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MVP Baseball to Return in 2013?  XML
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In May Take-Two Interactive and 2k Sports did not list MLB 2k13 as an upcoming game for next year since their license agreement with the MLB has officially ended, and they have no plans to renew it. In June, a community manager at 2k Sports announced they have, "lost money" from MLB 2k12 and "have no plans" to renew their contract with MLB and instead intend to focus their time on their highly successful NBA games. With no baseball game being made by 2k Sports in 2013 XBOX 360 owners will be left without a baseball game unless EA, or another company step up to take the reins on the XBOX 360 baseball franchise. Over the years people have speculated that EA would once again take over the baseball franchise with another MVP Baseball game but they have had to wait until this year anyway because they now have the opportunity to open negotiations with the MLB on making a game since 2k is out. MLB: The Show is made my Sony and would NEVER consider making it for the XBOX 360 as they see this as a prime opportunity to lure over gamers from the 360 to the PS3 for their successful baseball game. It’s EA’s call. Speaking to Industry Gamers, the head of EA Sports, Peter Moore who said the "majority" of the people who worked on their old MVP Baseball series which lasted from 2003 to 2005 are still employed at EA Sports and would want to make another.

The last MVP Baseball game which was released in 2005 was WAY ahead of its time with features such as Owner Mode (the ability to create your own stadium from scratch with a certain amount of money and you slowly add onto your stadium as you earn more income unlike in Madden or other games where you design a full stadium you want. Here you have to build your way up over time.), full minor league system and roster depth, ability to argue calls with your coach and get thrown out (you could also start brawls between teams by hitting the opposing team too many times), rain outs, player customization and so much more. Some of the features in MVP 05 aren’t even present in today’s generation of games. EA Sports is also the creator or the most popular sports games in today’s market, Madden (football). In Madden and FIFA (soccer) they have a game mode known as ‘Ultimate Team’ which is basically an online trading card game which keeps me entertained for months every year during football season. Should they decide to make another baseball game they could include Ultimate Team, cleverly named MVP Ultimate Team.

Should EA sign a license with the MLB to bring MVP Baseball back, it possibly could not be ready for the projected early March release because they would have to start from scratch building a new engine for the game which would take a while in itself and even longer to include many of the features such as Ultimate Team, Owner Mode and their unique realism EA always brings to their games. If it meant waiting until 2014 to play the greatest baseball game ever made, I would wait, and I’m sure anyone that ever played the other MVP games or XBOX gamers in general would be willing to as well.

I got my first PS2 in 2002 and didn’t have many games for it until 2003 when I got MVP Baseball 2003. When the series ended after 05 I bought The Show 06 and The Show 07 which I also found to be fun and entertaining with their own take on Franchise mode but not nearly as great as the MVP games. I bought a XBOX 360 is 2007 and of course bought Call of Duty 4 but I also began my switch to the 2k baseball games with MLB 2k8 in the March of 2008. Right from the start I was disappointed in the lack of graphics and overall effort that went into the game, I ended up buying The Show 08 a few months later for the PS2. Year after year I continued to waste my money on the 2k baseball games hoping for new features and improvements to glitches, graphics and realism of their game but it never came. Here we are in 2012 and I once again bought MLB 2k12 in March when it was released and have had to play it since because it is my only option having a 360. 2k12 should be ashamed of what they produced and have made people lose faith in their series and stop playing baseball games. With a fresh start, EA could blow gamers away with their advanced game modes like Ultimate Team and Owner Mode and the realism they always bring to their games including features such as rain delays, team/ stadium/ logo/ uniform design ability and many more.

Even if EA was able to start making the game tomorrow they would have to create an entire new engine which takes a long time and then it would be even longer if they wanted to include such advanced game modes such as Owner Mode and Ultimate Team. Both game modes take a lot of time and effort so if they weren't able to release a game until 2014 but it included these features I know I wouldn't mind.

