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Battlefield 3 Upgrade kit !!!FAIL!!!  XML
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Joined: 05/01/2012 15:38:13
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My idea/suggestion is when I purchase downloadable content I want it.... I don't want to wait for it until they come up with some fix or whatever. OR JUST GIVE ME MY MONEY BACK !! I purchased vehicle upgrade kit for BF3. I have zero of the unlocks. I've done all the steps that tech support tells me to. Repair install etc. @ least 4 times and nothing. They tell me they are aware of the problem and many people are having the same issue. Still they continue to sell the upgrade kits knowing people aren't getting their stuff. I was told to post on forums and/or wait. What BS!! Also a refusal to credit me my $$ back what a crock.. I'll never buy anything from EA again. Everyone beware, this is a good lesson why you should just earn the unlocks instead of buying them.

Joined: 05/07/2012 04:42:24
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I think the idea of upgrade kits is a pretty lame idea to start with, but if you aren't getting your stuff, then you should probably ask them for some sort of compensation for your wasted time, such as an additional class unlock kit. It's all virtual stuff, so I'm sure even EA (I say this more hopefully then confidently) would be willing to give you that much as an apology.
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