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chaotic problem with Crysis 1 and live support  XML
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Hello, I have big complain regarding your live support.
Its related to issue that I can not solve for few days.

3 days ago, I decided to activate cd-keys for Crysis 1 and Crysis Warhead on Origin, to have digital download in future.
With help from one of your advisors from live chat support, I did it.
Guy activated those 2 games on my Origin account.

After that I downloaded installation from Origin and when I wanted to install Crysis 1 it offered me 3 languages : German, Russian and Turkish.
Alright, I sad to my self, everyone can make mistake. Advisor probably activated me some different version.

I use PC and all my games on Origin are on English. I dont understand other languages.
So, again, I contacted EA live support, and another advisor apologise for mistake and activate me new cd-keys for English versions
of Crysis 1 and Crysis Warhead.
But, as he told me, I need to download games again.

Alright, I uninstall, and download Crysis 1 again, so another 5,5 Gb.
Installation was normal, on English, and I thought everything will be ok.
But not, when I tried to run game, I get this thing :

I dont have idea what is that. Its on Czech or Polish or some other language, and it ask me to login to something.
I installed and played more than 100 games, and never saw this.
Why is that not on English and what is purpose of that ?
To login somewhere, but where ???

Anyway, I got frustrated, since I can not run game for 2 days.
So I tried to contact live support again.
I get another advisor, I explain situation and show screenshot.
After 5 or 10 minutes, he told me that he will fix problem, but I need to uninstall Origin and Crysis 1 with some program that is called Revo.
I did that, I cleaned my registry for leftovers. than download Origin again, install, than download 5,5Gb Crysis 1 again.
And after all that, I get same notification :

Now I explode, this guy did not do anything, he probably never even saw this problem....

Ok, I sad to my self, Ill try again, there must be solution.

I contact live support again, another advisor answer and after I explained all to him he propose some "desktop sharing". I dont know what is that, but I imagine its something like TeamViewer.
Anyway, I think I would even allow him to do that ( although no one on earth love to let stranger to dig on their own PC), but I just get error on popup.
He initiate "desktop sharing" thing but I just get popup with error "Not found url, bla bla...."
So I cant use it, I tell him that but he insist that I click and allow desktop sharing.
After I tell him for 5 times that I dont even have option to click, since I get only error, he suggest me to uninstall Origin and game and install again....

Thats it, I give up from your EA live support, its just BAD.
Bad English knowledge, very very bad !
I dont say my English is perfect, but at least I can describe problem, and I type relatively fast.
Your support type like turtle, and they dont even read what I am saying !!!
In example, one time, after 10 minutes of me explaining all problem (and I many many times sad that problem is with Crysis 1) one advisor still continue to think that I have problem with Crysis 2.
When I finished conversation with him, I saw in "my cases" that he notified my case as "Crysis 2 problem"..

I have no words for your support.
Why cant I get someone who have native English language and who read what I am saying and who type faster than turtle....

I am asking, have anyone from your support ever saw this thing :
What is it ? And why is that integrated in game ?

Now, I am to frustrated, I even want to find out what is that more than just run game and play.

I installed and played more than 100 games.
I have also many games on Origin (BFBC2, Crysis 2, Dead Space 1 and 2, Mass Effect 1,2,3...)
They are all on English and they are working normal.
Nothing ask me to register on some Czech or Polish language...

My PC is solid (Athlon X3 450 3,2 GHZ, HD6870, 8GB ram 2TB Hard drive...)
But this is not about PC, its about that thing that ask me to login when I try to run game :

I wont contact live chat anymore, they dont know anything.
Only thing they suggest is to uninstall and download again.
But I did that 2 times, I even cleaned registry for leftovers but still same problem.
Its integrated in game that I downloaded from your Origin and thats it.
All other games works perfectly, except this one.
YOU need to fix it.

Another thing, your live chat program is completely bugged and have terrible problems.
Sometimes when I press enter, it dont show mu massage, it goes to next row.
Ahh hits soo frustrating, Im trying to explain my problem to some advisor who dont speak English very well, and plus on that, I have problem when I type I cant even send my message sometimes.
Im not sure are you aware of that problem, but its simple chat program, and its not working how it should be.
I dont know how can I explain more, I guess its best to record with FRAPs.
Basically, its like pressing SHIFT+ENTER (option to not send message, but to go to next row when typing in chat). Sometime it does show my message when I press Enter, sometimes it just go to next row.
And I cant fix it.

I plan to buy EA games in future, but with this type of support and bugged client and very bad support, I dont know.
I really dont know.
Please invest money in your software team and try to fix bugs regarding chat.
Also some of your advisors dont do their job as they should.
When person who need help talks to some advisor that dont even read what is he saying, and offer generic robotized answers or solution, its very frustrating. I would prefer some support advisors that is from US or Europe.

I am waiting reply to find out what is this :
I am very curious and Im eagerly waiting to fix problem and to play Crysis 1.

Vladeta Markovic

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Hey, man! I got the same issue you have. I just randomly checked the forums about that, planning to open a new thread. Luckily my advisor asked and activated English version of Crysis, but after that... everything goes bad. Same download and install thing. And of course the promt.
Oh, that point I'm also lucky. It's asking my langauge (Hungarian) about your EA account e-mail/username and password! Maybe this helps, but for me doesn't. I've tried many times, I also downloaded the patches for the game. Since this digital version not patched, like a Classic retail version. No luck.

My case a bit diffrent since I have the game from Steam. I've already installaed on my PC. I thought maybe that messed up for me. I'm planning to reinstall Crysis, since I made a complete reformat, so the previous files, registry entries wiped out.

And yes, sometimes the support doen't even understand what are you saying. Few months I needed 3 advisors before they understand my simple question "if Mass Effect and Mirror's Edge on sale why their DLCs isn't?" You laughed yourself to death, if I tell what they answered to me. :S

Anywy, that issue still weird. I mean no one has this issue or a very few people use via Origin Crysis? Or Origin versin, which is the CE/LE version is different? And if you bought that one works fine? Many questions, no answers.

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This seems to be related to this thread:


Joined: 03/25/2012 10:37:57
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yes, many people have problem

I still cant even start Crysis 1

Joined: 05/06/2012 23:55:47
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I have problems with Crysis 1 leaves mail a notice to introduce more errors

the error is marked with a red line exact'm trying to get to the game Crysis 1and I get the following error which I will translate from Spanish to English now

Unable to connect to the server.
Try again in a few minutes.

took 3 days with the game so I need help please seen eh I'm not the only one with this error I have seen the forum

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