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does anyone know when or if the sims 2.com is coming back on  XML
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does anyone know when or if the sims 2.com is coming back on?

Joined: 05/29/2010 16:36:21
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Sadly, I have heard it is gone for good. Just like they removed the sims 1 website and exchange.

Joined: 04/27/2011 10:50:01
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Hi, Hugh750,
I hope I am not the only one here that is really bothered that the site has been down for about two months.

EA's Terms of Use says they will notify players on the site 30 days before shutting down the site. But they didn't when they closed down The Sims site.

Seems Sims2 no longer has an icon link on EA.com or any of the other games' sites anymore, either. It is sad, because Sims 2 people are great most of the time. I was there for 6 years. No other site has the same friendlyness, helpfulness etc. Half asleep and kind think of the correct words.

You can't even go over to MTS (as much as I love them), and just discuss things about Sims2 or upload something silly, dumb, or crazy or whatever. Unfortunately there isn't a good site to discuss Sims2 anymore. If you post something in general over there it is apt to get deleted or moved for being in the wrong catagory. Even just asking a very simple question. Rules are very strict there. You can't even discuss what has happened to the Sims 2 site, because they already have a thread about it. And there is a lot of bashing the Sims2 site, in it, as most say they don't care that it is gone.
If you want to upload a house over there so many rules! have you read the instructions? My gosh, I think mine might get deleted because I missed some little item in links etc. crediting anyone that made anything that might wind up in the upload. I agree, everyone that even contributed to even the wall paper in a house upload should be credited but I am absent minded I think, and it would surely get deleted.
And you can't discuss Sims2 on Sims3 without getting nailed, and eventually the thread deleted.
Everwhere I go to discuss Sims2 seems they all bash the BBS and the Exchange, but I was there for 6 yrs, so there were a lot of great things about the site, (the community) and the Exchange.

And you know something, if Sims 2 had been allowed to create objects and upload them to the Exchange like in S3, that stuff would be even greater than the stuff made by players on Sims3. We would have a lot of creations in objects that would have blown away people's imagination.

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The TS2 site is back up. However, the Exchange (houses, Sims, etc) is still down.

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They had such great building tutorials. Now there is no way to access them because the links from MTS take you to TheSims2.com site. EA should take that into consideration. There are a lot of us (like me who have all the EPS and stuffs). That's a lot of $$ and I love my simmies - I know I would probably like the Sims3, but I'm still enjoying theSims2 right now and can't afford to buy a more powerful computer just to play Sims3. Hopefully they will realize there are a lot of faithful simmers out here that deserve better. ;-{

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It goes up, it goes down--it's been up for a while, now it seems to be down again. I wouldn't be surprised if it went back up again, but it'll probably go back down. They aren't going out of their way to support it. (Heck, they don't seem to be going way out of their way to support TSM. . .)

I say this as someone who adores Sims 2 and want it to never, never die--a lot of Sims 2 sites are disappearing. A lot of it is owners who can't afford more bandwidth, or lose interest, or whatever. Some of the people who use LJ got fed up with its frequent outages. But! If you really like custom content, some people have saved a lot of it. I think you are probably talking about PollyMog's building tutorials. Those have also been saved, but honestly, I am not sure where.

When the site goes back up again, if there is something you want--a tutorial or whatever--GRAB IT. You can save the page as a file, and I don't think anyone will mind if you just want it for yourself.

Also--go grab the patches off their Help page, just in case you ever need to uninstall and reinstall again. You can find the patches on simprograms. Hope this helps.
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