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How have you been burned?  XML
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List for us here any cheats/hacks/money plays that you have been a victim to.

I have been victim of the unstoppable RB.

There also seems to be one where the DB's come up to the line and hold the WR's while a safety comes in to sack you while your WR's are being "tied up."

I've also heard of the "Rocket" play but am not too familiar with it, although I do feel I was victim of it b/c nothing I could do would stop it a few games ago.

There is also a cheat that after winning a game the loser "pull the plug" and the winner will not get the win and in some cases actually get a loss!

I'm just curious b/c I'm sure there are others but I want to hear from the EA community about the others. I hate these things and want to be able to call them out when I see it.

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Well I dont know about getting burned ALL the time.. But PLay Action Y Go's (TE Option Streak/Post) on a blitz is always a play that will get your defense thinking after you've socred.

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NCAA Football Series  > NCAA Football Series Tips & Tricks
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