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Skate 3 Filmer Pack not HD  XML
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So I just finished uploading 15 or reel clips to youtube, making sure that the HD option was 'YES' on each one. On youtube they don't get uploaded in HD though (Not a time issue, they are ~5 seconds each, I have 10 minute videos get 720p converted in a few minutes, not the case here). When I download the .mp4 from youtube it gives me a 632x360 size video. Is there a problem with my PS3, or can you not upload in HD if you recorded before you bought the pack or something?

Thanks in advance

Edit: Apparently not an issue with the recordings happening before I bought the filmer pack, new uploads are still maxing out at what youtube calls 480p (though downloading the mp4 still oddly provides a 632x360)

Edit: I've been looking up filmer pack videos, and they're either all at 480p, or upconverted to HD with an obvious loss in quality. When they said "Higher Resolution", I should have done research, because I sure wasn't expecting having to pay $10 for an increase to 480p and the ability to upload to youtube which other PS3 games I have can already do for free.

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