tool but none of those measures did not help.

It seems that the NHL 12 game and sony dual shock controller do not match together.

Is any other user suffering from the same problems?

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When i play with the Washington Capitals on PP i have Ovechkin on the Left D pos in my lineup.. But when i get a PP ingame he never enters the ice..

I have tried to change his position, but it`s always an another player on the ice instead of him.. I have tried to delete all the data on the game(PS3), but nothing seems to work.. I have sendt mail to EA support, but they only tell me to write here.. starting to get really frustrated..

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In OTP mode I need 18 wins to reach next level but Ive been stuck on 17. Last games played I won 2 but they didnt register. Any idea??

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Probably way to late for me to ask this but I hope to see this in the future. I hate how in EASHL my grades depend so much on other players. Position grade is basically worthless. I've never gotten lower than an A and I've both been on and been teams where the LW is the anywhere wing and we play 5 forwards. So basically as long as I'm not being Goalie number 2 I get an A. And then when I am playing "actual" defense and I have 3 forwards and a defense man all sitting half way across the rink calling for pass with 2 players on my butt and the other 3 squatting in my lines. Now my team play is a D because I have 7 turnovers because my teammates are idiots. I would like to see position score be significantly more specific. Instead of just being on the ice in the kinda sorta area required make the position score based on a mobile "circle" Anytime the the player spends in that mobile circle counts as good positioning and vise versa. Then PLEASE make team play based on that score. If 1 player has a good position score but a poor team score while all his teammates has terrible position score make that count against him less. Its unfair to the one guy stopping goals to get 17 turnovers because his team refuses to play positions.
end rant

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How about a little guidance here? There are so many people complaining about lag both home and away in the EASHL. The EA solution for 13 is better matchmaking. Can we get a little guidance as to which server we will be associated with per our location/internet speed? Are we associated with said server prior to a club game individually or once we attempt to start a club game as a team? Does the matchmaking decision involve all club members or just the captains? It could help us to at least limit lag as much as possible within our own clubs by understanding which club members might not be a good fit for us. It's only a 50/50 decision here, East or West, so I don't get the whole "along with our regional matchmaking" but if that's the solution can we at least have a little more detail?

Sorry, guess this was already covered elsewhere.

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Strange problem...

I'm unable to play with my brother Player vs. Player online. However, I can play with any other user. It's strange.
I've removed him from my friend list and re-added - still doesn't work.
I tried going to the Lobby and into the Skill channel. - still doesn't work.
I can play any other user, just not him.

Any suggestions?

My brother isn't on a block list.
He checked the same thing on his end.

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Stuck on Superstar 1 here on EASHL! None of my Grades seem to be going up, on the after game screen it says my Grade is 100% to a B+ (it isn't it's still a B overall) but on the Performance Tracker it says I am 0%! Why is this?

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Finding an opponent for online versus is almost unbearable. It takes forever just to say "no games available" and then you make a lobby and its fills up instantly. It also seems like goalies stop all the amazing shots but let in all the weak goals.
I will get upwards to 40 shots on goal and be shut out.

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2nd night in a row that we have been sitting in the dr and can't find a game. Come on EA!
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