MVP Baseball 2005 is my favorite video game of all time and I still play quite frequently today (July 2012). I really hope that MVP Baseball 2013 or 2014 happens and I have full confidence EA would do a great job with it; certainly better than 2k did. Confirmation of the production of the MVP Baseball series once again would make me extremely happy and I really hope both EA and the MLB realize how much good bringing back a baseball game to EA, and XBOX 360 gamers would be. Below is how I would envision the main menu with only some of the many features I wish they could include:


(Opening Scene has to be someone different every time whether it's a fan, player or coach saying, "EA Sports. It's In the Game." Then que the song We Got the Noise going over game play and new features in the game such as in MVP 05')

Main Menu: (Changing background of players, stadiums and scenes from 2012)

MVP Baseball 2013 by EA Sports
Play Now
- Online
- Invite Friend
- Against CPU
- Split Screen
Game Modes
- Mini Games
- MVP Moments (Similar to Madden 12's, Madden Moments)
- My Player
- Dynasty Mode
- Owner Mode
- Online Leagues
- Ultimate Team
- Gameplay Features
- Music Features
-- Jukebox
-- Import Music (Import your own music to play at main menu rather than songs that come on game)
- Sound Features
- Language
Manage Rosters
- View Rosters
- Lineups
- Pitching Rotations
- Make Trades
- Free Agency
- Create/ Edit Player
- Create/ Load Team
-- Team Name/ Logo
-- Stadium
-- Uniforms

Other In-Game Features I'd Like to See:
- Rain out/ Rain delays (Show tarp on field)
- Ability to let your manager argue calls and then get thrown out if he gets to heated by tapping button (like in MVP 05')
- Ability to start a fight by hitting too many players causing ejection and later suspensions
- Include an opening scene for each game showing outside of stadium
- Ability to answer interview questions in My Player (similar to that in NBA 2k11)
- For spring training include each team's actual spring training stadium or a more variety of made up spring training fields
- Full depth minor league system and rosters
- Build your own team logo instead of choosing a custom one
- More fan diversity
- Show commentators in booth at points in game
- Include more actual advertisers (if possible) rather than made up (State Farm, Chevy, New-Era, Topps, Majestic, Rawlings, ect.)
- Dedicated severs throughout season for updating rosters
- And as always, EA will add their special unique touch to everything they do

Written by InsideEASports

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I couldn't agree more. I to have MVP Baseball 05 and love it still today. I also have MVP NCAA Baseball 06 and 07 and love them both as well. I would like to see a new version of both the MLB and NCAA MVP games, particularly the NCAA Baseball. I really like some of the feature you mentioned and would like to add one, as a player in MLB Career or a schools program in NCAA, the ability to sign with a company and be sponsored.

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its a shame that EA doesnt want to devote the time into making another MVP Baseball game. MVP 2005 was beyond outstanding and with technology advancements, graphics, and with the products out there with The Show and 2K I'm that EA can develop a baseball game that stands the test of time and that will be 10x the games that Sony and 2k have put out. For PC users and XBox owners, we have nothing to lookm forward to in the baseball game world in 2013. I bought all the 2k games because i had no choice but now EA has a chance to improve the 2005 game and blow the 2k series out of the water. I hope EA reconsiders and puts a Baseball game on the market. It will sell insanely well.

Joined: 11/17/2012 15:34:35
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I just don't see why EA Sports hasn't went through with the opportunity to make MVP baseball 2013/2014. With 2k not renewing their contract with MLB and EA Sports having better ideas/graphics, there's no way they could lose money on this idea. Xbox 360 owners need a baseball game and I guarantee you that they will do what ever they can to get the latest one. One reason 2k went down was because they did not spend the time an effort they needed to spend to make a success. I'm convinced MLB 2k10 had better graphics than 2k12. With no progress in newer version games such as 2k12, of course they're going to fall through. No one wants to spend $60 on the same game. I agree MVP Baseball 2005 was way ahead of it's time. Some of the graphics were better than 2k12's. Imagine MVP baseball today. I guarantee you that would beat Sony's MLB: The Show any day of the week. I'm a big fan of EA Sports with Madden and FIFA, but your missing one thing. A BASEBALL GAME. If 2K has the guts to advertise on the MLB network of there crappy game then EA Sports should have to guts to run them out of baseball with MVP baseball. You can tell on the commercial with Justin Verlander and the game play they show on TV that it wasn't going to be a success. All I'm asking is for EA Sports to consider bringing back MVP baseball. It may take a lot of time and effort, but trust me it will all be worth it and it WILL be a success.

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Will MVP Baseball 2013 be available for MacBook Pro and Mac users?

Joined: 11/21/2012 13:59:09
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Agreed. MVP 2005 is hands down the best baseball game ever made.

