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To help those who may be having trouble installing Sims 3 from Origin, I thought I would tell you how I got it to work. I know some have used a few different methods (as are listed in the Sims3 Community Forums), but I thought a step by step guide on here might help make it a little less frustrating for some people. Please let me know if you come across any mistakes I made in this guide so that I may correct them. I am by no means any expert, it took lots of trial and error - but this method worked for me. I hope this helps!

First Things First:

Getting your PC Ready for Clean Install of Sims 3, Expansions, Stuff Packs and custom content.

- Uninstall the Sims 3,expansions, stuff packs and mods
Be sure to uninstal correctly using [add/remove programs] on your computers control panel (click: start,control panel, programs, uninstall, select the game from the list, uninstall). If you also want to remove custom content, check your documents folder for any mods and resource files that may have been installed and delete them (start, documents, Electronic Arts, mods folder).

Make sure that you have the updated version of Origin before running it (you may need to uninstall and reinstall it).

Now its Time to Prepare for Installation:

Launch Origin (by right clicking and running as administrator). If you are unable to run as administrator, be sure that any firewalls or virus software (Norton, etc.) has Origin enabled under the secure sites settings. This should avoid the software causing any hiccups when trying to install.

Downloading and Installing from Origin:

Step 1: Log In to your account to access your games in purchase history.
Check your settings in Origin to make sure the files will be installed where you want them and select to save install files.

Step 2: Select the Sims 3 and click [Ready to download] to begin the download, depending on your bandwidth and the server traffic this may take up to 3 hours to complete (it took about 35 mins for me using cable internet). You may also choose to begin the download for subsequent expansions and stuff packs now if you choose, it doesn't matter what order they are downloaded in. However, when it comes time to install you will want to do that in the proper order to make sure your game is patched properly. To see the list for the proper installation order, select help on Origin and type Sims 3 Install Order.

Step 3: After the game has completed downloading click the Ready to Install button. Select your region and proceed. It will seem like it is installing extremely fast - this is because for some reason the file extensions are either missing or named incorrectly; so in fact the game has not been installed completely.

Step 4: Open the folder where Origin "installed" the game, the default is usually Computer/C:/Program Files (or Program Files(x86)/Electronic Arts/ The Sims 3.

Step 5: Right click on Sims3Setup and rename it to Sims3Setup.exe
Open the Game/Bin folder and rename TS3 and the launcher files with .ex_ to .exe

Step 6: Run the Sims3Setup.exe as administrator (right click). This should activate the proper installation files. Select your language and proceed to the next option until your game is completely installed.

Step 7: Open the Sims Launcher file (Computer/C:/Programs/Electronic Arts/The Sims 3/S3Launcher). This should activate the launcher and prompt you to update your game files. Update your game. You can now play by clicking play on the launcher or proceed to installing additional expansions (in the proper order). Be sure to follow each step for them as needed - most will need an update before you can play them!

Step 8 (optional): To reinstall your custom content from Mod the Sims or The Sims Resource, please visit those sites to obtain the resource files and get special instructions as needed for installation. To reinstall previously purchased items from the Sims 3 Store you can either use the shop mode in game or visit the website and redownload the content to your launcher.

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well it might help if we were actually told the correct directories as to where the files are suppose
to be located.. since my Origin wont complete the sims3 base install put the first part of the install
in program files/ Origin/ the sims3 and then when its ready to install it put only 2 small files
in program files/ Electronic Arts/ the sims3... then when trying to do it your way .. your telling me
that the directory should be in the ea... ??? so now do I move it to what you say?? or leave it in origin?
see so many different answers and so little knowledge... I paid good money for all the eps and base game
and I am so fed up with this horse crap.. there was enough problems when it was ea down loader.. but
now you change it and split the directories from ea and origin.. no wonder the down loader doesn't know
where to put the files... ??? I have the old file from the sims3 and the new one and again you have changed
files inside the launching ... and now we pay for it.. again... fix it... or refund my money...

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I'm reviving this old post because I think a lot of people are looking for this information now that The Sims 3 is included in the Humble Origin Bundle. With this helpful guide I was able to install The Sims 3!

I found out one thing changed since this post was written. It says:

Step 4: Open the folder where Origin "installed" the game, the default is usually Computer/C:/Program Files (or Program Files(x86)/Electronic Arts/ The Sims 3

The folder mentioned is the one The Sims should be installed to, but I found nothing in there. Instead I found it in Origin's download folder (default is C:\Program Files\Origin Games\). I moved "The Sims 3" folder into the "Electronic Arts" folder before proceeding to step 5.

Not moving the files before proceeding results in a faulty install which will give you an error message when trying to start the game.

I would also like to mention https://help.ea.com/article/how-to-troubleshoot-installation-issues from EA.

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Thank you so much. you are a f'ing god. I have tried dozens of "solutions" over a couple days and nothing worked then you have this. now every works great! thank you thank you thank you!
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