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How about the ability to unlock golfers as hidden trophies for doing certain things? For example if you have 10 terrible swings in a row, you unlock Charles Barkley. If you dunk the ball into the water 5 times in a round, you unlock Dwight Howard. If you hit the back of the net 5 straight times on the driving range, you unlock Jeremy Roenick. If you play with a lampshade on your head, you unlock Bill Murray.

Just trying to keep it interesting

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I'd like to see an overhaul of the whole mechanics. I feel the game has really been the same ol' for the past few years with only quirkiness added as new features. It's time TW matures. I'll get to attributes in a second but let me first build up the concept and why the overhaul is needed to "reinvent" the game.

Take the concept of "Road to Glory" and other EA Sports titles that put you into the "life" of the avatar.
Do this is an aspiring Amateur/Collegiate golfer, advance him to the Web.com tour and then maybe the PGA or European Tour and then maybe after 20 years on tour you hit the Senior for another 5-10 years. You can earn only a set number of attribute points so that you may never max all attributes.
While in college you can practice and develop your base stats of which they will never deflate below those earned values during the course of your career (except when you hit the Senior).

Make this a career gameplay where you have to make choices. A tour tournament is not just the 4 days, but in a lot of cases it's the whole week, Monday qualifiers, Tuesday sponsor activities, Wednesday Pro-Ams, Thursday and Friday cut lines, Sat and Sun grind it out for a win. Miss the cut you can use the additional days to work on your game, giving you small but temporary boosts to attributes for the next tournament week. Skip a week to reduce your fatigue.

So here's how it plays out. You'll join a college/university and compete with them for 8-10 tournaments and your success will dictate how much backing you'll have ($$$ in the bank with expected requirements to payback) as you turn pro after graduation. With that money you'll need to allocate what tournaments you'll compete in and the costs for travel, room/food, and hiring a caddy. Travel times will increase fatigue affecting your attributes for that week. Going cheap on food affects your health. Injuries are possible the more you attempt power shots or other boost type activities. Get hurt too much and your out of competion til you heal. As you build up your bank, options for sponsorships come available based on your success, which can give small boosts to your attributes for the tournaments that they sponsor you for. At some point you'll be able to hire a full-time caddy who will give you a permanent boost to an attribute or two (one major one minor boost) the length of time your with your caddy gives you larger boost value. You'll have to pay your caddy (even if you don't win). You can fire/hire caddies throughout your career, maybe you need a backup caddy because he's attempting to play in a tournament himself!!!

Tournaments, you need to have to select what tournaments you'll compete in as with the real tour there are normally 2 tournaments a weekend and you'll need to select which one you will try for that week. Different tournaments have different awards and exemptions. If your not invited to a tournament and want to try the Monday qualifier, pay the entry fee and give it a try with no guarantee for success. Successfully enter the tournament, do the sponsor activities to earn sponsor points (and potentially higher payouts), play the Pro/Am to earn fans (which gives boosts to payouts), then play for the weekend. Choose not to participate in any of these events and get hit with no bonus, but keep your fatigue higher for the weekend.

It should be a balancing active between activities, sponsors, fans, money, travel and then practicing on the range.

Attributes-Earn your base in college. Make the Web.com tour and earn some more points to apply to your attributes. Make the PGA Tour to earn some more. You can retool your attributes and shift then around (never going under you base) by working on the range in weeks you don't compete. Hit your wedges for short game accuracy at the cost to power, hit your driver to increase driving distance but loose shaping ability, practice putting at the cost of bunker play, hit your approach irons for flag attack but lose short game touch.

So new attributes are:
Power--measure of how far you strike a ball with all clubs
Driving Accuracy--accuracy of hitting fairways
Long iron Accuracy--accuracy of hitting greens
Mid-iron Accuracy--accuracy of hitting greens/affects fairway bunker play
Short-iron Accuracy--accuracy of hitting greens
Wedge Play--ability to get up and down from short distance around the green/affects green-side bunker play
Putting--skill of putting
Sand play--skill of hitting out of bunkers
short grass consistency--hitting from the fairway or first cut
Rough consistency--hitting from the second cut or further
Fatigue--General striking skills (as this increases power decreases)
Momentum--score well gives a small boost and decreases fatigue, lose it and fatigue hits hard, fan support values, decreases the negative impact of losing momentum, while fan support increases the rate of momentum gain. Birdie, Birdie, Bogey will blow the sails out of a player and thus a complete loss of momentum.

All of these attributes are on sliding scales increasing one causes an decrease of one or more. I'd be inclined not to allow the "locking" of an attribute, but I can live with that for the purpose of gameplay for all players. Working on the range to slide the attribute in a direction as you see being needed. US Open time you may want to put more time on your Rough consistency. At no point shall any player have max attributes and all attributes should change over time. Play a tournament and hit all the fairways, will shift the slider for driver accuracy. Hit a bunker then the sliders moves down for approach irons, but you have an opportunity to increase your bunker play.

Play too many tournaments in a row your fatigue gets very high your likely to have an injury. Don't play enough then you miss $$$ and you may find yourself on the Web.com tour the next year or out of a job and play only on any exemptions you have left over.

Changing the mechanics in such a way will give a more realistic "career play", the days of -24 rounds and -72 tournaments should be over. Should you be able to shoot -12 yes, but that takes alot out of a player and don't expect that to be followed up with another as momentum is counter-balanced with fatigue and shooting that low of a score takes alot out of a player and gives a false sense of mastery for the next day, as you think you can pull that off again you can't.

Oh did I say anything about coaches!!! Hire a swing/putting coach (pay him the big bucks and get those attributes slid like you want them too for the next tournament. It'll take you out of competition for the week prior, but you get tuned, but that tuning won't last very long as how you play will slide them right back out of tune.

What does a caddy bring to a table...well those caddies also add to your attributes, but not all caddies are alike. So are green specialists, other are confidence builders (keeping fatigue down and momentum going longer). How much the bring to the table coincides with how much you'll pay for them. Only the best caddies are available to consistent golfers with the bank to keep them in their stable. So you could hire Fluff, Bones, or Steve for the week, but you won't be able to afford them if your not consisently grabbing a pay check. Caddies have an upfront retainer fee that you need to pay before they are on your bag. Can't pay them their weekly salary before the tournament and your looking for another, ever want to rehire them, then you'll need to pay an even higher retainer fee as they feel you won't be able to keep them again and they feel they've lost out on the winnings they could have earned with another golfer. AI golfers will have caddies you can hire (but those cost alot as Fluff won't easily leave Furyk, that is unless Furyk is injured or not playing that week and he may be temporarily available).

Your golfer can be taken online this should provide a more volatile game play and not the same old scores by the same players each week.

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