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I love Road to Glory N Dynasty this is what I think it needs.

To Be Great Must Have These Features

1. Dynasty mode must have co-op playonline 2-4 players.

2. Road to Glory must be able to play 2 players, same team or opposite online and off.

3. Road to Glory must have at least a whole highschool season stats should be visible and team record for all teams.(stats should really matter, depends if you go to
underarmour or army all-american game.)

4. Road to Glory should have real in-home visits during recruiting like, the coaches that are interested in you should come to your house to talk to you or you should be able to visit the campus.

5. Road to Glory must have underarmour all-american game and army all-american game.

6. Road to Glory should have rivals 100 in highschool to show u were you rank among the best depending on how you preformed threw the season, playoffs, championship and if you get invited to the all-american game.(only the top 4 people from each position can go to the army all-american game and 5 threw 10 have to go to the under armour all-
american game.

7. Road to Glory must let you decide if you want to transfer to a different school.

8. Road to Glory should let you follow your stats of your high school player and others around the country. (You should be able to see your current game record too.)

9. In Road to Glory you should get interviewed and be able to pick what to say from a big list of answers.(big list so it can determine what type of player you are and your personality)

10. Road to Glory should bring back the Dorm Room with the ugly girl friend in picture loved it.

11.Road to Glory needs way better commentary, announcers must really talk about your person threw the season, each game.(If your person is a starter right away the announcers should make a big deal of it, In a good way or bad)

12. The game must have D1aa and maybe D2 and D3.

13. Game must have medical redshirts.

14. In dynasty u must b able to pick between a playoff bracket or regular.

15. In dynasty u should be able to track the greatest people that have been to every school 1-10 of the greats at each position.

16. In dynasty mode have them show the recruits in the stance watching the game getting mad or happy depending on how the game is going.(And make it matter if u win or lose the recruit mit or mit not sign)

17. Should keep track of the all-americans and trophy winners by mentioning them at the begining of the season and threw it.

18. QB should be able to throw fade routes whenever especially in the red zone.(QB just needs more control)

19. The game needs to add scars, blood, tattoos, different types of hair, and different color visiors, just more gear like TC socks and turf tape.

20. Add the ability to scout a team.

21. Add catches caught on as a stat so we can determine if a CB is a shut down corner or not when you’re scouting a team. CB’s should also be able to be assigned to receivers. (like in NFL Madden)

22. The game must show the starting line-up on offence and defense, show key player to watch too in dynasty n RTG.(During game Play)

23. The game should have created a jersey and must have their new jerseys. (2012 Combat Jerseys)

24. At the end of each week the game should show highlights from each big game and then show the top 10 plays of the week.

25. Bring back the chain gang and make the receiver not b able to run in from out of bounce and catch the ball (1st to touch it).

26. Add late hit out of bounce.

28.Add the ability to be able to avoid chop blocks.

29.While bull rushing on defense cant disngauge to make tackle cpu’s RB or QB just runs right pass u for a huge gain with the hole u created.(CHANGE IT!!)

30. Bring back but make it really real this time, Like when a wide receiver goes across the middle and gets hit hard by a MLB and the coach calls the same play again he should be RATTLED and scared to catch the ball so he drops it because he was steering or worrying about the linebacker the whole time.

31. Add a new feature called “Presence” let me explain; like if there is a dominating DE or LB (Ju pep or Clay Matthews), the QB should wonder where he is or look what’s happening his way or send a double team his way because he is such a dominating and game changing player.

32. And if a QB throws 3 or more interceptions in a quarter he should be benched and the backup QB should come in. (Was in 2010 n 11)

33. Bring Back D1AA and have a dynasty for their league that runs along with the D1 league and if you can, do something with the d2 or d3 league.

34. Add rush the field after a rivalry game when u win or lose (other team).

35. Bring back dreadlock lengths, colors and different types of hair like the famous fro-hawk.

36. Real and all trophy presentations.

37. Spring Game is a Must for Dynasty and Road to Glory. (Incoming freshman should be able to play to this time)

38. Please have L2(Strafe) on offence for wide recivers and please make them able to jump up for the ball like a real reciver would. (Was last on 2006n7 Ncaa Football)

37. Please add the east vs west game and the senior bowl.

39. Make College stats and awards(Heisman) viewable in madden.

40. There should be game breaks (highlights from different games in progress) in dynasty and RTG mode.

41. Add ajustable quarters in Road to Gloy.

42. In RTG highschool mode when you make it to the playoffs crowds should be packed and fans and camarea crews should be crowded around the fense watching the game.(fense around game field not stadium)

43. RTG most let you be Kick returner or punt reterner.

44. Should be able to edit rosters in TB for RTG highschool.

This is By Far A Great List.

Will Add More As They Come To Me When Im Playn.


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I think the recruiting process should be based more on the schools own style instead of just the top players getting recruited by every school
A school like duke acedemics matter and that will have wheight in who they recruit but a school like oregon will aim to get players who are the best athletes
Also a player should be able to play multiple sports in the school so if you have a practice schedule and a star player also plays basketball you should have to work around their schedule or in rtg select another sport to play and choose how you want to manage it

Also bring back gpa

Thief should be more practice and that should be the main way you get better

Add more practice stadiums

Add the schools practice stadiums

Add a cash flow to dynasty. You can hire coaches and tutors based on the money you get from tv and ticket sales. You can use the money to add upgrades to your stadium, build new buildings around the areas in the town, be able to make new team uniforms and practice uniforms if you have a star player go pro and make a lot of money if he was happy with the school he should regularly make donations and different jobs will offer your coach more or less money

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NCAA 12 was amazing but there need to be changes to it.
1.They need to make you be able to have a Ultimate Team like in Madden.
2.Road to Glory mode needs to have a choice between High School or Drills.
3.They need to make Spring Training again.
4.Add FCS teams.
5.In Dynasty they need to make it more realistic.
6.In Dynasty they need to make you able to scout players by watching their highlights and high school games.

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Good Suggestions OP


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