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Need Madden 13 return to PC
Yes, its been a long time 99% [ 235 ]
No 1% [ 2 ]
Total Votes : 237
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Joined: 04/28/2012 01:44:09
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In 2008 many things happened. Paul Newman and Heath Leadger left us, Spain won the European Championship (deservedly), Paul Gasol was transferred from the Grizzlers to the Lakers (bad move Memphis !), Barack Obama became the first black president of USA, the fourth movie in the Twilight saga saw the light (unfortunately), the olympic games in Beijing and the wonderful and acclaimed Grand Theft Auto IV went out to the market. And I forgot, as usual the madden nfl is launched for pc with ps2 graphics.
However much annoyed to the pcgamers that the game didnt looked like the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions, we understood that it was a matter of logic, because they needed to promote the new consoles. But in 2009, the complaints unfortunately would rise. The guys of Ea sports brok the heart of millions of fans (not exaggerating) bringing the sad news that they would stop to produce madden for pc because the piracy took money from their pockets .
It's been a while since that unjust decision and madden after madden we are excited that someone from ea notify us of a great comeback, but unfortunately this never happens. Even we endure the relase of maddens for smaller platforms (sorry if I offend someone) like wii, psp or the lovely ps2. Despite the anger and impotence, the pc gamers remains true to this franchise trying to keep squeezing that old game of 08, with the optimism that at some point we can enjoy a madden with the same graphics than the current consoles.

Luckily there are franchises like NBA 2k, fifa 2012 or nhl that respect everyone equally no matter in which platform enjoy your games. Hopefully ea follow this path, or else we have to wait and wait and wait or pray that 2KSports is made with the NFL license and remember us.

Sincerely, Choteron.
PD: If there is a problem of syntax, sorry for my english.
Thank you. I look forward for your comments.

Joined: 03/27/2012 18:31:25
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On August 14, 2007 Madden 2008 came to PC, the game was a terrible Playstation 2 port. PC gamers wondered why they were being neglected, and waited for EA to make things right with the next release. A year later on August 8 2008 EA Sports President Peter Moore announced that Madden 2009 would not be coming to the PC and was quoted in saying "it was just good business".

How is it "good business" ripping off paying customers by making a bad port (made with last generation graphics), and then canceling the franchise for the platform (because nobody wants to buy the terrible port)? EA caused the sales for Madden on PC to decline by making bad games for PC (Not because there is no market for the game). To me "good business" would be to make a quality product and support your customers that pay your paychecks.

Sense the time that EA Sports President Peter Moore and executives decided to discontinue PC support for Madden, Steam and other services have brought PC gaming to the mainstream. EA lost almost 5 years time on sales that could have been made during a boom for the PC platform. Now EA is playing catch up by bringing Origin to the PC (5 years to late). Wouldn’t “good business” be to release all your best games to Origin, sense Origin has alot of ground to make up? Especially. A game that has no other competition on the platform. That sounds like “good business” to me.

In hindsight, all i can say is "Maybe, if EA took their fans into consideration (more than their pocket books), EA would not have been voted Worst Company in America and be losing stock left and right." Not to say that canceling Madden for PC affected the vote. Instead saying "What got EA into this situation, is the mentality that you can skimp on paying customers just to make a buck.” The customer is the one that brings in revenue for EA. Not some disconnected company executive that doesn't know anything other than the bottom line. Obviously EA is lacking in fan support. And lack of fan support is the reason EA is not popular with their customers. None of this would matter if EA did not have the only license to produce a video game for the NFL. Sense that is the case EA is keeping the only NFL video game away from thousands of NFL fans. This needs to stop! All NFL fans should be able to enjoy NFL video games.

Join "Bring Madden back to PC" Facebook! http://www.facebook.com/pages/Bring-Madden-back-to-PC/217597488354381

Joined: 05/10/2012 19:34:45
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bring madden back to PC

Joined: 04/27/2012 10:35:34
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It's selfishness of EA. We PC gamers are fed up with Madden 08. Please bring Madden Series back to PC.

Joined: 04/27/2012 10:35:34
Messages: 6

Dear EA,
You need just money. So we promise that we'll pay double for it.

Joined: 09/01/2012 17:15:59
Messages: 11

There is no excuse for this. You go out and secure exclusive rights to the NFL and then completely neglect an entire market. How is this even legal in America? Shouldn't Capitalism be about FREE MARKET and COMPETITION?! It's bad enough that EA is able to release the same game every year, it's worse that they refuse to even acknowledge that PC gamers exist. And all we get is silence on the issue. It's been 4 years since anyone at EA has even made a comment on this issue.

Joined: 09/07/2012 16:07:43
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They need to stop ignoring a large part of the market, bring back sports to the pc or give up the rights to another company that will produce a NFL game for the pc!

Joined: 10/24/2011 16:06:35
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EA's disregard for the largest market of gamers seems to coincide with their staggering drop in value.

Coincidence? I think not.

Why does Peter Moore still have a job? He needs to go back to teaching gym classes. Fire that twerp and bring in someone who understands gaming.

Or continue to languish in economic hell... whatever you want. It's your choice, EA.
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