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"Origin not installed" error  XML
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So after all that, I decided to try and right click on the Origin exe and see if running it as Administrator would work, and it did for some reason. So my game works. I don't understand any of this right now.

Edit: An hour or so later, I got the same error. Basically I went afk and did some things around the house before I decided to dedicate some time to the game, never closed out of the Origin I opened as Administrator in this post, tried to load my game and got the same error shown in the screenshot. I closed out of it all and ran as Administrator again and it worked. Only programs I ran were Firefox and Winamp. I haven't touched my registry cleaner since reinstalling everything. Hope that helps some.

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I fixed the issue by setting administartor rights on the shortcuts of BF3 and Origin.
The one suggested with the command prompt didnt work for me

I am using Win7 bits and firefox

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theatroN wrote:
A video to show my problem at the moment.

According to the video, it looks like a problem with your browser plugin.
Can you try this:

-close the browser
-uninstall "ESN Sonar" & "Battlelog Web plugin"
-launch BF3 from Origin
-install the Battlelog plugin
-reload the Battlelog page

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Here's what I did after having this problem since launch. So far I've checked for IE9, Chrome and Firefox 3/6/7. My operating system is Windows 7 Professional 64-bit

These steps assume that you have Origin and BF3 installed on your machine.

Preplay steps
1 - Right-click the Battlefield 3 shortcut located either on your desktop or within the Start menu
2 - Click "Properties"
3 - Click "Compatibility"
4 - Check the box next to "Run this program in compatibility mode for:" and select Windows XP (Service Pack 3)
5 - Look towards the bottom and under "Privilege Level" check the box next to "Run this program as an administrator"
6 - Click Apply

Play steps
1 - Ensure that Origin is running and that you are currently logged in
2 - Double-click your preferred BF3 launch method (i.e., shortcut)
3 - Battlefield should at this time launch

If this doesn't work just keep posting and I'll keep testing

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I'm glad you found that this works for you. However, since BF3 is not compatible with XP checking this box could cause problems with the game for you in the future.

- Check the box next to "Run this program in compatibility mode for:" and select Windows XP (Service Pack 3)

As an update/FYI we did uncover a bug with the Origin URL handler that should address some of these issues.

We've also recommended that Origin check that the URL handler is present on launch and repair it if necessary.

Thanks all for your input and assistance tracking this issue.

Origin Live Support

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This is insane. Never in my life have I experienced such an insane level of problems and issues with a game. Why the hell did I shell out $70 for this game EA? This is nonsense

For five days now I've been dealing with issues similar to these. This morning I was on the phone again with a service rep who was very nice but had been unable to fix the problem up to this point. Amazingly we actually got the game running! I was ecstatic, not because the game really interests me all that much (I haven't even played it yet so how would I know?) - just the sense of accomplishment was overwhelming after 5 days of agonizing frustration.

However, the game is no longer working - again. I was still getting the similar issues discussed in the forums. I've tried everything suggested multiple times. I'll get one error message to go away but then another pops up in it's place. I was getting the "origin not installed" message so I did what the user above suggested and set it to run as admin. That got that message to go away but now origin is claiming the game is not installed correctly (an error message I've gotten many times before as well, along with 4 or 5 others).

The battlelog nonsense (DUMB idea btw - launching a game through an internet browser... there's a good reason no one's ever done that before) loads and the game tries to initialize but it never launches. I'm going to do a repair install of the game again, but I doubt it will change anything.

EA: this is ridiculous. How the hell you ever thought this game and support structure was ready for launch is beyond me. What the hell were you thinking? And why do almost none of your service techs know what they are doing? None of them seem to know about this forum or the issues being explored here. Why do you not have better intercommunication?

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Well this is just astounding. Now the game gives no error messages at all. It just never initializes. It just sits there on battlelog, trying to initialize and never doing anything.

How do I get my money back?

Joined: 11/03/2011 15:04:06
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2 days and no response? Typical. I've also tried installing Battlefield: Bad Company 2 (which EA "gifted" me for all the problems I've been having) and while the game launches when I try to play it asks me for a login, then prompts me for a cd key (which I don't think it should do since I downloaded and am launching it through Origin) and when I enter the code that's listed under the info on origin it says that they key is already in use.

So yeah, thanks for the meaningless gift that doesn't work either. Is there anywhere else I can go for help with these issues? I'm so sick and tired of calling the support help line.

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Well, screw it. 2 days with no response here and little more than the run-around from everyone else with EA support. I've officially asked for a refund and have uninstalled the games.

GREAT job with this game launch EA - you've given me the worst experience of my life with any company and any product, ever. You deserve an award for incompetence. The last chat session I had with a support tech (who claims he's started the process for a refund, I'll be amazed if that even gets handled properly) I asked if there was an official way to make a complaint regarding this last week's fiasco. He dodged the question.

I'm already considering getting a refund for Star Wars: TOR pre-order I have with ya'll because of this nonsense. I'm highly anticipating the release of that game, but after all the problems I've had with you and Origin I really don't know if it is worth it. I can't stomach the idea of having to go through this all again.

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EA_mikenoface wrote:Can you savvy folks try these steps and post your results? This has been confirmed to resolve the issue in the Battlelog forums.

1. Exit ORIGIN completely.
2. Run a Command prompt as Administrator
3. Navigate to where ORIGIN is installed
4. Run the command: Origin.exe /Register
5. Run ORIGIN and see if you still get the error message.


For reference.


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You need to have enabled use prerelease in the origin settings.

Once that is done it down loads the pre release version.

Then make sure origin is closed and follow the steps already listed, believe me I was where you are now and it does get it going, it took me a few attempots and I think the main thing was having origin closed after it had updated itself to the prerelease version.

Oh, and I dont understand why its the pre releease version that works either,


There is a paremeter btw that this sets in your registry, Ill try and fnd it. When it gets set correctly, you know that its succeeded.

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Joined: 01/31/2012 00:22:47
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Hi, I just got this game a week ago, and I too get this error.

I've tried every solution mentioned on here and on EA help, and asked the infamously useless live support.

Any other solutions? Are there any other people with this error still?

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Hi guys i still have the same problem as everybody here.
I've checked every workaround and nothing appears to work.
My settings:
win 7 x64

I already did:
-uninstall origin
-uninstall bf3
- cleaning registry with ccleaner
-reinstall everything

same problem.

what can i do ?
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