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EA offering 1,400 new jobs... but are graduates still wasting their time?  XML
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If you're like me and you've been unemployed since you graduated in 2009, you may have seen a rediculous trend sweeping many games studios for long before that.

You find yourself trawling job boards for positions. Perhaps you've been in mods for years, or perhaps you've done volunterring because the recession hit you hard. You see a job to your liking and well within your skill set, so you apply. Two weeks go by, then months, and sometimes years... but you hear nothing, or some stupid message saying you don't have enough "industry experience". At this stage you begin to doubt yourself, yet studios publish jobs and almost always you never hear back from them. Today, FOX Extra went to EALA and heard they are trying to fill 1,400 new jobs, so you may be wondering why you should bother.

I've applied to load of positions over the past 3 years; some graduate, some contractual and some permanent, but zip. I have a BSc and a portfolio, but it just never seems like enough. You'll have to forgive my bluntness, but what is the point of people applying to your company if those you really want are solely professionals that already exist in the industry?!

Industry experience can only be earned in the workplace, not endlessly churning out artwork while looking for jobs. Don't you think it's time you lowered a bar so graduates can actually get a fair chance?

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