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Joined: 01/31/2008 11:33:57
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So since Teambuilder is already out and there are minor changes, I think we need to start getting the ideas out for next years so EA can actually put more time and effort into the this feature. The last few years have been lackluster on their part and for a feature that many use they finally need to focus on this part of the game. So feel free to comment and add your own ideas to it. Thanks

1.More Logos Spots-We should be able to add more than 2 logos to our teams

-More generic logos that adjust to the schools color like the old games had. No need to have the same logo in different color schemes

2. Stadiums- Upgraded stadiums are nice but maybe add a few more Generic one, generic Dome stadiums

3. Fields-They need to add red tuft to the game, and maybe an option for custom color turf as well. Also they should have a baseball field within the field with one in the endzone and the other at midfield.

-More text options for the field

-The ability to choose a what logo you want on the field

-New templates for Endzone designs: Checkerboard, Logo in endzone, ability to stack words on top of each other, Ability to have different colored enzones from one another

4. Uniforms

-4 Helmet Options

-More helmet designs to have on helmet-Eagle Wings or bird wings, horns, half colored, team logo enlarged on one side (Boise style)

Pride Stickers

-Jersey options- Remove away 2 and have Home, Away, Alt 1, Alt 2, Alt 3...And fix the block on having a light color jersey. There are teams that have a light colored uniform but because there isn't a good color choice to pick from in the color selector and the custom color won't allow it either. We should be able to make any color jersey we want
-More jersey templates. If you have the rights to the uniforms already, then make them all selectable in the custom area. We can choose from a selected few but we need more. We should be able to have nike combat uniforms, camo, etc as generic options. I would lie to be able to make a uniform with a base color then have the middle be another color

-More fonts and number styles

-Team logo/Team Name on back of jersey

-School sponsorship logo

-4 pants options

-Text option on pants for down the leg, butt area, logo option for knee pad or put

-More shoes to choose from, multi color, sponsored shoes

5.Generic Mascots, Human mascots-Ability for them to adapt to school colors

6.Custom playbook within the site


-Formation Sub & Depth chart- Allow us to do it through the site

-Roster template- Allow us to create the roster size ourselves without minimum players in each positions. Many schools are going away from FB and we should be able to remove the position to add the roster spot somewhere else. some templates add too many players to one positions.

-More faces and more hair options, not enough long haired individuals

-Ability to edit more information about players-Hometown, redshirt, captain, impact players, build/appearance

-Ability to edit player equipment so we don't have to do it in the game.

Ability to add defensive/Special position. I know you can already do it but certain positions are limited from being eligible in certain positions

-Ability to edit games within the game because of the name filter. too many legit names are censored so allow us to reedit them within the game or get an updated list of acceptable names.

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Good ideas!

Is anything different or new for 13?

Joined: 01/31/2008 11:33:57
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Only things that are new are the high school stadiums, and a few new uniforms but that is it so far that I know of.

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I like the ideas. The old PS2 had a decent create-a-school option that allowed you to choose a logo (the color would automatically change as you stated - PLUS THESE COLOR OPTIONS WE CURRENTLY HAVE FOR THE GENERIC LOGOS ARE TERRIBLE!) and there were pride stickers and more end zone options (like Notre Dame's slashes or Tennessee's checkered box pattern). I do not know why they could not have added that to Teambuilder (especially since it has been out now for a few years).

What I really want is more uniform and roster options. Having more number and endzone fonts would be great, along with the ability to have team-colored shoes. Plus the option to edit redshirt status, hometown, and equipment would be appreciated because then I wouldn't have to spend so much time going through the roster prior to playing a game in dynasty. If we couldn't edit our roster via Teambuilder, then at least let us edit the team prior to having to start a dynasty - that would save a lot of time and headache.

I really like the idea about a generic mascot that will have colors adapt to the school's. While it is not a necessity, it would make the presentation during games more enjoyable.

One of the things you stated is the same as what others have asked for in years past - get rid of the two away options and give us three home options. I rarely use the alternate away jersey anyway, but I would appreciate the chance to create another unique home jersey. With that, we could also use at least three pant options and the ability to write the school or team name on the pants would also be cool (many colleges and high schools do this).

All in all, nothing new to what you posted, but hopefully the more of us who get on and request these options, hopefully the more likely EA will add them into the game (or if we are really lucky [wishful thinking I know], perhaps they will update Teambuilder 13 sometime this year).

