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Joined: 08/30/2012 01:16:44
Messages: 2

Let me start off by saying that I have been buying these Madden Series games since 2000. Every single year, including this year, I could not wait to get the new game and see all the new players and teams. For the past 3 years I have been at midnight openings at Gamestop just to get my hands on Madden as quickly as possible. That being said, NEVER have I ever been so disappointed with Madden.

I cannot speak for every Madden gamer out there but I can speak for the gamers who LOVE and spend hours upon hours and days upon days just playing Franchise Mode. Whether it is taking my beloved 49ers with their current roster to the ship, or creating myself and having him play lockdown CB for the Niners or tossing out all the NFL players and doing a fantasy draft where I can pick the players I love that aren't on the 49ers like Darren McFadden or Larry Fitzgerald or the rookies that I love to test out every year.

Connected Careers has taken away basically everything that I loved about franchise mode and made me settle for trying to become a HOF coach if I want to get the "Franchise" experience. Connected Careers is GARBAGE compared to Franchise. I also played some superstar mode but not much and Connected Careers ruined that too because you don't even start in Connected Careers so how are you supposed to get any playing time on the field outside of practice!?

I fully understand Madden 13 trying to make the game more realistic with new tackling techniques and all new physics, but why would they take away the one mode that got me addicted to the franchise.

I cant believe Im saying this but just a few days in I am DONE with Madden 13, it has bored me to death. If EA decides to keep Connected Careers and not bring back Franchise, I will NOT be buying another copy of this game ever again.

Joined: 01/29/2012 01:32:32
Messages: 41

I agree. I got bored after 2 days. Roster aren't even updated yet. They should be doing it weekly. CC is pretty boring. Online play is too laggy. Need a patch ASAP!

Joined: 09/13/2007 11:52:57
Messages: 55

Fix this garbage: patch-in editing, using created players in "franchise," and apologize.

Joined: 08/30/2012 16:26:25
Messages: 9

Connected Careers has been the biggest letdown in Madden. It is a joke, i buy this game so i can play as my favorite NFL dream team, yet EA has made sure there is no way to do that at all in this game. In the past you were allowed to play the game how you wanted, you could put players on any team and you could play a franchise. Not anymore, EA has decided to take away any incentive for casual players to buy this game. It's not fun when i cannot run my team in the game. It's like a EA employee has decided who will be on your team, and there is nothing you can do about it. Trades are rejected; want a star QB on your team, Brees, Rodgers, No way it will ever happen. No trades will be accepted, and there is no way to change or edit the rosters. EA has made sure that you will play the game there way and that's it. Don't even get me started on how bad the computer AI is if you play singe player. My CB play 5 yards in front of the receiver, long passes are touchdowns because the CB are nowhere near the receiver. When i'm on QB the computer makes sure it is always in position. Sure i can use complete pass, or whatever that is but EA gives no information on this at all with the game. It's a even in the new to madden part of the game, but nothing on how to use it at all. It's like EA just said whatever this year and threw this game together in 5min and said how bad can we make it and people still buy it. Further proof is in the menu system which is horrible, i offer a trade, then i have to exit out and go to another menu to see that it has been rejected. I modify then again i have to go back to another menu. It's horrible design. The graphics and presentation are even bad, you pretty have no control over the presentation at all. I almost get sick from the horrible kick off cam which i have to revert to classic every single time only to have it revert to side view when i kick it. The side view cam is not a thing of beauty by any means and looks bad and flat. Frankly i am done with EA sports, when your company is rated one of the worst in America and you make games like this you should not be surprised at all.

Joined: 08/31/2012 08:06:19
Messages: 1

I also have been playing Madden for years and although I like the graphics and new game play I am extremely disappointed Franchise mode has not been added. That was my favorite mode I was never really into the superstar mode and now the career mode my only option is to play exhibition games. I also liked importing my players from NCAA to Madden it gave it that real feeling. Do the folks at EA not listen to their loyal customers who make the Madden Franchise the success that it has been. I say in the long run this will be an epic Fail!!!!

Joined: 08/19/2009 14:41:20
Messages: 19

I returned the game today.... next year I'll rent it and we'll see if ea listened to us. NO FRANCHISE???

Joined: 08/31/2012 09:17:07
Messages: 1

I couldn't agree more. The first 30 mins after going through the slow process of the menu system and laggy feel of the entire game menu. I finally found there "franchise" mode in the play as a coach. I thought this would be fun but then realized to get exp i would have to practice every week which is extremely boring. What happened to the individual drills? That was quick and fun. The whole experience of the new mode feels boring and yes I can skip practicing but then how are you going to progress your team. I am very disappointed, I want my franchise mode back. Ultimate team will hold me over for probably a couple more days before this one is returned to GameStop. Sorry EA you messed up.

Joined: 08/28/2012 21:21:11
Messages: 22

I agree with every thing thats been said here. Extremely disappointed and very pissed about the new version. I cannot believe EA researched and/or listened to their customer input. If I dont see a patch soon, my friends and I are throwing a burn the disc party. maybe we'll send the ashes to EA.
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