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How do you find mana stones  XML
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I cant find mana stones in the quest "Golems Gone Wild" does anyone know where to find them?

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Mana stones can only be mined by Wizards and Smiths. There is a mana stone pile by the Wizard's home, one down by the Watcher's Pavilion and one on the left side of the cliff on the Watcher's Plateau.

If someone needs a mana stone who can't mine them, have a hero who can mine them, then (from their inventory) drop it down on the image of the hero who needs the mana stone.

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If you have the Pirates and Noble expansion pack I think the different parrots will sometimes bring them back as well.

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Location: Grand Fenwick

There is also a mana stone near the lighthouse.


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If your on the quest where your priest need them. Just have him/her keep going into the forest. Eventually they will get them.
If your blacksmith needs them they can mine them from several location around the kingdom.
In front of the Knowledge Tower (Witch/Wizard tower)
Next to the Watchers Pavilion
Behind the big rock by the Lighthouse
Left side of the Jacoban Church

Good Luck
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