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We have just finished up the bowls and are heading into the offseason of year 3. I'm looking for active, mature, sim style users. I have custom rosters and custom sliders. 6 minute quarters and all american difficulty for recruiting. Rules (thanks Joshua 1740):

Rules & Regulations

1) Game Play
- Play Realistic
- Blowing out the computer will not be tolerated. If you are up by more than 21 points late in the 3rd quarter, I expect your back ups to be in the game. 120-7 scores will get you booted.
- Call a variety of plays. Try not to run the same exact play more than 3 times a game.
- Punt or kick a field goal on fourth down, if going for it is unreasonable. Examples of breaking this rule would be going for it on 4th and long in your own territory. Going for it on 4th while blowing out your opponent if it isn't 4th and less thn a yard. Going for it on 4th and long while in field goal range at a non-critical point of the game. If you want to pull a little trickery play, by all means do so, just don't make it a habit. A fake field goal is one thing, but lining up in 5 wide is another. If you're down by more than two scores late in the game, feel free to go for it, if you feel this is your last chance. Just be realistic.
- No Restrictions on chewing the clock.
- No Restrictions on game plan settings (conservative, balanced, aggressive)

2) Rosters
- Don't make drastic changes in your players position on the depth chart. There is no restriction on what position you switch them to during offseason's position changes, but come the beginning of the season, I don't want to see any defensive back on the defensive line, prefer not to see them at linebacker either, unless you have injuries. I don't want to see HBs or WRs at QB unless it's a special package formation (wildcat, speed QB, etc.)
- If you change a player's name, make sure it is done properly. First letter in first and last name capital only, unless the name is initials, example being AJ. Also, don't name your entire team with the same last name. (Sounds stupid, but I had someone do it before, couldn't tell any of the player's apart)
-You may not, under any circumstances, edit any player's height. You may edit weight, but do it realistically. Example: If a player changes from S to LB or LB to DE, of course the coach will encourage the player to tack on some weight to fit into the position better. On average you can edit a player's weight by about 5-15 pounds, but if it's a position change, I'll allow a max of 25 pounds, gain or loss. You don't see too many players gaining 50 pounds over offseason.

3) Teams
- You can be ANY team in this dynasty, HOWEVER I do NOT allow more than four teams per conference. Keeping balance in conferences keeps it more exciting for each conference. No need to load up one conference and have the other conferences without any competition. If someone switches teams out of a conference, you can switch into that conference as long as there is less than three teams. If you take a cupcake team, you will still have at least 3 user vs user games. I support rebuilding a program, but you won't have an easy road. Once the season begins, switching of teams is NOT allowed.

4) Advancing & Restarts
- For CPU games you have a MAX of 36 hours to play your game and complete recruiting! Extended time will only be granted for a CPU game if there are multiple users who request extra time (holidays), or if it's a MAJOR game. If you play another user , you have up to 48 hours to play, but try to schedule a game time asap. If all user vs user games are completed, we will advance!
- Do NOT restart against cpu, unless you have evidence of your game freezing or whatever the case is. I prefer a video of your game frozen. A picture doesn't prove too much. If you can take a 5-10 second clip of your game frozen, I will allow you to restart with no further questions. Without proof, I will be the only judgement. I will make a decision prior to advancing. Multiple restarts through the season will lean me toward booting your results more often. If it's your first time, I will not throw out results, but may give you a warning. If you feel the need to fire back at me, you will be given a conduct warning, if it escalates from there you will be blocked of all communication and booted.

5) Sportsmanship
- As stated in the previous comment, I do give out warnings, and if anything escalates after a personal conduct warning, you will be booted and blocked from all communication. This includes phone, email, psn id, social networks, so don't feel the need to leave me a 10 page threatening message, it will be deleted and left unread. I'm all for talking a little smack and getting pumped up to play someone, but keep it clean. Anything said on a mic usually gets played back through the speakers of the television and keep in mind, some of us do have families and little kids in the household, so let's keep the language clean please. I prefer messages to stay fairly clean as well. No reason to curse other people out, we're all grown adults here (Or at least I am), so let's act like it. This is just a GAME!

We are looking to replace Oregon and Vandy, as well as add more teams/users.

Either PM me on here or send friend request to Quib_24 to join.

Teams Taken:
Ohio *
Notre Dame

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Send me an invite PSN : hacksawrules and I'd like to be Michigan.

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I'd take Oregon. psn dowork250
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