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I think they need to merge Teambuilder and Creation Centre (FIFA) engines. Creation Center has official nike, adidas, Umbro and Puma templates as well as generic EA Sports uniforms. Nike, adidas, Under Armour and Russell generic templates could already be available with teh uniforms cut exactly to how they would be seen on the field, with manufacturers logos. Then simply color as needed. End Zones could be designed based on the old Madden PC requirement that it be a certain size, just like the logos for Creation Center. And all actual Nike, UA and adidas shoes should be available as well. just choose one shoe and recolor it. Same for gloves.

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Joined: 07/09/2012 14:04:40
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I will adress these suggestions one by one.

1. I would like it more if they gave us the option to pick a sponsor (Nike, Adidas, Under Armor, etc.) And have their logo on our uniforms, would be much more realistic and remove the need for more than 2 logos.

Generic logos that adjust to color would really be ideal in my opinion.

2. I have been wanting new stadiums (generic ones) since this thing came out!

3. As much as I would like the ability to have a different colored field the answer is no. I do not want it in the game. That would directly violate NCAA rules that any stadium built must have green turf (If boise made a new stadium they would have to give up the blue turf)

The other additions to the field i agree with.

4. All the uniform options I like.

5.The mascots idea I like.

6. playbook online I would adore, I am a huge fan of messing with play books and this would be just great

7. Most of those roster additions i suggested back when this service first came out (on a different account) and a person from EA messaged me saying they were good ideas they would keep in mind so take that how you will since this was 3 versions ago

Joined: 07/09/2012 23:49:17
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I have a great idea for Team Builder 14..... Make sure it works the day the game is released. This would be a good start and a great improvement over Team Builder 13!!

Joined: 07/12/2012 03:31:05
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3. As much as I would like the ability to have a different colored field the answer is no. I do not want it in the game. That would directly violate NCAA rules that any stadium built must have green turf (If boise made a new stadium they would have to give up the blue turf)[/quote]

Um, as far as I know, the NCAA doesn't have such a rule where you must have a green field. Several FCS schools have recently been repainting their fields. (ie Central Arkansas installed a Purple Field in 2011). The NFL, however, does ban any turf color other than green

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Joined: 01/30/2011 13:04:30
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I agree with the sponsorship thing, but instead of adding an additional logo, why don't the apparel companies make their models available on teambuilder? (ie: Nike Pro Combat, Adidas Techfit, etc.) Then coloring the jersey would be the only remaining issue. If not, at least add things like Nike's recent flywire collar to the create-your-own collar section or Nike's flywire shoulder "wings" to the create-your-jersey section.
By the way EA, around 30 of the 60 jersey templates are useless to me and honestly look like Arena Football League designs. You probably put them on TeamBuilder in the first place because some Sun Belt team wore a jersey with the same template for like one season and noticed themselves that they looked horrible.

Joined: 08/05/2012 11:37:53
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I would like to be able to type in at least four letters on the helmet like you can on the jersey. Several font options for letters on the helmet would be nice, too.
I also wish the existing school logos had at least black and/or white options, if not full color changes.

Joined: 11/18/2010 17:42:36
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one thing that would be sick is two-tone numbers. Numbers that are one color on top and a different on the bottom like miami's old pro combat ones or faded numbers like the ASU black jerseys

Joined: 08/15/2010 19:41:03
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Re-work the Filter
Integrate the "Upload Roster" file from Roster Share into Teambuilder for easier roster building and MUCH easier editing.
Position Change option: Change position of existing player
Add a player option: Add a null player to the roster for customization
Copy Player Option:Copy all attributes of a player from any team to your roster (essential for All-Conference building)

Joined: 11/22/2011 11:44:22
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Can I update my custom teams that are in a Dynasty with Ncaa 2013? If not they to add that to NCAA 2014. Also they need to add a home town option when creating the roster.

Joined: 09/04/2012 22:25:04
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let us have more than two team logos
have a place to put conference and sponser logos
like LSU's field they have different colors for each endzone and 5 yd lines
more turf choices
conference logos
more spots for logos

ability to add more uniforms (more alternates)
ability to name different uniforms
let us put ncaa/conference/team/sponser logos on back of helmet
let us put ncaa/conference/sponser logos on jerseys and pants
more shoe choices

-let us create our stadium and mascot or edit an existing stadium
let us choose an existing schools academic presidge, coach prestidge, etc.

Joined: 09/04/2012 22:25:04
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also we should be able to do custom stadium sound effects in team builder
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