I am hoping EA gets the go to start making the next game but it is sad that we will have to wait another year to play it if they do.

I have it for my PC and absolutely love the simulation aspect of the game.

I still play the old Out of the park 5 as well, but due to bugs that result in losing season data or worse data file corruption , i can't help be go to the ol' reliable MVP 2005.

The newer OOTP games are so realistic that it is almost no fun. I'm not a fan of needing to go through 10 steps just to bring someone up or send someone down. It's just way too much work. Not to mention the interface has gotten insane.

PLEASE EA, do it and please make it for Windows as well

and please dont make it so complicated like OOTP with requiring waivers and all the mumbo jumbo...... if you do though, please give an option to disable it.

Good luck guys!!!
I'm keeping my fingers crossed

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I hope EA make a new MVP. I would pay $100.00 for a solid baseball game like MVP 2005.

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[quote=realblackhart]its a shame that EA doesnt want to devote the time into making another MVP Baseball game. MVP 2005 was beyond outstanding and with technology advancements, graphics, and with the products out there with The Show and 2K I'm that EA can develop a baseball game that stands the test of time and that will be 10x the games that Sony and 2k have put out. For PC users and XBox owners, we have nothing to lookm forward to in the baseball game world in 2013. I bought all the 2k games because i had no choice but now EA has a chance to improve the 2005 game and blow the 2k series out of the water. I hope EA reconsiders and puts a Baseball game on the market. It will sell insanely well.[/quote]

Did EA officially announce that they won't be doing a baseball game this year?

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In an article published 6/6/2012 (http://espn.go.com/blog/playbook/tech/post/_/id/862/head-of-ea-sports-talks-ufc-mlb), EA's Andrew Wilson is quoted as saying "are we doing anything with baseball today? It’s just not something we’re working on right now." I really hope this has changed because as an Xbox 360 only owner, and a huge MLB fan, I've not played a baseball game in 6 years (aside from trying and promptly getting rid of MLB 2K).

As we know, original Xbox games can be played on Xbox 360 so why not just take the MVP 2005 code, update the rosters, and sell it in 2013. Market it as MVP 2005 v2 with original graphics and no updates aside from rosters so as to not "trick" people, and I guarantee it would sell a lot of copies and, given that it would take a small team a small amount of time to repurpose MVP 2005 for Xbox 360, it would be a profit machine. I know I would pay $60 for MVP 2005 v2, would you?

If they don't release any game in 2013, I pray they come back in 2014...

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I Agree completely. But I do disagree with MVP 2005 being the best game. It seems that no body remembers Slugfest 2004. In my opinion that was the best game ever and i have always kept hope that maybe one day somebody will revive it if EA could do that I wouldn't care about the price i would pay $1,000,000 for it. Does anybody remember it?

Joined: 01/16/2013 13:15:01
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Hey dummys...http://www.ign.com/articles/2013/01/09/mlb-2k13-coming-in-march

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Man I wish MVP baseball would come back, it sucks that The Show is only for PS3 cause 2k13 sucks and I really want a baseball game. Ultimate Team would be a great mode for me, I play Madden and Fifa ultimate team and I fell in love with them the first day I played! Well, noe that we know 2013 is not the year for MVP to come back, I will wait another year and hope they do release it. If not, I guess I am switching to the PS3 just for the show, unless 2k does something so extraordinary that would want to make me stay.

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I've played MLB 2K13 and all I can say is that it's worse than 2K11.
They took out the ability to play as minor league teams and the game didn't change. I noticed nothing I didn't see in MLB 2K11 besides a different menu.

I hope there's a MVP baseball 2014 or 2015 or maybe even 2016, However long it takes. Just please make the create-a-team feature ( If it's possible ) offline. I was kind of disgusted with the fact that I needed an online connection to create a team in fifa 12 which I got from gamefly. Also another mode I would like is the create a ballpark mode that was availible in NCAA MVP baseball 06 and 07, Only with the ability to shape the ballpark seating arrangements in like a classic ballpark with irregular dimentions, a modern ballpark with all the latest technology, or the cookie cutters that were sandwiched between the two that had the backbreaking astroturf.


cookie cutter


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Hopefully for the next-gens EA makes another baseball game....would be nice.

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So true I played MVP baseball 2005 and it is a great game. It is a wonder why they stopped making them
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