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{SOLVED}ORIGIN UAC PROMPT? Windows UAC prompt for Battlefield 3 Installation  XML
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I am very dissapointed with the many troubles i've had with Origin seeing as it will NOT let me install Battlefield 3. After i have installed the latest version of Origin, i accept Terms & Conditions and select "Install Now" for BF3. After a few seconds a screen pops up saying "Windows prevented the application from creating a download directory. Please accept the UAC Prompt to begin downloading this game."
A quick screen pops up but dissapears instantly and then Origin starts to mess up and stops responding. I am running Windows 7 Pro 64bit, with an i5 core and NVIDIA GeForce 210 (Even though i dont think the hardware has anything to do with my problem). I have re-installed Origin over 20 times!!! I have removed every single trace of Orign, Electronic Arts and BF3 from C drive and then re-installed but error still happens. I have however previously installed BF3 onto a removable hard drive from this computer, the HD was a friends and it is no longer connected. Could this have caused a problem? I really really need help with this so if somebody does know what is wrong, then please notify me as SOON AS YOU CAN! I am in desperate need of playing Battlefield 3 and i am very frustrated with Origin at the moment.

Thankyou for reading!
If you have previously tried to install BF3 and it didnt work or some other reason, then follow these steps to get BF3 working and to get rid of the UAC prompt error. Go to Control Panel then Programs and Features. Then find Battlefield 3, right click and press uninstall and voila, no more UAC error. Restart origin and enjoy!

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