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Ability to customize atributes ( Like Madden )  XML
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Joined: 04/22/2012 20:42:22
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I think that in road to glory instead of having to gain experience and spend them on randomly generated attribute upgrades I think that we should be able to spend it in a way that allows us to upgrade what we want when we want it. The process of going through games and practices and obtaining a lot of experience just to get terribly generated upgrades that cost 4000 experience to raise 4 different attributes by 1 or 2 levels is annoying. Also just an idea but I think if your player sustains a injury that makes him unable to play for 3 weeks when he is finally back they should decrease some of the attributes until the player is back to normal. Example decrease strength and injury if you had just suffered a back injury.

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Totally agree, that would be an awesome addition to the game.

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Never crossed my mind-- great idea

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Just make it like NBA 2K. You get experience points and put them towards raising whatever attributes you want. Seems like the most fair & productive.


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its really to bad that the people who actually play the game have zero input into what goes into it......ya sure they pay lip service to our complaints and issues but don't ever really implement any of our ideas......

not sure what it is....ego....arrogance.....inability.....
NCAA Football Series  > NCAA Football Series Road to Glory Discussion
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