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My Name is David I would like to introduce you a game called kicks online.This game is about street soccer but in mmorpg form what was really something new.I will give you the sample of it by this link


This game has been closed since 2010.Why it has been closed?Because lack of experience and weak marketing of Entermate.So question is why I'm writing to You?Because I see a massive potential this game had.If You could do some game like that or just reopen it and dont change the mechanism of game I'm sure you are going to succes with a proper advertising you can easly do this..There is so many fan of football in whole world but there is no any proper mmorpg about football.People like to gain experience,level,like to compete and kicks online give it to us all.You can copy that idea and create something like that for xbox/ps3 and pc.I'm sure that will be something fresh on market.And I'm quite sure that will be massive succes.I'm very experienced player of this game so I can give you some ideas what you should do to succes:

-dont change the game mechanic,some other company use to do it they create game called xkick online was was completly failure.They dont even go further than beta test.

-You can copy mechanic from oryginal kicks online or try to do something completly new 6

-Oryginal Kicks Online had a peer to peer system,if you want succes I'm suggest to change it to normal server system for ex. In Germany or UK,that would be fair enough for all players.We use to have a lot of fight because of 'host system' when one guy laggs other players.

Now I have to tell something more about game.You can play 3v3,4v4,5v5 as a defender,middlefilder,or forward.You start with level 1,gain exp for winning games,scoring goals,assists,stealing the ball from opponent,and tackle him.after reaching level 18,You can choose your final postion.There is no faul system.Most important thing is teamwork.It's hard to score going alone you need to pass you need to think and thats why that game was some kind of unique,that why it connect people together.


CB(Central Back)
SW(Sweeper,last defender)
SB(Winger defender)

DM(Defensive Middlefielder)
CM(Centre Middlefielder)
SM(Side Middlefielder)
AM(Attacking Middlefielder)

WF-(Wing Forward)
CF-(Centre Forward)

Every position has it unique skills what is balanced enough.

So I think it is enough for now.If you want more information I'm sure you are going to find it anyway.Thanks if you read this all.

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