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Contacting EA about my lost Crysis Warhead cd key  XML
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I've been trying unsuccessfully to contact EA about Crysis Warhead for the last couple hours. All the phone numbers only let me choose between a few new releases, or "Other Games" Which kindly redirects me to never bother them again and take it up with the forums.

So I bought Crysis Warhead a couple years ago, and I put the game away for a while. After a while in storage, something must have shifted and damaged the disk (it was in a little plastic disk sleeve) and I can't find the case so even if the disk wasn't damaged, I don't have a CD key. I have proof of purchase in form of an Email Invoice and I know it's not likely for me to get the game in digital form, but I've done some research and I've found a few cases of people getting Origin keys for warhead in situations like this, so I figure what's the harm in trying, if it doesn't work I'll just be buying it from Steam when I get the money anyway.

So, does anybody know how to contact EA customer support about this?
Crysis  > Crysis General Discussion
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