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what do you think of a game system were microsoft made the software and sony made the hardware. wouldnt that make a great system. i think it would. the gameing market is huge, we love are games, but both xbox and playstion has its faults. so.... take the best from both and make a system. now i understand why this might never happen ($) but think when a system first comes out its expensive. my 1st ed. ps3 was 750$ but i paid it. (thank god i got one that hasnt crapped on me) now games are 60$ a pop and the systems we play them on, are still flauded. if we are going to pay this kind of money dont you think we all diserve the best money can buy. i dont know about you but i would be willing to pay more for the best gameing ever then pay out the * for the same old thing. we have the tech its all about money and the consumer (remember the consumer controlls whats going on) anyone that has/had work in retail knows what im talking about. so as a consumer myself who budges 20$ a week just to play ultimate madden alone(20x52=1040$ a year and that doesnt include the cost of the game at release+60) thats just one game too and how many people play madden? i think we all desirve the best. if we as a consumer would speak up about, who knows were it could go. now with all that said one more thought. i dont know about you gamers but i would love to be in a startrek kind of hollagram(we have wallpaper what you can put up to make a tv-4 walls- floor and ceiling= hollagram) were you are the controller thru and thru and i mean a real hollagram bc we could do it (if money was no object that is). i really think that if both of these titans would join and you can thro nintendo in there too if you want, we as a sociiety could take gameing to the next level. so please if you are reading this pass it on bc we have earned it. lets drop the differant systems and make 1 wicked sweet no fault system were you want to come home and play till you have to go to bed and wake up and look forward to work bc you know that your going to be able to come home you're play your game of choice in the best way no matter what and have the best experiance everytime.
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