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Hello all,

I've been playing Legacy Mode pretty steadily for the last several weeks, and I've noticed a few things that could use changing:

1) Timing of "Events": It makes no sense that the popularity events take place during your four week training period. What manager in their right mind would allow their fighter to miss 25% of their training time to go fool around with giant boxing gloves for Nike? Also, why in the world do you lose an ENTIRE week for doing one radio show?

2) Champ inviting you to spar: So far, every time the champ has invited me to spar, the event has been placed in the last week before my next fight. Meaning I have the choice of either * off the champ or trying to win a fight starting at 50% stamina.

3) Sudden drops in boxer rating after fights: If I have a boxer rated at 94 or 95 going into a fight, and then I win that fight in two or three rounds with no damage, it makes no sense for my boxer to slip back to the low 80s going into training for the next fight. I didn't expend enough energy to be exhausted, certainly not for weeks, and I wasn't injured needing recovery.

4) Unrealistic CPU opponents: My current legacy boxer has knocked out Ali twice and Tyson in FOUR separate fights. Those two are the highest rated heavyweights in the roster. So how is that this same boxer, rated in the mid-90s before a fight, can get pulverized by a boxer ranked in the mid-80s with lower stats in every...single...category? If this fictional CPU boxer is supposed to be on par with Ali and Tyson, then rate him that way so that a boxer comparison will show what's coming. And note, I'm not talking about some out-of-the-blue knockout punch, I'm talking about overwhelming power punches with no loss of stamina and defense much better than the ratings for reflexes, blocking, and head movement would indicate.

5) Stamina: Really? I mean...really? The CPU boxer always gets 10-13% of his stamina back, even with low ratings for stamina and conditioning. But my boxer goes in with 100 ratings in BOTH, and I fight conservatively with lots of movement, and get at best 10% back. Usually more like 7%.

6) Damage: The only damage that really stays with a boxer, round-to-round, is from body shots. Do body shots, and the opponent comes into the next round with less on his health bar, closer to a stun or a knockdown. But do head shots, up to and including cutting both eyes, breaking the nose, and splitting the lip, and that injured boxer comes into the round no closer to a knockout.

7) Sparring: on more than one occasion I've gone into sparring to find the same boxer I'm about to fight as my sparring partner. That makes NO sense. At all.

Limited number of opponents in late stages of the game: I'm currently at "Super Star" level, with all three belts, and the only available opponents are the same five guys. One of whom, Ali, keeps "retiring" only to pop back up on the list. You should be able to invite one of those "boxer of the year" winners to take a shot at the title.

These are just my thoughts. I've enjoyed the game a lot, the graphics are fantastic and the gameplay mechanics are sound. Still, as with anything in life, there is room for improvement.

Joined: 05/13/2012 04:44:44
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Firstly despite all its faults the game does have massive replay value and is good fun online too. I am huge boxing fan so I can look past most of the glitches and annoyances. Here is my view on some of your points:

1. Timing of Events - totally agree. I find them pointless and don't ever bother to attend them. You can get all the popularity and cash you need just winning fights throughout your career ie taking short notice / winning by ko etc.

2.Champ inviting you to spar - again I agree but this does seem to be random ie sometimes this falls at a convenient time sometimes it doesn't. I do like this feature though as it gives you a taste of what to expect when you get your title shot.

3.Sudden drops in boxer rating after fights - Yes it would be nice if this was monitored a bit better depending on how the last fight went ie if you were in a "war" you should lose some stamina/endurance etc. I think they need to be a bit harsher around reflexes and speed as your boxer ages though. I am currently 36 and still finishing fights as overall 83 only to train before the next one to get back to 92+ (no boosts used ever). Just makes it repetitive and tedious having to beat the crap out of the same person in sparring everytime. One major bug bear of mine was the "You have a serious injury email" it was pointless as it kept coming later on in my career and it cost $12000 to have treatment which was absolute chump change by this point ie had $15 million in the bank.

4.Unrealistic CPU opponents: Totally agree the game is too easy on GOAT in Legacy Mode. Recently the only opponent I had trouble with was Tommy Hearns at Welterweight. I lost the first one but then beat him by KO in round 10 in the rematch. He was very tough taking a silly amount of flush power shots & I boxed like an idiot in the first one trying to unload on him. However the CPU generated boxers often come up with poor stats and can be taken out in 1 or 2 rounds (also usually Brawlers/Inside Fighters). EA should created a rule where when a legend retires a cpu generated boxer is created with good stats in the 90s etc. I rarely see the top 5 cpu generated boxers any better than 85. Another glitch is some of the real legends eg Jake LaMotta hanging around for ages and not retiring. By this point he was rated 75 overall and was getting blown out in half round but kept being rated as number 1 in the MW ratings.

5.Stamina: this doesnt bother me as I throw a lot more punches than the CPU. The game is so easy I dont mind them having this as a small advantage.

6.Damage: the damage does total up and I do genuinely believe you have a better chance of a one punch KO if you have beaten the living daylights out of a boxer for a few rounds. Ref cuts and swelling though I have never had a fight stopped on cuts etc so other than the visual appeal what is the point?

7) Sparring: I have never had that. It has always been a different boxer to the one I am training to fight.

Yes I agree that once you are the Undisputed champion it is pretty much the same old 5-7 boxers. I keep getting excited when a new name appears hoping I will have a challenge but they quite often are generated as a Brawler with an overall of about 85. Surely EA should be generating decent boxers over 90 when a real life legend retires, especially on GOAT difficulty. I am currently 55 wins 2 defeats (1 was a bs glitch where they counted me out a 6 because the final round had ended even though I was up on my feet!!!) on GOAT difficulty. I am just waiting for my stats to decline so one of the top 7 boxers can push me. The only one who is lasting past 3 rounds at the moment is a generated unconvential boxer with good stats but only 87 overall.
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