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EA Policy on Selling Games on Third-Party Download Sites

At EA, we believe in choice. We want our products in all the places gamers go to download the best games and services. To that end, we offer games to EVERY major download service including Amazon, Walmart, Gamestop, and Steam.

One of the most exciting aspects of games is that they just keep getting bigger and better. Both developers and consumers have evolved beyond the traditional model that used to limit us to 15-20 hours of play on a typical disc. Today, post-launch downloads of new maps, vehicles and other content extend the experience, adding hours of fun and a lot of value.

Every download site that hosts our games sets business terms for our relationship. These terms are often complex, but the goal is to provide a hassle-free experience for the gamer. Prices, content exclusives, and loyalty programs may differ from site to site. Consumers can pick the site that bests suits their needs.

Any retailer can sell our games, but we take direct responsibility for providing patches, updates, additional content and other services for the individuals and communities that play our games. These players are connecting to our servers, so we want to provide them with the very best service. This works well for our partnership with Gamestop, Amazon and other online retailers.

However, when a download service forbids publishers from contacting players with patches, new levels, items and other services – it disrupts our ability to provide the ongoing support players expect from us. At present, this is the case with only one download service. While EA offers its entire portfolio to this site, they have elected to not post many of our games. We hope to find a mutually agreeable solution to this issue soon.

Going forward, EA will continue to work with download partners and continue offering our games for sale on all major download sites.

The good news is: you’ve got plenty of choices.

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as what i think no one cares about geting emails about patches when ever i play battlefiled on steam if it updates and i want to kno whats in the update i click news i dont wana go to my email to see that

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I think EA trying to bend the rules here. I don't see any other developer or publisher having problems with steam. They can patch their games, sell DLC's, sell maps, guns, aditional content etc... So they ARE PROVIDING the best service through steam.

So EA's claim is this (sort of): they cannot provide those services with Bad Company 2 on Steam? Hmm, wait a minute, they are doing that... So? I don't see any difference between other digital store versions and Steam version...

So why EA is crying about this? This has nothing to do with Valve's policies. They are clearly trying to push Origin to the front.

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The thing is, I *like* having all DLC sold and acquired through Steam. With games that do this I never need to worry about having to go through multiple steps to reinstall the game - it just works, all DLC included .

Compare Dragon Age 2 with Fallout New Vegas (no, not in game quality terms!

With DA2 I bought the game through Steam, then had to register it on Bioware's site, buy "Bioware points", wait a few hours for the email saying the points had been added to my account, buy DLC using points, manually download all DLC as individual files, head to the download folder and install each one of them manually... it's such a clunky system.

Whereas with Fallout New Vegas, new DLC comes out, I buy it using cash, and it is seamlessly added to the game in the background. If I install the game on another PC, all that DLC comes with it automatically.

I know which method I prefer.

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I'm probably not going to buy any more EA products for the PC anymore. Sorry DICE and Bioware

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Finley50 wrote:I'm probably not going to buy any more EA products for the PC anymore. Sorry DICE and Bioware

u mean like me3, bf3, crysis 3 etc

ur loss troll

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If the product is not available on Steam, I won't be buying it. EA has done enough to turn gaming into a bland landscape of SEQUEL/SEQUEL/SEQUEL=MONEY. I dislike buying EA games as it is, refusing to host them on the service I CHOOSE to use only makes it easier to say no.

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Bullcrap alert. You sure lose me on non-Steam titles, EA. Your loss, not mine.

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Heres my problem with EA "taking direct responsibility for providing patches, updates, additional content and other services" for their games....I bought Burnout: Paradise Ultimate Box last summer(2010) on Steam, and what I came to find out was that the in-game store with all of the add-on content had been shut down, and so now you can't purchase the DLC anywhere for the PC version. Needless to say I felt a bit cheated, because I thought I would have access to all the DLC. From Steam's point of view, I can see why they don't want EA to handle the DLC for their games, because when EA decides to shut down the online store of one of their games, Steam has to deal with the mass of complaints.

By comparisson, I just recently purchased Burnout Paradise in the Playstation Store, mainly because I wanted to play Big Surf Island , which was never released for the PC version, but the nice part was that all of the add-on content was available in the Playstation Store. Now, I'm not sure if its a requirement by Sony to have DLC available in the Playstation Store or not, but as a consumer I prefer being able to purchase the content on the platform that I've decided to play the game on. If its not a problem to provide DLC on the PSN, then I'm not sure what the big deal is with having DLC available on Steam's store. I like knowing that if EA shuts down their in-game stores for their games, that I can still purchase the content in the store of the platform that I have purchased the game from(Playstation Store/Steam Store).

If Burnout: Paradise on the PC is anything to go by, EA's business model for future games on the PC makes me nervous to say the least.

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I have to ask out of curiosity, can you elaborate what practices Steam takes to patches that makes them unappealing?

Congratulations EA/DICE! It takes work to utterly and completely destroy a beloved franchise worse than Activision can! But you did it.

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Huge fan of the BF series and play bfbc2 everyday. I use steam because I get more then one companies titles. This is madness and so far everyone I have talked to is having problems with this. All I can say is I hope you have aback up plan because you are losing mad amounts of people who would buy it but now opt out do to your greedy ways. W/e you fail ar your ways of dist. product of PC now.

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EA, you claim you want to connect with your customers, but you restrict the best digital platform just because you want to connect with them? What does this even mean? Steam is so much better than your crap Origin service will ever be. You are shooting yourself in the foot.

You want to beat CoD, yet you restrict Steam, the PC gamers choice for digital downloading. You are all idiots.

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This doesn't really affect me I use both steam and Origin. Can't wait to play BF3.

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This is all a load of BS on EA's part. If it was about the restrictive terms relating to DLC and patches then why don't Dirt 3 and Operation Flashpoint Red River get pulled from Steam? Their DLC and patches are managed through GFWL which bypasses Steam entirely.

Personally I think EA is running a smear campaign against Steam while at the same time pushing their crappy Origin service.

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Steam is not a god and I'm not a blind believer. I spent for the problem of GFWL games purchased in Steam only l
find the others that also were bought with them, thus preventing I had play with other people who bought their versions in other digital shops or not.

I buy my games at Steam, Origin, GreenManGaming, D2D and GoG. What's problem?
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