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Joined: 04/07/2012 14:29:23
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May I have permission to use bb codes? If not, what requirements do I need to meet to gain such permission. Others are having to re-post my bb codes so that they can be seen.

For example the following just shows up as text:

[L02] Welcome to Palmont -- MP:
T1 Amerikon Speedsystems Brakes Street Series Improved

Thanks in advance for you consideration.

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Joined: 04/22/2012 08:29:49
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I'd like to know this too.. I can't see my avatar even though I have one, and I couldn't tell if posting an image worked either..

(it was visible to me in preview!)

I checked the sticky on this and it's not very informative, just says something along the lines of, 'New members must wait to gain these privaleges' Doesn't say how long or anything..

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