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Ordinances could become a bigger part of the game. I think it would be sweet if you were presented with two sides lobbying for different ordinances and you were given public approval ratings. Some cities an ordinance will be accpeted by the population but it could end up being good or bad for the city and vice versa and as a result it is up to you to listen to the different sides and determine whether or not to implement the ordinance.

Another thing which i found silly in sc4 is the gambling ordinance there was never any opposition to it and you would only ever make $100 off. There should be more of a conflict based on the culture that has grown in the particular city. The amount of money you get should be dependent on the success of the industry in your city. May be the people dislike the idea of casinos and do not go to play but you may attract more tourists or the opposite could happen.

Another thing that would be cool is if we were able to set minimum wage in our city and would need to be adjusting it to compensate for prices/inflation cost of real estate etc.

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That sounds like a good idea, maybe there should even be regional ordinances in addition to city ordinances.

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Aye, I'd like it if there was actually more implications from certain ordinances. Sim City 4 never really gave me the impression they did much overall. I wonder if there will be more ordinances that you could potentially make money off of too.

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I agree with you. Ordinances are big part of a city life. In fact in a world without global government like Simcity, they could be almost laws.
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