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I've thought up many Madden suggestions in the past, but 1 in particular that I'd [i]really[/i] like to throw out there would be a few more stats for players in the secondary. As it stands now, it seems the base of judging the defensive back mostly comes from interceptions and pass deflections. I think it should be taken a step further and add the number of times targeted, numbers of completions and touchdowns against.

I thought it seemed a little tricky to add these stats at first, but the game is currently well aware of who the intended target of a pass is. This is made clear when a a throw is attempted and, even if it is well off the mark (due to a hit, etc) the announcers will still tell you who is was going for.

When a player is lined up in man to man coverage, it is immediately clear who would be responsible for covering which receiver. With the addition of the enhanced zone coverage in Madden 12, I figured it would become even easier to add these stats. Now, when a player is not in man to man coverage, the game should still be able to understand which db should be defending which receiver.

Another suggestion involves the draft. I would really like it if the combine stats were added back into the game. I also thought it would be a great idea to add a snapshot of each players college stats. I understand that could require some work, but I would even be happy with something watered down.
E.g. A QB had X-yards Y-TDs Z-Ints

Thanks for taking time to read this post, let me know what you think!
Madden NFL Series  > Madden General Discussion
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