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When creating a boxer - Boxer type? QUICK HELP PLEASE  XML
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Creating my boxer for use in Legacy mode / online world championship

Middleweight - 5"10 - 152 lbs - 76" reach

Punch style - speed
Block style - Philly Shell
Style - Speed

Boxer type is the one that i'm confused about. I want to tire the opponent out, work the body with quick jabs, straights, hooks, but still be able to swing a powerful hook on the opponents head when needed.

Out of Conventional - Brawler - Unconventional - Counter Puncher - Boxer Puncher - Inside Fighter - Outside Fighter

Which should I pick?

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I'm not sure if it makes that much of a difference, but for legacy and owc, I know what style you choose determines how much xp it takes to increase a skill. Off the top of my head, I'd say go for conventional or boxer puncher. Boxer puncher has good hooks and pretty good straights I think. Conventional doesn't have any specific punching advantages but all of their punches have medium costs.

Inside fighter might be good but straights will cost a lot of xp. I have a really good brawler but straights suck and body punches aren't quite as easy to level

If anyone else stumbles across this thread though, does it matter which block or punch style you use?

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It just dictates the AI of your boxer. Choose whatever you want since you pretty much don't have to worry about AI if you're controlling.
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