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Hey Folks,

In an effort to keep our forums tidy and focused on fixing issues, we'd like to keep a running list of "Top threads" for Battlefield 3 concerns and issues. These are the threads with the most views and helpful replies (Users willing to assist with troubleshooting, savvy workarounds, polite behavior, etc.). Post in these main threads for visibility on your cases and to watch for updates/fixes/resolutions. We'll also be updating those here in this post as the information becomes available.

UPDATE 11/1:
Added added activation issue

UPDATE 11/1:
New version of Origin coming shortly to fix downloading past 100% issue and various other fixes.

UPDATE 10/27:
Updated info about the "Downloading past 100%" issue.

UPDATE 10/26:
See thread here for more information on getting a pre-release version of Origin that addresses some of these issues.


UPDATE 10/25:
IMPORTANT! We believe we have discovered at least one root cause of some of the download issues. If you began your download on any Origin build earlier than 8.2.5 (I'm looking at you folks downgrading to 8.1 etc. ) and then update to 8.3.1 (Current live version or better), and then try to resume a download in progress, your download will most likely be corrupted.

So if you think this applies to you, (sorry to say) you will need to
1. Delete any BF3 directories and files downloaded with 8.1.
2. Update to Origin 8.3.1. http://origin.com/download
3. Begin your BF3 download from 0%.

Some New Rules we've learned through this process:

* Do not use old versions of Origin with BATTLEFIELD 3. It will not work properly.
* Do not use old versions of Origin EVER. There is no point as it will likely break things we fixed for new games (like Battlefield 3 and Fifa 12).
* Do not send in logs where you are using an older version of Origin. This gives us false results when our engineers are trying to troubleshoot your log files and we are unable to assist you/fix bugs.


1. Downloading past 100% - http://forum.ea.com/eaforum/posts/list/7654128.page
- Symptom: BF3 download completes at 100% but file size appears to continue increasing. Does not proceed to finalizing install.
- Workaround: This bug occurs if Origin.exe crashes while it's downloading one of the large (1GB) files required for BF3. It will eventually recover, but if you are on limited bandwidth, letting it sit there and re-download multiple Gigs is not viable. We totally understand that and are working to get this issue resolved ASAP.
- Dev Status: OPEN - VERIFIED. BIG THANKS to everyone that has submitted logs. Dev has verified the bug and is looking to include the fix in another Opt-in update. No ETA on new version yet.

2. Unknown Error - http://forum.ea.com/eaforum/posts/list/7642783.page
- Symptom: During the download process Origin disconnects from download and an Unknown Error is displayed.
- Workaround: 1. Delete any BF3 directories and files downloaded with 8.1.
2. Update to Origin 8.3.1. http://origin.com/download
3. Begin your BF3 download from 0%.
- Dev Status: Verified fixed Increased timeout of URLs from the CDN to reduce 403 errors. This should resolve this for the majority of users running the latest Origin client on stable networks.

3. Download Progress resets: Mostly in the same thread as above...related issue.
- Symptom: During the download process when an error occurs the download progress is reset to 0%.
- Workaround: TBD.
- Dev Status: Verified fixed in 8.3.2 beta We released a Beta build 8.3.2 to users that emailed in logs. At least five of them have reported this build fixes this issue. The Origin Dev team is adding a few more bug fixes for BF3 before releasing this hot fix for everyone.

4. BF3 Cannot Activate When Launched http://forum.ea.com/eaforum/posts/list/7667466.page
-Symptom: Upon launch a error message appears stating "Could Not Activate"
-Workaround: Delete the BF3 license file to to force a license update.
1. Exit Origin completely.
2. If you received a valid license key it will be located below:
C:\ProgramData\Electronic Arts\EA Services\License
*Program Data may be a hidden folder on your machine*
3. Delete either 71067.dlf or 71069.dlf (depending on if you have Limited Edition or Standard)
4. Reboot your machine.
5. Launch Origin and login
6. Launch BF3
Dev Status: Investigating. For the majority of users, this is resolved. We have a small number of outlying edge-cases we are currently looking into.

5. Error code 12175 - http://forum.ea.com/eaforum/posts/list/7659067.page
- Symptom: Origin displays a error dialog during the final install process.
- Workaround: TBD
- Dev Status: Investigating. Possibly related to patching the full game.

6. Not BF3 related - Origin Origin - Incredibly slow to open UAC/Escalation issue:
- Symptom: Origin updater appears to crash or after updating to, Origin taking a long time to start up.
- Workaround: Potentially related to Security Software settings or UAC settings.
- Dev Status: Investigating.

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