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Dirt Late Model Racing Game???  XML
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This is not my idea. I found this from another person's forum post on a webpage that dated back to 2005. no one said anything back to him and there hasnt been a game made like this, and i really like his idea. I wish there were a game out there like this for us Dirt Fans. I know they made a game kinda like this years ago for playstation, but i would love to be able to play on xbox 360. But like i said this is not my idea and take no credit.

Well here was his idea.

There may be plenty of people on here who don't even know what Dirt Late Model racing is. For those, let me give a brief glimpse of what I personally think is the hottest racing in America. No, DLM Racing isn't as big as NASCAR but it's big enough to have a game for it that's for sure. There has been a couple of games produced by Ratbag called "Dirt Track Racing", and "Dirt Track Racing II", both of which sold very well. These were graphical games but I think there is also a market for an in depth text based game about this great sport. Guessing, there are probably 10,000-20,000 Dirt Late Models in the country. They are having the Dream 100 at Eldora this weekend, a DLM race paying $100,000 to the winner, and they have nearly 200 in attendance. Anyone that follows NASCAR as well knows they start 43 cars and are very lucky to get more than 47 or 48 to show up each weekend. Most DLM races start 24 cars and that's all. That means that there will be 176 guys not making it and a select 24 that do. If anyone don't know that much about Dirt Late Models and want to see what they look like and are all about I encourage you to visit some of these websites:

http://www.woolms.com - The website for the World of Outlaw Late Model Series.

http://www.volunteerspeedway.com - My local racetrack that runs Super Late Models weekly.

http://www.4m.net - The best internet forum covering the world of Dirt Late Model racing. There are over 23,000 members on this forum alone. Heavy, heavy site traffic. If anyone decided to use my idea and make a DLM text based game you'd want to go to this forum and throw the idea out there and see what the masses say.

www.mrmracing.net - This guy has taken tons of pictures of DLM action throughout the years and has tons of great shots on his website.

I will now break down the main menu in detail:

Mail: Just like an email inbox. Things that can be in the mailbox (not just your series news either) drivers retiring, driver injuries and duration, TV ratings, race attendance and money (for a race the previous night, these numbers would reflect how many people attended and paid grandstand admission), staff hirings, staff leaving, staff retirements, and more.

Series Specifics: This section allows you to set how much you spend on merchandising and advertising. Also, your public image is reflected in this section. Plus, a subcategory will be included in this called “Series Sponsorships.” When you click on this tab you can negotiate with entities to sponsor your series. Depending on your public image, you may land big named sponsors. Now, if you start the game with say Xtreme or Southern All Stars you would have “main” sponsors in place in Stacker 2 and O’Reilly. You may also sign up to 4 minor sponsors as well.

Driver Roster: Your series drivers obviously. A more detailed driver section to come will expand on what you do in this menu.

Other Drivers: When you click on the other driver tab you will see a breakdown of every series in the game. You click on the series name and up pops each driver in that particular series. There will also be an “Other” option for drivers that don’t run any particular series.

Staff: To view your employees such as race director, flagman, tech inspector. When you start the game just about every series will have these already set. Now, these people have performance ranks as well. I guess a 0 to 100 scale would work well here. When you click on a name in your staff screen you see their ratings. Each staff member would have 2 ratings, skill and morale. Also, when you click on their name a picture of the member would pop up if available and their age.

Television: Shows your TV show if you have one, and its time slot. Also, you can view the maximum rating it can receive and the actual ratings it is getting. It will show the highest, lowest, and last rating along with the dates. Also, if you don’t have a TV deal you can send out a promo tape to other networks to see if you can possibly land one. The advantage of having a TV deal is your product can reach a larger audience. But be careful, if you schedule a TV race and the track produces a real stinker it could adversely affect your public image.

Race Schedule: Shows the upcoming races during the month for each series as well as big unsanctioned races. Yes, in my game I would accurately represent, as best I could, races such as the World 100, Show Me, Topless, DTWC, etc. The game engine would produce these races every year on their traditional dates. Then, if I were programming it, I would add the element of having random unsanctioned races added into the schedule prior to the beginning of the season. Even the possibility of a new “biggie” making its own tradition.

Race History: When you click on this link it will show you the dates of races already held in the season, as well as the winner of the race.

Internet: When you click on the internet screen you will be presented with something like 2 or 3 websites you can click in the game. The sites would be something like “Xtremeracing.com” or whatever your series is at the time, with the latest points standings in your series and a quick write up each week about something going on in the series. Say Jimmy Mars wins 3 races in a row, there would be a side article about how great he is performing and a random quote like “the cars just awesome right now.” You get the picture. Also, “dirtnewsandrumors.com” which would include the latest overall top 25 driver rankings updated each week much like the college football polls, as well as “rumors” the game would randomly create. In this screen you might see something like “Boundless WOO driver Dale McDowell contemplating a jump to OSAS after the year?” or something more humorous such as “Mars suing MARS? We’ve got word that Jimmy Mars, Xtreme driver, is suing the MARS series for using his name as their series name.” Or something goofy like that.

Tracks: When you click on the tracks link you will be taken to the list of tracks in the game. All dirt tracks that could be included in the game would be represented. When you click on a track name, say for instance, Knoxville, Iowa a picture of the track would pop up on the screen as well as information about the facility. Included in the track menu would be things like track seating capacity, track facilities, track owner, track conditions (dry slick and tacky would be a submenu of this, and would be represented with a percentage. For instance if the track is 90% tacky and 10% dry slick, the odds of getting a tacky track would be 90%. Also in this track menu would be a “race schedule” list. Only big shows are listed in this tab. If a track has 2 OSAS races, and 2 Xtreme races, it would show up here. Also, if the track has any big unsanctioned races it would appear here as well. In this menu during the season you can negotiate for races for the next season for your series or you can try to schedule them in the off-season. Also, look towards your email inbox to see if tracks accept your offer for a race or decline. It may also pop up in your inbox that a track will accept the race.

Options: Game options; don’t know what all they would be exactly. But one of the options would be difficulty of the game.

Day Counter: To go to the next day. The date would be displayed here and when you click the day you would be taken to the next day, or, if you have a race scheduled on that day, you’d be taken to the “Race Night” screen and proceed from there

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I've been a dirt racing fan all my life, and I even race myself, and I am looking for a game like this to be made. This is a great idea, and I hope something close to it is made very soon.
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