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I have played ea games since they were offered on the commodore 64.

do not think we are all so daft to accept your tripe propaganda.

you ripped us off on BFBC2, MOH tier1...and badly on pay to play nfsw.

offering only licensed servers and celebrating fabricated terrorism around the globe with fowl cur-dog corporatism.

now you spit on us again with this warfighter...WHERE's the war? but those you create against innocent unarmed

victims. Special Operators have been again; disgraced by your rhetoric. The U.S. Army themselves announced

less than two years ago that the soldiers of today are far less able than that of my generation.

And the few brainwashed children that play these new releases are just as inept as the bullies being sent to harm

the family of humanity. You are shamed. I am an American for which it Stands- HONOR. you no not.
Origin  > Bugs and Issues
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